Blue-Black Hair Is In For 2024 - Our Tips To Rock The Intense Look

We may be rolling into spring, but that doesn't mean it's time to leave darker hair shades behind. In fact, if your hair has been on the lighter side all winter, now might be the time to shake things up and go — wait for it — blue, as in blue-black. "Blue-black hair is the darkest color that one can go for," celebrity hair colorist Matt Rez told Byrdie. "It's black in color and has a blue tone to it — there are no red or warm undertones." 


Blue-black is having a major moment right now, but it's as cool and trendy as it is sophisticated and sleek, making it a great choice for anyone. Its only downside is that you need to be committed. "Whether glossing or going permanently blue-black, this color stains and is very hard to get out," said Rez. "If you are not sure you want to commit long term, gloss or do a demi-permanent blue-black. That's easier to remove."

If you want to get in on this ultra-intense look, you have a few options. From subtle to bold, highlights to all-over color, there's no one way to rock blue-black this spring. Pair it with one of the trendy haircuts of 2024, and you'll be stopping traffic with your look. 

Go the balayage route

While balayage with natural hair colors is definitely an outdated hairstyle to leave behind in 2024, this technique is getting an uptick with non-natural colors. With a blue-black balayage, the roots stay nice and dark, while the blue tumbles down the hair, giving it an electric look. 


Although some blue-black balayage styles commit more to the blue than the black, you can also keep your hair more on the black side (if you need a subtler look because of your job or a judgmental mother-in-law). The balayage will look just as cool, but be a little more low-key.

Keep it super subtle

If you prefer to keep your hair color more natural, you can ask your colorist to use undertones of blue when dying it. This will give your hair dimension and depth, with a barely-there hint of blue. In fact, the blue will be so subtle that it probably will only be visible in certain lighting, if at all. But at least you'll know it's there when you need to remind yourself that you're still punk rock. 


Try face framing highlights

Face framing highlights, also known as the "money piece," is a great way to rock blue-black hair with a little something extra thrown in for added fun. "Money piece highlights are a fuss-free way to change up your look without having to touch the whole head," colorist Natalia Romaniuc told Allure. "It's all about face-framing and contouring the hair." 


While the money piece traditionally lightened hair with bleach when it first came into popularity in the 1990s, who says blonde is the only color option? As the most adored color worldwide, you simply can't go wrong with a blue money piece.

Rock it as a lob

The lob (long bob) is a haircut that never goes out of style. "A lob gives you the look of a shorter haircut, but with the feeling of longer hair," salon co-owner Ryan Trygstad told Glamour. "It has the option to look both long and short, and has so many styling options. They can be waved for a beachy look, air-dried for a lived-in cool-girl look, or flat-ironed for a sleek, polished look."


Whether you've been a lob person your entire life or are ready to go short (and you know the lob is the perfect gateway cut to get there), dying your hair blue-black is the best (and coolest) way to take your lob to the next level. This cut and color are practically made for each other because they're both low-maintenance and don't require a lot of fuss and upkeep.

Be bold and bright

If you love the idea of blue-black hair and really want to commit to it, that means leaning into the blue part of the equation. To do this, ask your hair colorist to keep your hair blue-black at its core, but emphasize more of the blue through an abundance of highlights. This will give your hair layers of blue against a dark backdrop, making for a multi-dimensional color that will leave the people around you in awe. If you're ready for a change in 2024, you can't go wrong with blue-black.