6 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid If You're Trying To Dress Taller

Have you ever been shocked to learn that some of your favorite celebrities, like Scarlett Johansson, fall into the petite range? When you see them strutting along the pages of your favorite e-news, they look so tall. All that height isn't just because of Photoshop. Petite celebrities have learned the secrets of the trade of dressing to make themselves look taller than they are.

Many people know the basic fashion tricks for making yourself appear taller, like adding horizontal stripes to your outfit or going for a high-waisted pant or skirt. You might have even heard that going mini can make your legs look miles longer. But along with all those fashion dos are some obvious don'ts that can stunt your growth.

Slide into a sleeker, longer look by avoiding these six fashion faux pas that take away your height. See how a miniskirt isn't always the way to go when trying to add those inches to your attire.

Cut out the capri pants

When trying to create the illusion of height to your five-foot frame, there are some definite dos and don'ts to the game. One of the biggest taller wardrobe faux pas is adding anything that cuts off the natural line of the leg. Capri pants typically come down to just above the ankle and cut off the bottom of the leg, making a person appear even shorter than they are. 

Rather than wearing pants with a shorter inseam, opt for flare and high-waisted styles. Flares create the illusion of an elongated calf and can discreetly hide a pair of heels, while a high-waisted rise creates a long line from your waist to your ankles. These styles may be working on an illusion, but height is in the eye of the beholder, right?

If you can't imagine throwing your capris into the trash, use style techniques to create longer lines. Total Image Consultants advises using high-waisted capris that follow the line of your leg and end just above your ankle. Opting for lighter colors and slightly shorter shirts are also essential to lengthen you. In addition to ditching your capris, getting too tight clothes hinders your height.

Steer clear of tight clothing

Tight dresses and skirts are definitely going to show off all your curves. However, bodycon dresses can also be very unforgiving for height. By clinging closely to every curve, they work to make you look shorter. However, if you're trying to look taller, you also don't want to go to the opposite spectrum and wear something too loose as that hides the body's shape.

The solution is finding a happy medium between the two. Fashion stylist and editor Audree Kate told Stylecaster, "Look for straight, tailored pieces that create a 'column' feel. It will create straight lines up and down your body, making you look taller." It's also essential to look for styles that are form-fitting but flowy. For example, rather than a skintight little black dress, try a flowy evening gown that hugs your waist but flows out to create the perfect A-line along the skirt. 

Also, if you're goal is making yourself look taller, make sure your clothing is hugging you so it accentuates the longest lines of your body. With tight clothes out of the picture, it's time to look at those prints giving you all those shorty vibes. 

Ditch the horizontal stripes and busy prints

The monochromatic look is king when it comes to dressing to look taller. So big, bold patterns are a bit no-no in the height game. You have probably heard that horizontal stripes make you look wider; they can also make you look shorter. Kate stated in Stylecaster, "Thick horizontal stripes draw the eye across you." If you want to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe, look for thin, vertical designs rather than thick, horizontal ones. These work to draw the eye downward and give you a bit of length. 

In addition to ditching blocky horizontal stripes, check your closet for busy, big patterns. Large, bold patterns cause the same problems as horizontal stripes, making your eyes go across the body rather than up and down. It's the opposite effect of what you're looking for. Rather than bold and beautiful, micro patterns that are vertical are going to be your bestie. For example, you might try a crop top with micro blue squares with a pair of high-rise jeans. The small pattern fills your need for something fun but still looks monochromatic enough to create those long columns.

Colors, style, and fit are the big three when adding a bit of height to your style, but you can't forget about accessories, either. Find out the don'ts to accessories for a taller you. 

Avoid chunky accessories and jewelry

Lengthening your look goes beyond just your clothing: shoes, belts, and even necklaces make a difference. Ideally, you'd want the eye to continuously flow from your head to your toes in a smooth line giving you the appearance of added inches. To do this, you need to create beautiful horizontal lines with your accessories choices, which is why chunky jewelry should be stashed away for special events or elaborate outfits.

But that doesn't mean you have to completely throw out your fun accessories. Just be strategic about them and remember a little goes a long way. Rather than choosing that chunky blue belt with the blingy buckle that might cut your body in half, for instance, style a simple belt to cinch the waist of your tan dress. Not a fan of big bling? Try a thin gold or silver belt that drapes along your waist. In the jewelry department, thin chains that hang down the chest in a gorgeous V-shape can create a dramatic look that draws the eye along the torso better than a bulky pendant. You'll also want to accessorize with small bags that don't accentuate your petite frame.

Look in the mirror as you add your accessories and assess if anything pulls your eyes away. If so, you might want to swap it out for something that seamlessly melds into the outfit. Long vertical lines are excellent for creating length, which is why the final tip about minis made the list.

Save the mini for the right occasion

It's a known fact that miniskirts can make your legs look longer. However, use them with caution when aiming for a look that gives you an all-over taller feel. Mini skirts can be problematic for the same reason that cropped pants are; they chop the vertical of your look by creating a horizontal line that stops your eyes from flowing down the whole outfit. So, it's kind of like a double-edged sword. And you're particularly petite, a mini that lengthens your legs means you likely aren't working with much material. 

In that case, a longer cropped skirt that comes above your ankle with nude shoes might be better. The shorter hemline of the dress makes it look like you're just a little too tall for it to hit your ankles. Pair it with a monochromatic cropped top and a pair of nude heels; you are set to hit the night taller than ever, according to Harper's Bazaar. You might not think your clothing can add height, but with a few style hacks, no one will know you're falling into the lower end of the five-foot range.