The Denim Trend Jennifer Lopez Is Bringing Back In A Big Way

Although not a Gen-Zer herself, Jennifer Lopez has been leaning into the Y2K fashion trends. The particular trend that Lopez has been at the helm of bringing back is baggy jeans, making herself the patron saint of the look's return. She's been spotted wearing everything from high-end-looking jeans by Gucci, to denim that looks like it's been dragged through the mud at Lollapalooza. Granted, the latter is a pretty expensive pair of jeans by Acne, but the point is that J.Lo is all over making this denim trend happen.


If you were old enough to do your own shopping in the early 2000s, then you may remember that the jeans of choice — to stay trendy — were big. Actually, not just big, but huge. If you couldn't easily slip your head into the leg opening of your jeans, then they were obviously too tight and you needed to upgrade to baggy, stat. While not the most sophisticated look, this part of the era was the comfiest.

Eventually, baggy jeans fell out of fashion and skinny jeans, the type that looked like they'd been painted on, became all the rage. But because everything comes back in style again (and again), baggy jeans are having another moment thanks to Gen Z, their major love for Y2K fashion, and Lopez, too. Since it's pretty obvious that skinny jeans aren't coming back, let's take a moment to admire J.Lo's commitment to the baggy look and maybe you'll find yourself inspired to go big, too. 


Jennifer Lopez making baggy jeans casual

As a fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez knows exactly how to pull off every look, so rocking baggy jeans in a way that looks real and relaxed is easy for her. She's also very aware of the fact that baggy jeans are essential right now when keeping up with younger generations — something every performer should do simply because it's a great business move.


"Given that Gen Z associates millennials with skintight skinny jeans, it's no surprise the younger fashion set is gravitating towards all things baggy denim," fashion expert and editor Bella Gerard told InStyle. "The look has always been a fashion rebellion of sorts!"

While calling J.Lo's look rebellious is a stretch, her outfit does pay homage to a time when things — the world especially — were less complicated. Paired with an equally baggy sweater, Lopez is serving up exactly how to dress for a cool spring day while staying in style. The choice of white sneakers adds to the casual vibe, while the (very) little timeless top-handle bag adds a touch of sophistication and class.

Jennifer Lopez dressing up bagging jeans

Although it's always interesting to see J.Lo dressed down — because she certainly doesn't do it very often — what's equally interesting is how she can take baggy jeans, of all things, and turn herself into the glamour queen she truly is. When dressing up a pair of her baggy jeans, Lopez knows that pairing them with two iconic staple pieces that every wardrobe should have is a balanced choice on her part: a white button-down shirt and a classic trench coat. It's a very clean girl aesthetic, which has been in style for a while now.


But because she's still J.Lo, she also knows the importance that accessories have on an outfit. So, she chose to go with shimmery heels, a gold bag (which appears to be Hermès), and big sunglasses that solidify her celebrity status. Everything she's wearing pulls together a complete look that works just as well today as it did in the early 2000s.