Vaani Sai

Photo of Vaani Sai
Toronto, Canada
Western University, Simon Fraser University
Minority Issues, Integrative Health, Solo Travel
  • Vaani employs her knowledge of neuroanthropology to examine gendered health issues through a cross-cultural lens.
  • Her undergraduate research on biological differences in cognition encouraged Vaani to correct mis-portrayals of gender and sex as they relate to ability and behavior.
  • As a member of Editors Canada, Vaani is committed to working with diverse communities to create informed, inclusive, and impactful content.


Vaani was catapulted into a web writing career after she went viral for a hit tweet on the effects of positive psychology in her life. Realizing she possessed potentially valuable insights, she has since decided to publish her research and reflections for others to read. Vaani's writing has appeared in publications including Reclamation Magazine, Women's Republic Magazine, and Sad Girls Club Literary Blog. She hopes to increase awareness and empathy for the differential effects that intersecting identity markers have on the issues women face around the world.


Vaani Sai has an honors bachelor's degree in neuroscience from Western University and is pursuing a post-graduate certificate in editing from Simon Fraser University.

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