Our hearts and minds are won over by places that know how to make us feel good. A boutique that always carries your favorite soft tees. A coffee shop whose baristas always remember how you like your lattes. A television show with characters that always make you laugh out loud.

We aim to support and promote women who are creating wonderful and beautiful things. We hope to offer a trusted destination that will give you a moment's rest and a bit of laughter in our constantly on-the-go, work-driven world.

Our dream is that every time you want to smile and add a little bit of delight to your day, you come to women.com. And when that smile carries over into the rest of your life and world, you share how good you feel with everyone around you. Pass it on.

Who we are


Susan Johnson

CEO and Founder

Formerly Facebook, Photobucket and Expedia. Mama of two incredible girls. Wife to a travel buff. Love black licorice and Swedish chocolate, together or apart. Working hard to leave this place better than I found it.


Andrew Werhane


Addicted to the fast pace start-up lifestyle. Can't wait to experiment with the latest frameworks and technologies. Always keeps one eye on the code and the other on the surf report.


Alex Portée

Social Content Editor

Alex is a Ravenclaw, cookie connoisseur, and lover of all things that concern sitting on the couch and watching television. And food. She will always take seconds.


Talia Saville

Social Content Editor

Talia was born and raised in Minneapolis as a proud University of Minnesota Gopher before recently moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in media. She is passionate about writing, branding, and social media and loves to binge watch Netflix classics, spend time with friends, and explore new places in her free time.


Angie Andera

Social Content Editor

Angie is an avid writer with a background in fashion, journalism, and marketing. She’s an enthusiast of dresses with pockets, spicy vegan food, and red wine. When not writing for Women.com, she can be found walking up and down the aisles of Target, watching The Young Turks, and cuddling with her pet bunny.


Shannon Cabeen

Social Content Editor

Shannon is a native angelino who specializes in entertainment marketing and innovative strategic planning. She is 20% - fangirl, 15% - foodie, 10% - glamper, 50% - pop culture sponge and 100% winging it. Will work for shoes.

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