Madison Emily Whisenand

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Navarro College, Baylor University 
Fashion & Styling, Lifestyle Trends, Literature
  • Madison began her career as a freelance writer in 2022 when she joined The List's news team.
  • As a writer for The List, Madison often covers fashion and beauty topics, constantly seeking ways to combine these interests with her passion for sustainability.
  • In her everyday life, she styles her favorite thrift shop finds, experiments with cruelty-free makeup brands, and tries out eco-friendly period products.


Prior to joining The List, she was an editorial writer for Baylor's HerCampus online magazine, contributing articles about women's issues, everyday sustainability, and women in media. Madison also worked as a writing consultant for the Baylor University Writing Center from 2020 to 2022. While she's currently focused on lifestyle writing, taking an interest in topics like fashion, social media trends, and beauty, Madison is also passionate about creative nonfiction and short story fiction writing. Madison's writing was featured in an exhibit at Baylor's Martin Museum of Art in 2021. Her creative nonfiction essay, "Focus," accompanied Ben Shahn's 1968 painting, "XV The Sea Itself." When she's not covering lifestyle and fashion, Madison writes articles about books and reading. In addition to growing her book collection, she also likes to post about her bookish habits on social media.


Madison graduated from Baylor University in 2022 with a B.A. in professional writing and rhetoric with minors in English and women's and gender studies.

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