How To Try The Easy 'L-Shaped' Blush Trend Going Viral On TikTok

You don't need to be on TikTok to know that there's constantly a new blush hack emerging from the app. When one of those hacks goes viral, like the stunning sunset blush trend that was everywhere in May 2024, people can't get enough. The latest in what appears to be a long line of blush application trends is the "L-shaped" technique and, apparently, if done correctly, it will give you sculpted, out-of-this-world cheekbones — or at least the appearance of such a thing. 


True to its name, the "L-shaped" blush approach involves holding your index finger and thumb in an L-shape against your upper cheek, creating a guide for where to place the blush based on the natural angles in your face. It's a far more precise technique than free-handing blush directly on the apples of our cheeks (a technique many of us were probably taught growing up). While there's nothing wrong with doing that, it doesn't give blush the opportunity to do what it can really do: Take your cheeks to the moon and back, relatively speaking. By placing the "L" against your face and filling in that negative space, you're making it pretty much impossible to place the blush too high or low. This can help you maximize lift and create the illusion that you have high, prominent cheekbones. Best of all, it's foolproof no matter your face shape.


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It's all in the hand placement

The key to getting the L-shaped blush technique right comes down to where you place your hand. Your thumb should be just under the outer tip of your nose, while your index finger should extend upward past your eyebrow so that they form a right angle. Depending on how much of a lift you're looking to achieve, you can adjust the placement of your "L" to be higher or lower on the cheekbone. Once you're content, dab your blush into the corner of that "L", and use a powder brush to diffuse it outward to the apples of your cheeks and up toward your hairline. You can also use a beauty blender for this step, but keep in mind a brush give you better control of where the product is going. As long as you stay in the lines, you should a have perfectly lifted cheekbone when you're done.


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Make sure you use the right type of blush

Although most video tutorials on L-shaped blush feature conventional powder blush, that doesn't mean you can't attempt it with a cream or liquid formula. However, keep in mind that these are typically more pigmented than power, so you may want to be careful of how much product you use. As one creator demonstrated in a TikTok video using Rare Beauty blush; only two dots of product is sufficient to create a noticeable effect.


If you struggle knowing where to apply blush then use this hack! Make an 'L' shape with your hands ('L' like 'get in loser we're going shopping') then rest your thumb in that cheekbone hollow. Your blush goes in the section above your thumb! This cheat will give you the perfect blush placement to lift the face. I'm using the @rarebeauty soft pinch blush in colour 'Hope' which is the perfect muted pink. I'm loving the formula which is sheer but very long lasting (thanks @glowbykt for the recommendation!) I had so much fun creating this reel with the mean girls audio, did you know there is a mean girls 2 coming out next year 👀 along with all the other trends resurfacing, it feels like 2004 is here again and I'm here for it 👏🏼💖 Let me know if you try this hack, how you get on! #blushapplication #applyingblusher #makeuptips #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial #makeupideas #howtoapplymakeup #howto #blusher #blusherviral #meangirls #getinloserweregoingshopping #getinloser #missyelliott #passthatdutch


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Another factor to consider is other products in your routine. Since the L-shaped blush is creating a lifting effect, it's essentially doing the work that a contour or bronzer would do, meaning you may not need to apply any. However, if you plan to use both, be sure to place your contour first, blush second. TikTok user @worldofmaya demonstrated in a video how to work both products into your makeup for a seamless, sculpted finish by using the L-shaped technique.


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When you feel comfortable enough and you've mastered the technique, you can explore different layering options. Let yourself be creative and have fun with this trend. You never know — you might end up discovering something totally new and start a blush trend of your own.