How To Recreate Sabrina Carpenter's Espresso Music Video Makeup Look

There's no denying that Sabrina Carpenter is the it girl of the moment. Both "Espresso" and "Please Please Please" have been on seriously heavy rotation in our heads for ages now, and it seems like everything the former Disney Channel star touches turns to gold — including her eyeshadow. But it's not just her music that fans can't get enough of. Her signature style also has people falling over themselves to try it out, with TikTok alone turning up a whopping 116.6 million posts for the hashtag #SabrinaCarpenterMakeup.


One of her most in-demand looks, though, has to be the gorgeously bronzed, glowy makeup she sported in the "Espresso" music video. Online tutorials explaining how to recreate the style are racking up thousands of views on the likes of TikTok and YouTube, because, just like us, so many people just can't get enough of her gold cat-eye and bold glossy lips. And, luckily for you, we're here to explain it all in a way that'll make it look easy (so easy you can even still do it if you're working late, 'cause you're a singer).

Start your Sabrina Carpenter makeup transformation with a glowy base

To kick things off, start with the skin. Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso" music video look is all about super glowy, bronzed, flawless skin, and by getting this step right, you'll really help the whole look come together. In the video, Carpenter's skin is dewy, which is why we'd recommend trying an illuminating primer if you have one handy. This will be the best option for those with dry skin, as these kinds of primers tend to bring some moisture to the complexion. If you struggle with oily skin, though, try a mattifying primer in places you want to stay matte (such as the forehead and around the jawline) and opt for an illuminating primer in places where you want that glow, like the cheeks and brow bone.


Once you've done that, grab your favorite foundation. Again, a dewy product will work best here, but you can still mix and match by applying something matte to the areas you want to stay matte and a dewy foundation to other areas. Apply it with a brush or sponge and focus on building it up in the areas you need a little more coverage, such as over blemishes or over any hyperpigmentation. Then, add your favorite concealer under the eyes. Carpenter's under eyes aren't super light in the video, so we'd recommend going no more than one to two shades lighter than your foundation here and setting it with a loose powder.

Then apply bronzer and contour (and plenty of it!)

With Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso" music video being beach-themed, it makes sense that she has a gorgeous glow. To get it yourself, start with some contour focused on the cheeks. Carpenter's makeup artist appeared to focus more on bronzing than contouring (they're not the same thing, remember) but she still does have a little contour. To recreate it, apply a brown, matte shade to the hollows of the cheeks — you may even want to try this dermatologist-approved contour hack. This singer has a warmer shade for her contour, but what shade works for you will depend on your skin tone. Sometimes, something warm can look too muddy or orange if you have fair skin with cool undertones, so you may want to opt for a contour product that leans more on the cooler brown/gray side than brown/orange. The "Nonsense" singer's nose is contoured too, but you can skip that step if you don't feel you need any help in that department. If you do though, you can check out our beginner's guide to nose contouring for a few tips and tricks.


To really get that bronzed glow, apply a little bronzer on either side of your forehead as well. Carpenter's bangs block her forehead, but if you don't have bangs, this will bring more warmth to the look. You can also add a light brush of bronzer over the nose for that sun-kissed luminosity.

Try a brown blush for a bronzy look

Next up, we're moving on to blush. Sabrina Carpenter appears to be wearing either a trendy shimmery brown-toned blush or flattering orange blush in the "Espresso" music video — and it's these shades that are going to give you that freshly tanned glow. How to apply your blush best will depend on your face shape, so it's worth doing a little research on how to use your products in the most flattering way. But to get Carpenter's exact look, she appears to have adopted the L-shaped blush application method heating up on TikTok. If you find brown or orange blush isn't working for you, then don't worry. Those with fairer skin may better suit a cool-toned pink and those with darker, richer-toned skin may even fare better with a purple blush. Though a different blush shade will change up this look slightly, it's always better to choose products that work for you and adapt a look, rather than choosing makeup items that just don't suit you.


After the blush, we're all about highlight, and a liquid highlighter will work best here. Apply it to the highest point of the cheeks, moving in a diagonal motion up towards the top of the ear, and also add a little to the bridge of the nose. You could even set this by applying a powder highlighter over the top to get that extra shine.

The eyes are all about a bronzy gold glow

Moving on to the eyes, Sabrina Carpenter's look is all about a subtle-yet-sultry bronze and gold glow. Her look isn't too dissimilar to the naked smokey eye look we tried out for you, just with extra shimmer. To start, apply a mid-toned warm brown shade to the crease of the eye with a large, fluffy brush. If you don't have a naturally deep crease, apply it just above the lid. Flick that shade out when you get to the outer part of the eye, almost as if you're creating a cat eye with shadow. Once that's blended, add a gold/bronze shimmer (not glitter!) to the inner two-thirds of the eye. In the outer third, apply a mid- to dark-brown shade and blend it out towards the edges of your face to give the illusion of elongated eyes. She also has a very subtle hint of highlight in the inner corners, so add just a little highlighter or a light shimmery shadow there.


Next up is eyeliner. Carpenter has a gorgeous cat eye using black liquid liner, but you can do brown if you'd prefer. Start your liner around one-third of the way into the eye, as the inner part of Carpenter's look appears liner-free. This is also a great time to do your brows. Hers are pretty subtle, so just give them a light fill-in with your fave brow product and set them with a clear gel.

Finish up with golden copper lips

Alongside her luminous skin, the next most iconic part of Sabrina Carpenter's makeup here has to be her contoured lips. To achieve this look, Carpenter's makeup artist appeared to use a nude lipstick with heavy deep red/brown colored liner. Start by slightly overlining your lips like Carpenter. Bring that liner onto your lips too, filling in the lips a couple of millimeters, but leaving the center bare. Then, grab a copper-toned lipstick that works for your skin tone — we can help you find the perfect lipstick shade for your skin if you need a little help — and then apply a gold-toned gloss over the top. A lipstick with golden undertones will work best, but if you can't find that, don't worry. Carpenter's lips are super glossy too, so we'd suggest applying a shiny lip gloss, as this will help to blend your lipstick in with your lip liner. Try to go for one that matches the shade of the lipstick with gold undertones to really get Carpenter's look.


Finally, set the look with powder, but only in the places you need it to get that perfect blend between matte and dewy skin. Try to avoid powdering any highlighted areas, so you don't dull their dewiness. Then, all that's left to do is give yourself a spritz with a dewy setting spray and sip that well-deserved espresso. Just try not to cry now you've done your makeup so nice.