Sarah Veldman

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Groningen, Netherlands
Sex/relationships, Fashion And Style, Feminism
  • Sarah spent over three years as a celebrity and reality TV senior writer for various gossip sites and this was mostly spurred on by her obsession with all things Bachelor Nation and TLC.
  • Sarah has a 3-year-old daughter and every day makes sure she's raising her to be strong, use her voice, and stand up for herself at daycare.
  • Sarah is obsessed with personal development, including books like The Artist's Way and Untamed as well as her very goal-oriented day planner.


Sarah grew up with a love for writing, and her biggest childhood achievement was having her story about the Tyrannosaurus rex displayed on the wall during the open house. She left the United States at the tender age of 17 and taught English in Ecuador for five years. She later traveled in Europe where she began freelance writing. Sarah has been published on several travel and women's websites, including Bustle, The Everygirl, 9Honey, Hello Giggles, YourTango, Culture Trip, and Matador Network.


Sarah was trained to teach English as a second language and obtained a TOEFL certificate. She is a self-taught freelance writer, meaning she worked her butt off sending pitches before finally getting some articles published and building a shiny portfolio.

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