How To Experiment With Blue Hair In 2023 (For The Risk Takers And The Cautious Stylers)

Your life never stands still, so why should your hair? Just like you change with the seasons, it's time to go bold with your hair choices by trying something a little bluer.

When considering adding a vivid new color to your hair, it can be a bit scary at first. But that's why blue is a great place to start. It's a versatile hue with a plethora of different colors to choose from that can work with basically any skin tone. For example, with a cooler skin tone, you might try an electric blue or cobalt; however, those with warmer tones might veer toward the blue-greens like aqua and teal. It's also a color that works great with any cut, length, or texture, from long and straight to short and curly.


It's time to think about entering your blue era. Check out several blue hair trends, from neon blue to barely-there highlights, to find the perfect color for your next hair journey.

Vibrant electric blue and turquoise

Blue isn't just a staple in your closet; it should be in consideration for your hair color to make a bold statement this season — the vibrant color dances off the scalp on this wavy look created by @shearelegance_bynicole. Water and waves call your name in this out-of-the-sea look. The bright, bold roots flow into turquoise and denim blue tips adding dimension to the hair. Plus, it's a light, airy beach look that will turn heads and earn you some compliments as well. 


Baby blue hues

Navy and electric blue look great when it comes to your skirts and shirts, but for your hair, you might want a more subtle blue to blow away your friends. Try on a baby blue hair color to freshen up your look.


While the light blue looks stunning with this traditional bob with bangs, it's a versatile color that can go with any cut from short to long. You might rock a powdered blue pixie or even create a cotton candy effect with baby blue and pink. It's the perfect hue for an effortless pastel look.

Cosmic cobalt blue

In the world of vivid hair color, cobalt blue is a showstopper. This hyperpigmented color brings with it images of trips to the cosmos and light refracting off a crystal. It's a color with an electric frenzy magnetically pulling everyone's gaze.


@amorcouturehairstudio created a cosmic masterpiece by coupling a super-short natural haircut with an intricate straight razor line design. The contrast between the skin peeking through the line work and the striking blue adds a new level of brightness to this supercharged hue.

Stonewashed denim blue

That acid-washed jean look that everyone used to sport in the '80s is making its way back to center stage. This style is all you, from your jeans to your jackets; you can't get enough stonewashed denim. Take your love of acid-wash all the way to your hair. 


Stonewashed denim hair might take a bit of work, but the variation of whites, power blues, and darker denim looks stunning as an end result. @nicolea_beauty pairs this with the perfect shag haircut, so all the variation in color reigns supreme for this queen.

Ocean blue face frame

Bold blue hair can say a lot about you. For one, you aren't afraid to add a bit of vibrance to your life. But just because you've decided to embrace the blue of your soul doesn't mean you need to go all in.


Vivid blue hues are one of those colors that are the perfect accents, such as adding an ocean blue face frame. The light blue waves of hair give off those queen of the ocean vibes while still coordinating with the long, dark brunette locks.

Bright black and blue dreams

Black hair has a shine that's ready to compete with any other color out there. The richness of the shade and the different hues that bounce off it make it perfect for adding a bit of blue. It's like these two colors were made to go together.


Using a balayage technique, @brisbeautychair creates a glorious transition from black to cobalt blue. The transition of the color brings with it new and exciting hues, like a bit of denim and navy at the base, making it great for those that just want a bit of color.

Dazzling cobalt and baby blue

When you want hair that looks as beautiful as a waterfall, then you can't go wrong with a baby blue and cobalt two-tone look. The colors crash together to create a beautiful wave of hues that sparkle as each different shade captures the light.


Hair stylist @angelhairnbeauty creates a glorious ocean of color through this vibrant color combination. The longer layers create the perfect amount of variation to make this hair look like wisps of water crashing against the rocks.

Silvery denim blue dimension

You've been rocking the right silver hair color for you for a while, and it's a look that you don't see yourself giving up any time soon. However, you're ready for a bit of a change. It's time to think in blue hues when it comes to adding a bit of brightness to your silver locks.


The silver and blue here work together with a hint of violet to create rich waves of hair that look like flowing water. The long shag cut adds movement to the color by allowing the variation to take center stage.

Pop of aqua with black

Vibrant colors aren't always something you want to come to the forefront of your life. Sometimes, you want those little hints of personality to just peek out. Aqua adds a pleasant pop of color against a traditional black bob.


The way the color is hidden under the hair makes it easy to hide in a work situation, but you can show off your bright aqua personality when you decide to have a fun night out. While this combination works great with a bob, you might also try it as an under color for a longer look.

Beachy-inspired hues

Your hair is a reflection of yourself. Sometimes you go bold blue, and other times, you keep it in more neutral shades. But, if you've got a sunny personality that's made for beach life, then you might want to try adding a few streaks of this blue-tiful look!


The colorful strands of hair start with darker cobalt at the roots and slowly move to an aqua at the ends. These beautiful tresses perfectly mimic looking through the clear water of the ocean into the sand, making it the perfect pop of color for summer.

Mermaid hair tips

Sure, Ariel looked gorgeous with her vibrant red locks, but when you think of a mermaid's hair, your mind starts to wander into the realms of denim, aqua, and teal. Colorist @hairbykbkzoo fashions a perfect mermaid hair color by interweaving blue and green hues.


The natural brown roots provide the perfect backdrop for the torrent of electric blue color, and the long layered beach waves add to the fun queen-of-the-sea creation. This look might be fabulous down, but it will also add a lot of fun as an updo.

Neon blue blast

Sometimes color is meant to be bold. If it's not shining brighter than the lights at the rave you hit last week, then it's not bright enough. If bright is the name of your game, you aren't going to be disappointed with neon blue.


In addition to being able to pull all the glances your way, it's a color that can be mixed and matched with other blues to create a dazzling kaleidoscope effect on your tresses. It's also one that works well with long and short styles since the blue itself is going to be what truly stands out.

Faded denim ombre

The perfect black ombre hair effect doesn't only happen on long hair. It can look fabulous on short hair as well. Check out the depth and variation of colors created by @nik0ivanov; the roots and shave sport a deep navy-blue color that fades into a perfect icy baby blue, similar to that of a worn pair of jeans that you've been living in for the last decade. The cut also adds an edgy vibe to the rich color transformation with the shaved sides and longer back and top.


Icy shades of blue

The moment you sit down in the colorist's chair, you typically have a particular look in mind. However, when they start pulling out all those bold, icy blue dyes, it can be hard to decide on just one color. Thankfully, you don't have to.


Hair expert @kolor_me_kaylee designs a cosmic waterfall of blues that cascades down the hair. The vibrant, bold cobalt at the roots of the hair trickles beautifully into the teals and aquas at the ends. It's all ideally molded together with the natural chestnut hair color to create a true blue craze. 

Nightfall blue and deep purple

It can be hard to capture that moment when you're leagues below the surface of the water and the deep navy, cobalt, and dreamy purples flood your eyes with color. But @morganoliviahair made this dream a reality.


The vivid blues at the ends contrast delightfully with the midnight purple at the roots. It's a cascade of color that blends into a wavy fantasy. The long layers give the cut and color movement, allowing each different hue to get its moment in the sun to create a blue color explosion.

Cobalt and aqua blend

There is a moment when the sun hits the water just right to create a spectacular ripple of greens, aquas, and blue. If it's that moment that you want to capture with your hairstyle, keep blue-greens on the brain.


This rainbow of blue by @madhair05 starts with a deep cobalt at the root, and blends into those ocean-harnessing aquas and teals that flow down the back of the head. The hints of green popping through give lovely movement and freedom to the sea of hair, while the shaggy layers and curls aid in bringing this look to life.

Icy blue face frame

If you've tried the Queen of the Darkness look and it didn't fit well with your sparkling personality, then an ice queen 'do might be more up your alley. It's a color that gives off all those fun and flowy Elsa vibes with a dash of watch out. 


@r50_hairlounge created the perfect silvery, icy blue look with an elegant face frame. The powder blue provides a stunning contrast from the darker mahogany, and the cut works to help the ripple down the sides of the face.

Navy blue ombre

The time has come, and you're ready to go all in on this blue color trend. You've got those cool undertones in your skin, so you know a navy is going to look glorious on you.

Stylist @hairandstyle_jenna nailed the navy look using the balayage technique to create a unique torrent of blue hues. Keeping with the darker roots, the coloring spills into the deep navy and denim tones that roll over the shoulders. The variety of colors makes this a fun look to rock on a long flowing waterfall of hair or a shorter shag cut.


Teal blue split

Cruella has never been a villain in your mind; she's just a misunderstood fashionista. There was the whole puppy thing, but everyone has their flaws. If nothing else, the woman rocked a wonderful hairdo with her black and white split.


Channel your inner Cruella by trying a unique color split of your own. Rather than going with a drastic black and white, you might want to try a little bit of teal on for size. @_chelseatakespictures captured the ideal color combo with a black and teal split on a long shag cut with side bangs. It's the perfect dark and stormy night.

Splash of blue and white

Silver or white hair opens up the door to so many different color possibilities. Hair specialist @heartbreakhair shows you the depths that white can take you by creating a unique splash of blue and white combo.


The vivid blues intermingled with the colorless white create a crashing wave of hair, mimicking the flowing rapids on a stream or river. The deeper cobalt blue tones flow into the brighter powder blues and teals for a totally unique hair experience. It's the perfect color for a cut with lots of fun layers to let each different tone sparkle.

Powder blue bob

When you first start experimenting with a new color, bold isn't always your friend. This is especially true if you're trying out some new semipermanent dye for dark hair to see if the color looks good on your skin. In that case, you might want to try going with a light powder blue.


You can wash it out quickly if you don't like it. And if you do find that it's the color for you, it's easy to try something a bit bolder. Powder blue is also the perfect starting point if you're interested in pastel color combinations.

Subtle pastel blue blend

The way the sky lights up the moment before the sun dips below the earth is a true moment of beauty; the pastel pinks, blues, and purples seem to come to life. It's one of the most soothing images you'll see.


So, why not take the breathtaking colors of the dipping sun and apply them to your hair? Colorist showed just how beautiful pastel blue can be by combining it with a phenomenal blend of purples and pinks as an under color.

Crisp black and blue denim

Going bold is a big commitment, and sometimes you can be a little bit hesitant to dive into the world of vivids. Start by dipping your toes into the water by adding a few highlights throughout your hair. This can work especially well with darker, black shades since they seem to blend right into one another.


Hair stylist @rukminidadivas designs a subtle color combo that's reminiscent of your favorite dark-washed denim jeans. Using the balayage technique, the black and light navy shades weave into one another naturally.

Vivid cornflower and teal blend

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of the sky after a storm? Just take a look at the hair fabulousness that @georgeeblancoo created to see this in reality.

Captioned "dreaming in denim," this blue hairstyle has the rich vibrance of the sky with a rainbow of different blue shades on a trendy angled bob. The roots start out dark and stormy with vivid cornflower sprinkled in, with hints of teal and darker blue at the ends. A bewitching blue look that would fit perfectly on any cut.


Bouncy blue curls

One of the great things about blue is that it works on any type of hair, and there are so many different shades that it's easy to create depth. This blue on a host of curls shows just how fun color can be. 


When you want to ice out your hair, blue is a good place to start. From a hidden hint of blue to a fury of blue waves, you can find the right shade and tone to fit your personality. It might be time for you to hit the store or your favorite salon to blue up your life.