Jahaira Arthur

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New York
New York University
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  • In 2020, Jahaira won Envie Magazine's "What's Your Story" contest with her poem, "How to Disappoint Your Parents."
  • She is the creator and host of Twitter's writing prompt #AcrosticChallenge.
  • Some of her notable work include coverage of the Nitehawk Shorts Festival and an interview with Lumenate co-founder Tom Galea.


Jahaira is a freelance writer based in New York City. Her journalism roots were planted years ago in school newspaper clubs, and in 2021, Jahaira's writing career officially started with an internship at Honeysuckle Magazine. There, she published articles on wellness, women's health, and pop culture. When she's not writing articles, she's dabbling with scripts, poetry, and prose.


Jahaira has a B.A. in Social and Cultural Analysis with a double minor in Creative Writing and Media, Communication & Culture from New York University.

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