Jennifer Betts

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Millington, MI
Saginaw Valley State University
Mental Health, Diet And Nutrition, Family Fitness
  • For over 15 years, Jennifer has been an award-winning writer whose work has been consulted by experts from other media outlets and quoted in student assignments.
  • A fitness enthusiast, she's always willing to try out a new sport or fitness routine, from roller derby to mountain biking local trails with her family and dogs.
  • Given her diagnosis of celiac disease seven years ago, she has developed an obsession with healthy eating plans, gluten-free recipes, and how nutrition affects your mental and physical health.


Jennifer has worked as a professional writer for more than 15 years. It all started when a part-time job as a ghostwriter sparked her passion for the written word. Interested to see how far writing could take her, Jennifer started working for in 2009. Within a year, she was promoted to editor. In another six years, she became a full-time content administrator. All the while, she would take on freelance writing opportunities for LovetoKnow Media and Demand Media on subjects from tattoo design to health and wellness to human resources. In 2020, she became the first full-time writer for LovetoKnow media and the only writer to contribute to LovetoKnow, YourDictionary, and She was also a key player in the creation of the LovetoKnow Health and Wellness website in 2022, where she was able to truly dive into her passion for mental health awareness, diet, nutrition, and fitness. She joined the ranks of Static Media as a writer in 2023.


Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Communication from Saginaw Valley State University. She also has a minor in psychology.

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