10 Sex Toy Brands Created By And For Women (Because Who Knows Us Better?)

There are many misconceptions and taboos when it comes to talking about women's pleasure as men have long been seen as the ones who are more overtly sexually active. However, women masturbate too! Society has taught us that our pleasure is an afterthought or that finding our orgasm is some kind of urban myth — the Holy G-Spot, if you will. A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy surveyed over 2000 women aged 18-60, and a whopping 53% reported using a vibrator. This statistic demonstrates that women are actively seeking ways to enhance their sexual pleasure and are open to exploring the benefits of sex toys.

Now, let's tackle the elephant in the room: the lack of open conversations about pleasure and sexual wellness. Why are we still hush-hush about something so natural and empowering? It's time to break those silly taboos and have real talk about our needs and desires. Understanding our bodies, finding what floats our boat, and having mind-blowing experiences is what it's all about. Society often perpetuates the notion that female pleasure is secondary or even irrelevant, but we know better. We understand the profound impact that sexual wellness can have on our overall well-being, confidence, and relationships.

So we're shouting out some awesome sex toy brands created by and for women because they just get us. They know what we're all about and what makes us tick (or shiver uncontrollably). By supporting these women-centered sex toy brands, we take back our sexual autonomy and amplify our voices in the sex industry.


Dame began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, and these oh-so-fabulous products are here to shake things up and bring a whole lot of excitement to our bedrooms (and any other room where the mood strikes, let's be real). What makes Dame stand out from the sea of sex toy brands out there? Well, for starters, they've got style. These toys are so sleek and chic, you'll barely know you're looking at a vibrator (which could really come in handy going through airport security.)

But it's not just about appearances; these babies pack a punch where it counts. Take their popular "Eva" for example. It's like having your very own pleasure coach right at your fingertips. This little gem is hands-free, and by hands-free, we mean no awkward maneuvers or Olympic-level flexibility required. It stays in place while you enjoy the ride, leaving your hands free to, well, do whatever you want! And let's not forget about the "Arc," which is all about G-spot stimulation.

Dame founder and CEO Alexandra Fine spoke to Forbes about women's pleasure finally being put in the spotlight, saying, "Thankfully, the fact that a majority of people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation for pleasurable sex is now more widely understood than it was a decade ago, meaning that our message is getting through. This awareness is opening up doors for more people with vulvas to explore sex with clitoral touch as a focal point — with or without penetration."

That Sassy Thing

That Sassy Thing founder Sachee Malhotra said it perfectly when she spoke to The Ladies Compartment: "I want women to own their sexuality, and I think we've begun the journey as a brand." After struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Sachee had difficulty finding products that would help her with her symptoms, including painful periods and vaginal dryness, while the only ones out there catered to men's pleasure. In essence, That Sassy Thing is a sex toy brand and a self-care brand combined.

The playful brand is all about the charm with its witty product descriptions, but of course, its vibrators are the real heroes. The "Salty Personal Massager" (named for its resemblance to a salt shaker) is incredibly discreet and comes with 10 different speeds. If you're more old school, they haven't forgotten about what they call the "OG Personal Massager" which looks like your average vibrator.

That Sassy Thing isn't just about orgasms; it also champions inclusivity and body positivity. The brand believes that pleasure should be for everyone, regardless of size, shape, or background. Its range of toys caters to a diverse array of desires, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect match. For instance, on the POV section of its site, the brand includes a video series featuring disabled people, in an effort to create "disability-affirming spaces" for them to openly talk about their sexuality.

Le Wand

In the world of Le Wand, pleasure reigns supreme. Imagine you're lying in bed, and your Le Wand is whispering sweet nothings in your ear, promising mind-blowing pleasure like no other. It's like having your own personal sexual genie, granting your every desire. This brand knows all the tricks — whether you want gentle vibrations or earth-shattering intensity, it's got you covered.

But hold up, that's not all. Le Wand takes things to a whole new level with their attachments. It's like giving your wand a magical makeover. Attach the "Ripple" for a wave of pleasure that will leave you floating on cloud nine or try the "Dome" attachment for a mind-bending experience that will have you seeing stars. With these attachments, it's like having a whole arsenal of pleasure tools at your fingertips

Alicia Sinclair, founder of COTR Inc., spoke to EAN Online about the need for more understanding when it comes to female pleasure. She told the outlet, "Female sexuality as a whole still fails to be fully understood and valued. I'm encouraged by the number of products that we're seeing created that cater to the clitoris, and I hope we continue to head in a similar direction."


Maude takes the idea of a tacky sex shop and turns it completely upside down with its range of incredibly simple, sleek designs that look more like a minimalist skincare brand. Maude isn't just about toys; it's got a whole range of pleasure essentials to elevate your experience. From silky smooth lubricants to sensual bubble bath products and candles to enhance the mood, this brand has you covered. 

Why is Maude causing such a buzz? The company knows that pleasure should be a luxurious experience, and its sleek designs could give any fashion house a run for its money. But don't let the chic exteriors fool you because these toys are all about pleasure with a playful twist. Take their "Vibe" for example — it's like the James Bond of sex toys, with multiple settings that will leave you shaken and stirred in all the right ways. And their "Cone" is like the ultimate pleasure alarm clock, waking up your senses and sending you waves of pleasure from head to toe.

Maude's founder, Éva Goicochea, told Glamour that the brand has made an effort to make pleasure a simple human experience. She explained, "This space has historically been monopolized by giant companies that focus on men. And in the last five years, the response to that has been the launch of very female-focused companies. But I think sex is for everyone — it's human — so making it highly gendered isn't necessarily helpful in encouraging conversations between partners."


Lioness isn't your average sex toy — it's a smart toy. With the prevalence of technology these days, it's no surprise that co-founders Liz Klinger and Anna Lee have taken the female orgasm up a notch; basically, we're living in the 21st century and it's time we had a sex toy that reflects that. Lioness comes with an app that tracks the strength of your orgasm, bodily responses, and arousal levels, among other things.

With the app, you can explore different settings, and track what makes your orgasms better or worse. For example, having a couple of cups of coffee or not getting enough sleep can affect your big O, and the app will track all of that for you. Being able to understand what rhythms you like, how much vibration you enjoy, and where you like it are great ways to not only get to know your own body better but to improve your experience with a partner as well.

Co-founder Anna Lee spoke with Taboo Tech about doing research for Lioness and discovering the odd ideas that established brands employed, saying, "I learned more and more about how many strange, distant concepts were involved in the design process. Generalizations like, 'the vibration will feel good if it feels good on your nose,' or 'women love pink and purple so they'll love this' ... I felt like [this] just reinforced the shame so many people feel around sex toys, to begin with."


Unbound started out as a subscription box service for co-founders Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Jayne Kinney, before launching a catalog of what is currently over 50 of its own products. Rodriguez was inspired to create the brand after getting diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20 and going through early menopause. She told Refinery29 that a friend who was a nurse advised her to buy a vibrator due to her cancer treatment and low libido. However, the stores were tacky and not a comfortable shopping experience for women.

Getting it off the ground, however, was no easy feat, as Rodriguez explained: "It was especially heartbreaking when I would go out to pitch some of the female angel investor groups. They were often the ones that were the most prudish. It surprised me. I thought the women would understand why buying sex toys was a terrible shopping experience."

The brand is a fun mix of vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, and lubes, which come in different categories like beginner, external, internal, quiet, and couples. They've got a whole range of pleasure accessories that will make your inner kinkster squeal with delight, from luxurious restraints that will make you feel like a seductive secret agent to tantalizing massage oils that will leave your skin glistening and begging for more.


Think back to the last time you were getting hot and heavy with your partner and you had to stop the proceedings to rifle around in your bedside table for a bottle of lube. But even when you find it, the whole thing is somehow ridiculously greasy and probably left a stain somewhere. When it comes out it's cold and gel-like with a strange smell, and it doesn't exactly contribute to the moment despite the fact that it's made for just that. Pulse wanted to revolutionize the way we apply lube because let's face it, fumbling with bottles in the heat of the moment can be a real mood killer. This ingenious little gadget will keep the fun flowing and the friction at bay.

The Pulse dispenser sits nicely on a table while keeping your lube warm and ready to go the next time you need it, even setting the mood with nice lighting. Founder Amy Buckalter says that she made Pulse to feel like an experience at the spa rather than a trip to the gynecologist, and it's clear she's achieved just that.

While the brand has gone from strength to strength, they still deal with double standards when it comes to advertising, as evidenced by Facebook blocking ads in 2019 that advertised lubricants for women despite male-targeted ads sliding by. Buckalter told CNBC, "It has been a battle with Facebook. It has been basically gender bias with Facebook. And it's cost me money."


Ti Chang first created her line of jewelry that doubled as sex toys called INCOQNITO in 2008 before meeting Michael Topolovac. The pair teamed up and launched what is now Crave, a line of incredibly sleek vibrators that are so aesthetically pleasing they could double as a piece of art on your nightstand, or even around your neck in the case of the "Vesper."

Crave takes the idea of a tacky sex shop full of mannequins with ripped crotchless fishnets, massive purple dildos, and vintage porn, and turns it on its head. The brand is the exact opposite of what is available in the mainstream for women today, and gives them exactly what they're looking for: a sex toy that contributes to a truly intimate experience. The newest "Duet Flex" has 12 different vibration patterns, all due to a community of "beta-testers" who you can thank after the best orgasm of your life.

Chang was one of the only female industrial designers when she first started out, telling The Creative Independent, "I think people have to recognize we are still in a transitional time where we're not seeing equity in the workplace, especially where you're starting out ... instead of viewing it from a place of disadvantage, it's an opportunity. But you have to be realistic in that it's not going to be easy."

Bedroom Kandi

Bedroom Kandi was founded by Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, who is a true entrepreneur with her own makeup line (Kandi Koated), her own clothing boutique, and two restaurants. It begs the question, "When does she sleep?"

Her sex brand is all about adding a dash of spice, a pinch of playfulness, and a whole lot of satisfaction to your sensual moments. Whether you're a beginner wanting to dip your toes in the world of pleasure or a seasoned adventurer looking for your next thrill, Bedroom Kandi has something to make your heart race and your body tingle. From its vibrators, dildos, and bath collections to items designed specifically for foreplay, Bedroom Kandi is a full-service site.

As for how she feels about being a female entrepreneur, Kandi told Revolt, "It feels good. I don't look at it any type of way, except for I'm just going after my goals. I will not sit down and wait for things to happen for me. I'm trying to kick the door in ... And if I can, I can open the door for other people and help other people up."


MysteryVibe is not just about the average female orgasm, or simply masturbating with a vibrator; the brand takes a scientific approach to the most intimate needs of men and women. It has created devices that aim to take on our most important sexual issues like menopause or the postpartum period.

The site is easily navigated and has an area in which customers can learn about the science of the devices and find the right toy for themselves depending on the issue they're having, including examples like urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation, pain disorder, and arousal disorder. The range of toys is as adaptable as a chameleon, with an uncanny knack for bringing pleasure to every nook and cranny of your body — like a vibrator that can bend, flex, and contort to fit your unique needs and desires. The sex toys can also be connected to an app, allowing you or your partner to control the intensity. One of the most popular products is the world's first flexible vibrator, called the "Crescendo 2," which mimics human fingers and can be adjusted depending on what you want to be stimulated.

Co-founder Stephanie Alys gave CEO Magazine her advice for women in their careers, telling the outlet, "Every time you worry about going after an opportunity, applying for a job, negotiating a pay rise or shouting about your success, ask yourself, 'What would a man do?' And then do that. No shame."