Stop Making These Bra Mistakes And You'll Never Look Back

For well over a century, bras have been an integral part of the wardrobe for those with breasts, in some cases providing support and comfort. Their history dates back to the late 1800s. Since then, bras have undergone numerous transformations to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. Despite this long and storied history, the world of bras is still shrouded in misconceptions and common blunders. Even seasoned bra-wearers often find themselves inadvertently making mistakes when it comes to purchasing, wearing, and storing these undergarments.


We're here to dispel these myths, rectify these errors, and help you navigate the often-confusing realm of bras. From the pitfalls of shopping at the wrong stores to the importance of timing your purchases just right, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through it all. Whether you are seeking to enhance your comfort, extend the lifespan of your favorite bras, or simply gain a better understanding of how to care for them, read on to uncover these eight common mistakes that bra-wearers make. Once you know, you'll never look back.

Buying bras from a non-specialty store

Remember the first time you stepped into a department store for a bra fitting? Most of us had our first bra fitting at a department store like Macy's or Bloomingdale's. If you were lucky, maybe your mom took you into the jaw-dropping haven that was Victoria's Secret. It might have been exciting, but often, it feels like a whirlwind. As in Sneha Goud's experience shared on Little Things, department stores can be bustling, leaving little room for the personalized service your chest deserves. You may feel ignored or rushed. Fitters may not be experts, merely using a measuring tape without specialized knowledge of breasts and bras. Moreover, these stores may not cater to diverse body types, making it tough for plus-sized, trans, or non-binary individuals to find the right fit.


On the flip side of the spectrum, some prefer skipping the chaos and measuring their cups at home. Online bra shoppers may also suffer because different brands and styles can be sized differently, leaving you guessing about the fit. 

A better approach? Head to a lingerie store that specializes in undergarments. The passionate employees there are dedicated to providing the care and expertise your tatas need. Plus, these stores often prioritize comfort, ensuring everyone feels confident and supported. Shopping for bras should be an empowering experience, and a specialized lingerie store can make that a reality.

Replenishing your bra drawer all at once

Ever noticed a once-comfy bra turning into a nightmare after just a week of wear? The culprit behind this discomfort often lies in the ever-changing nature of your breasts. Your breast size and shape are not static; they evolve, partly due to hormonal fluctuations and shifts in water retention.


When you buy all your bras in a single shopping spree, you're essentially getting undergarments that fit your breasts at that particular moment in your menstrual or hormonal cycle, and this fails to account for these natural variations. It's like trying to wear the same pair of shoes for every occasion, regardless of the terrain or weather.

However, there's a simple solution that can revolutionize your bra-wearing experience: spreading out your bra shopping over a few weeks. This method allows you to curate a collection that adjusts to your body's natural fluctuations, ensuring that you always have a comfortable and well-fitting option regardless of the phase you're in. It might seem like a small inconvenience, but the difference it makes is substantial. This thoughtful approach guarantees that you have more than one comfy option to rely on during different phases, making your daily comfort a top priority. Embrace the idea of building your bra collection gradually. 


Wearing the same bras for different phases of your life (or day)

Mamas, are you still rocking the same bras from your pre-pregnancy days? If you are, it's time for a change. Your breasts undergo significant transformations over time, especially during pregnancy and motherhood, and these changes require a different type of bra to provide the necessary support. Even factors like menopause can alter the structural support your chest needs. Don't let discomfort be a constant companion: invest in bras designed for these pivotal moments in your life.


For those who haven't experienced pregnancy or menopause, variety in your bra collection is still essential for day-to-day activities. Sometimes, we find ourselves sitting in our sports bras long after our workouts have ended. According to Dr. Tutela, as featured in RealSimple, wearing sports bras for too long after your workout has ended is unhygienic, as sports bras can trap sweat and dirt from our workouts. Beyond that, the prolonged tightness can also lead to discomfort or pain. 

It's crucial to have the right bras for every phase of life and for every part of your day. Your comfort and confidence are absolutely worth it.

Putting bras on the way you see on screen

Do you clasp your bra at the front and then twist it around? Unfortunately this "hack" might hack up your bra. The correct way to put on a bra involves a bit of finesse.

Start by leaning forward slightly, and pull your bra on over your chest and shoulders — so that the cups are in the front. Let gravity guide your breasts into the cups. This initial step ensures that your breasts are properly situated within the bra. Then, use your hands to adjust and align your breasts to achieve a perfect fit.  This will address any spillage over the sides and underneath. This technique not only maximizes support but also prevents any uncomfortable spillage or misalignment.


Believe it or not, the way you put on your bra matters significantly. Properly wearing your bra isn't just about convenience and shelf-life; it's about ensuring you get the support you need and the fit you deserve. If your breasts aren't sitting comfortably in your bra, it might be a sign that it's time for a new one. Take a moment to adjust your bra correctly every time you put it on, and your breasts will thank you for the proper support and comfort you provide them throughout your day or night.

Stretching straps aggressively

We all yearn for the magic of invisible bra straps, the kind that seamlessly disappear beneath our outfits. However, achieving this fashion feat requires some caution and thoughtful choices. While TikTok may offer a plethora of strap-hiding hacks, a lot of these hacks don't specify that you need convertible bras for them to work (per PureWow). Straps on normal bras are not that stretchable or adjustable. When you employ these hacks on regular bras, over-pulling your straps can prematurely stretch them out, leading to discomfort and reduced support. 


Instead of risking your favorite bras, consider investing in versatile options. Bras with convertible or strapless features are a game-changer, allowing you to adapt them to virtually any outfit. These multifunctional bras ensure you stay comfortable and stylish without compromising the integrity of your undergarments. Moreover, innovations like boob tape provide an alternative solution, often less painful than manipulating bra straps and equally supportive. Finding the right bra for different outfits should be a journey of discovery, not an ordeal of strap abuse.

With the right selection of bras and accessories, you can confidently conquer any attire, knowing that both your comfort and the longevity of your bras are preserved. Choose wisely, and you'll always look and feel your best.


Folding your bras

Your bras deserve better than being squished and folded in a drawer, as improper storage can lead to damage. The underwire and center gore, crucial components for support and comfort, are particularly vulnerable to harm.


To keep your bras in top shape, hang them on a hanger. This method mimics the natural shape of your body, preserving bras' structure even when they're not in use. However, we understand that not everyone has ample storage space for hanging bras. An alternative is to lay them flat, as suggested by Tania Garcia in Byrdie.

The real challenge arises when you're packing for travel. Even on the go, it's best to lay your bras flat or carefully tuck them into little compartments in your luggage. This might seem like a meticulous task, but it's essential for protecting your investment and ensuring that your bras are always ready to provide the support and comfort you deserve. By giving your bras the best storage and travel treatment, you can extend their lifespan and maintain their quality, ensuring they continue to serve you well.


Storing worn bras together with washed ones

Boob sweat is something most of us can relate to, especially in hot weather or during a vigorous workout. But did you know that your bras can become a breeding ground for germs when not handled properly? If you store your dirty bras alongside your freshly washed ones, particularly in a closed drawer, you create a cozy environment for these unwelcome guests. This situation can potentially lead to skin issues, like rashes or irritation, on your chest area. Nobody wants that.


To ensure both hygiene and the longevity of your bras, adopt a simple yet effective practice: hang your dirty bras separately from the clean ones. This approach allows them to breathe and air out, discouraging the growth of germs and preserving the integrity of your undergarments. Your bras work hard to provide you with the support and comfort you need, so it's only fair you give them proper care to ensure they continue to keep you feeling confident and comfortable.

Removing your bra too aggressively

In the world of bra care, there's no room for hasty exits. Even when you're in a rush or caught up in the heat of the moment, it's essential to be mindful of how you undress. Snapping or pulling a bra off quickly might seem convenient (or passionate), but it can have unwanted long-term consequences for your bra's structural integrity and longevity.


Remember that your bras are more than just garments; they're there to provide you with support and comfort. Treating them with care is the key to ensuring they continue to fulfill this role. So, take your time, savor the moment, and give your bras the gentle attention they deserve. Unhook or unclasp your bras slowly and properly. If you have partners that struggle with this, make undressing a part of your intimacy. By doing this, you can not only slow things down in the bedroom but also ensure your bras serve their purpose effectively for a long time. 

Wearing a bra just because you think you're supposed to

Not everyone needs or wants to wear a bra, and that's perfectly okay. In the realm of undergarments, it's essential to prioritize what makes you feel most comfortable, both physically and psychologically. As Dr. Shapiro mentioned in RealSimple, there are no known health benefits to wearing a bra if you don't feel the need for one. In fact, going braless can help some improve their blood circulation, and promote natural structural integrity of chest muscles


So, if you find yourself more comfortable without a bra, that's absolutely fine. Embrace your freedom of choice and prioritize your comfort above all else. Your confidence and well-being should always come first, and wearing or not wearing a bra should be a decision that aligns with what makes you feel best. In the end, it's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin.