You Don't Have To Leave Sweatshirts In Storage For The Summer

Styling all of your favorite pieces for every season might not be possible, simply because of practical reasons — you're unlikely to be comfortable wearing your favorite coat in the middle of summer. Still, more transitional pieces can withstand the weather conditions of most seasons, and the sweatshirt is definitely one of them.

If you've already stowed away your favorite sweatshirts for the summer, give them another chance since they could be the staple piece you'll be reaching for. Summer does have its cool days, particularly if you live in a colder climate. In addition, summer nights can turn rather chilly, and your favorite sweater can provide some extra warmth and a cute ensemble.

Don't worry about always looking like you're about to hit the gym; sweatshirts are versatile enough to be styled into a more put-together, even chic, look. The bottom piece of your outfit makes all the difference here, so don't hesitate to pair your sweatshirts with a fun item to keep them out of storage this season!

The colorful sweatshort set

Sweatshort sets are oftentimes overlooked and underrated as summer staples. Depending on your style, you can go for a fun, brightly colored set or a neutral-toned one. Regardless of the color, they're super easy to style for an everyday summer look. If you go with a colorful set, choose a subtle sneaker and a tote bag to pair it with. Elevate the fit with colored-lens sunglasses and hoop earrings. For a neutral-colored set, go for a sneaker in the same color scheme and a leather shoulder bag for a classier touch. You can bring some edge with chunky or layered jewelry.

Mini skirt weather

Summer is definitely the right time to bare your legs, so pairing your favorite sweatshirt with a mini skirt can be the perfectly balanced summer fit you were looking for. Any mini skirt will work here; you can go for a denim one for a more structured bottom fit, or a cargo one for a sporty feel. Sneakers and a headband would complete the look nicely, but to avoid looking too athletic, make sure to add a leather bag and some chic jewelry. 

An oversized sweatshirt will do the job

All you need for a cute summer look is literally just an oversized sweatshirt. Get an oversized sweatshirt of your own choosing and simply pair it with a fun pair of shoes. If you opt for a bolder shoe like a cowboy boot, over-the-knee boot, or a platform sneaker, keep your sweatshirt more neutral-toned and basic. Conversely, go for a more casual shoe if your sweatshirt is louder, and aim for a monochromatic feel overall to make your outfit look intentional. A smaller leather bag and frameless sunglasses would be great contrast-creating pieces here, so accessorize to your heart's delight.

The unexpected midi skirt

Use your favorite midi skirt to save your sweatshirts from storage for the summer. Although it isn't the obvious styling route for a sweatshirt, it actually works great for a cozy summer look. To create a balanced silhouette, opt for a pencil skirt. A silk one would push this look over the finish line, but any fabric works. Go for bright, bold colors and prints to avoid looking too harsh. To tie it all in, casual footwear and dainty jewelry will complete the laid-back, put-together vibe.

Denim shorts for the win

Denim shorts are a classic staple, but styling your favorite pair for the summer doesn't have to be basic. Pair your denim shorts with a cute sweatshirt, and you've got yourself a truly cute summer outfit with the least amount of hassle. If your denim is blue, add subtle blue accents throughout the look to tie it all together. The right pair of shoes can take this look to another level; opt for a colorful sandal for an interesting twist and a romantic touch. Both minimal and bold jewelry work here, so go for whatever feels right.

Bike shorts are back

For some serious athleisure vibes, pair your sweatshirts with bike shorts. This outfit can actually be super functional for a day outdoors or as a workout fit, so don't hesitate to rock it on a summer day if you're running errands and don't have time to stop at home to change. If you opt for neutral-toned biker shorts, keep the entire look in a similar color scheme for a monochromatic vibe. On the other hand, if you enjoy wearing colors, go all out here. Sporty footwear for comfort is a must, and so is a baseball hat to keep you safe from the sun (if hats are your thing).


If a sweatshirt works with anything for the summer, it's the tennis skirt. These two pieces go so well together you'll want to start playing tennis for real. For a color block, pair a darker sweatshirt with a lighter tennis skirt, or vice versa. To channel ultimate tenniscore vibes, get a polo collar sweatshirt or layer a collared shirt underneath, and add a cute headband that color matches your skirt. Make use of your socks and incorporate them into the outfit by pulling them up. A colorful sneaker and the old-fashioned tennis necklace will round off this tenniscore look.

Fashion-forward styling

Sweatshirts don't necessarily need to be oversized or sporty-looking, for that matter. A slim-fit sweatshirt with a fun print is not even going to look like a sweatshirt, especially if styled in a completely unexpected way. For a summer night, pair it with a form-fitting mini skirt in a similar color to create the illusion of continuity. To completely avoid an athleisure feel, opt for ballet flats. Add a pop of color with your bag, some bold jewelry, or hair accessories.

Pair the sweatshirt with a flowy skirt

Flowy, long skirts are always a good idea on a hot summer day. If you're in need of some extra warmth for whatever reason, pair your maxi skirt with a sweatshirt. You can even try getting in on the sheer skirt trend here. As this silhouette will be more relaxed, stay in the neutral color scheme to avoid looking messy. Keep your accessories micro to create some contrast. Opt for flip-flops or cute sneakers, a smaller shoulder bag, and micro sunglasses. For an elegant touch, add chunky earrings in gold or silver.

Off-duty vibes

Pairing your favorite sweatshirt with a cute pair of shorts can be your stylish, running-errands look for the summer. If you're looking for something different, boxer shorts are an unexpectedly chic bottom choice. You can color-coordinate them with your sweatshirt to appear more put-together. Dad sneakers are the perfect contrasting shoe choice for the shorts' delicate silhouette, as are oversized sunglasses in a darker shade. Go for a larger tote or a medium-sized leather shoulder bag, and consider adding a dainty pearl necklace or earrings.