Rebecca Potters

Photo of Rebecca Potters
Queens, NY
McGill University
Female Monsters In Modern Cinema, Horror And Folklore Of New Jersey, Sex And Consent Education In Pop Culture
  • Rebecca is an avid horror buff, having studied it at University and watching at least one scary flick per day since.
  • She adapted four children's books, published by Scholastic.
  • She can quote the entirety of Moonstruck word for word.


Rebecca Potters is a writer, editor, and weaver based in Queens, NY. She's written for a variety of publications, such as The McGill Tribune, Bitter Blush, The Balance, Killer and a Sweet Thang, Aurore, Swell, and Scholastic.


Rebecca spent her academic career learning how to critically read and interpret film and TV, specifically around the history of horror, films, the Weimar Republic, Jewish Documentary Filmmaking, the role of the auteur, LGBTQ+ cinema, reality TV and its origins, French feminist filmmakers, and Antonioni's commentary on the Anthropocene.

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