Bring More Bling To Your Look With The Flashy Nail Jewelry Manicure Trend

Jewelry is a popular accessory. We all have at least one bracelet, necklace, anklet, ring, or earring. It still counts even if it's made out of string and beads. Jewelry is an easy way to add layers to an outfit and tailor your attire to fit trending styles. Another fashionable accessory is your nails. Yes, that keratin at the end of your fingertips is a canvas for art, making it a way to express your style.

The nail jewelry manicure trend combines the love for these accessories. Nail jewelry became popular in the late '80s, with those in the limelight getting charms and piercings for their fingernails. Over the years, it has been booted out by minimalistic trends, but extravagant art has returned. Nail jewelry comes in an array of styles and designs. From gold foil to rings, there are looks to please every aesthetic. So embrace the bedazzle and get ready to add some bling to your manicure.

Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with pearls

These are not your grandmother's pearls. This design is elegant nail art that is tastefully flamboyant. Pearls are ideal for taking a neutral nail look up a notch. They mimic the white and glossy finish of a glazed French vanilla manicure that is subtle yet fancy. Let the pearls crown the smile of your cuticle or line the edge of your nail for a dramatic design. If minimal is more to your taste, just sprinkle on one or two pearls to bring in the bling.

3D chrome is futurist jewelry

For this manicure trend, it's not just about bracelets on your nails but 3D art that embodies the shine and precious character of jewelry. Textured chrome is just that. It gives the look of molten silver for a drippy and ultramodern art. You can use the chrome to create metallic beads, swirls, and customized designs. You can contrast the glossy metal with warm tones like orange to soften the look or go with matte gray and white to keep it neutral.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

We can't talk about bling without mentioning diamonds. Of course, we have to bring this precious stone to your nail jewelry manicure. Diamonds, along with their cousins, ruby, jade, sapphire, opal, and everyone else in the family tree, are the definition of bling. Just one of these gems on your nails makes you certified flashy. You can mix and match rhombus-shaped stones with triangle or circle ones to add dimension. Or opt for gem-crusted decals like a snake or planet to carry your personality through to your digits.

Charms are not just for bracelets

Charms are a chic way to customize your nails. Just like a charm bracelet that represents everything you love, nail charms personalize your manicure with a unique touch. They are also flashy, fitting in perfectly with this trend. For maximalists, one charm on each nail is sure to tickle your fancy. You can choose from an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Metallic and bedazzle pieces align with jewelry nails the most, but any charm is sure to bring the wow factor.

Precious gold nails

Gold and jewelry go hand and hand. This hardware will instantly give your nails a touch of sophistication. Gold ornaments are the most luxurious look to check off the bling box. These pieces resemble a necklace's pendant. It's elegant decor that you can personalize. Plus, a simple backdrop lets the gold stand out without being too gaudy. However, have the precious metal match your aesthetic. You can go for a gold leaf manicure or gold glitter — whatever suits your style.

Embellish with rhinestones

Rhinestones bring back memories of DIY crafts. However, while nostalgic, this nail design looks far from amateur. Rhinestones are like mini gems, perfect for short nails and a refined style. These colorful embellishments are a confetti of jewels. Use one color or mix and match them all. Sprinkle rhinestones to decorate a neutral manicure or spice up a trendy design. You can even pack them on so your entire nail is flooded with gems. And since they are tiny, adding more won't look chunky or overdone.

The '90s pierced nails are back

Piercings make room for more jewelry, and the same goes for nail piercings. Yes, they are extra and a little crazy, but that's what makes this bling great. Celebrity nail artist Iram Shelton told Grazia, "I just love how nail piercings can elevate a traditional manicure and make your nails a focal point." Pierced nails are a '90s comeback that fits right into the modern nail jewelry trend. You can style hoops, charms, and barbells through your nail for a glamorous 3D effect.

Chains are jewelry too

Chains are an edgy take on the jewelry nail trend. Whether you like rose gold, silver, or bronze, it's hardware without the stones and glitz but all the punk glam. Jumbo chain links create a bulky, maximalist feel, while smaller links have a delicate design. You can rearrange the cuffs to spell out words, form symbols, or just squiggle them along your nail. That is the fun part of nail jewelry — you're free to play with this medium any way you want.

3D gel is an uncut gem

Textured designs with gel create unique 3D art that looks like jewels. They mimic an uncut stone without the sharp and rigid feel of polished gems. The translucent yet colorful design gives a delicious candied finish. Plus, the 3D effects create depth and dimension. It's a win-win with these nails. Bright and deep colors against a contrasting background pair perfectly for the gemstone feel. If metallic is more your style, 3D chrome is your best bet with a bubbled effect that looks like melted metal.

Mix and match your favorite jewelry

If you want to pack on the bling, then mix and match your favorite jewelry pieces. You can do it on one nail for a sparkly accent or all for a decked-out manicure. Try pierced nails with pearls, textured chrome with charms, gold hardware with gems, or chains with rhinestones. How about throwing them all in your manicure? The light will dance off your fingertips. Yes, your nails will be loud, but on the bright side, you won't need to wear necklaces, bracelets, or earrings — your nails have you covered.