7 Outdated Hairstyles To Leave Behind In 2024

In 2023, we saw a lot of really cool things regarding fashion and personal style. There was the no-pants trend that dominated throughout the summer and into the winter months, the wave of heart-shaped everything that first made a splash in the spring, and who can forget the velvet crop look that Florence Pugh so perfectly rocked? It was definitely a fun year in clothing, makeup, and hair. 

But now that we're officially in 2024, it's time to leave certain styles behind as we usher in the newer, updated trends. This is especially the case with hairstyles because a new year is the ideal moment to switch things up. "I'm dubbing 2024 the year of 'easy' hair — which could mean different things for different people," Mane editorial director at Hannah Cassidy told Refinery 29. "I see this as embracing your natural texture in ways that allow you to minimize maintenance, prioritize hair health, and spread out your upkeep appointments... I think we're looking at two big driving factors: practicality and flexibility."

Although there will always be those who prefer their locks a bit more complicated and people who don't give a darn about what's "in" and "out," if you're floundering as to what you should do with your hair, take notes as we say ciao to the outdated hairstyles of 2023. Don't worry; they'll be back in fashion again eventually. 

Intense balayage

Balayage first came to prominence in Paris in the 1970s. Since then, the style has come and gone over the years, with it having a big resurgence about a decade ago. Although it will forever remain a staple when it comes to hair coloring techniques, it's time to say goodbye to the intense versions of it. At least for right now. "The over-saturated balayage look is becoming less popular, with more natural color transitions without extreme color changes in the overall appearance of the hair color," celebrity hairstylist Edward James told Woman & Home.

Extra-long extensions

While extensions can be great for events, especially when it comes to needing extra hair to pull off an elaborate updo, wearing them every day is no longer en vogue. (Someone let Ariana Grande know, please.) In keeping with what editorial director at Mane, Hannah Cassidy shared with Refinery 29, extensions are the exact opposite of embracing your natural tresses. In other words, it's time to ditch them and accept you're not-so-long hair.

High-maintenance color

Great color doesn't need to be high-maintenance. Instead of having to visit the salon every few weeks, 2024 is the year we simplify things from head to toe.

"I would love to leave root color styling in 2023," digital beauty editor Aleesha Badkar told Woman & Home. "Highlights from the root need topping up wayyy too regularly for me, otherwise, you're left with that telltale rigid line where the color changes from dark to light... I'm all about lazy and low maintenance, so subtle balayage, blended highlights further down the hair. This way you can leave it for months without needing a top." Both your hair and wallet will thank you for this decision. 

Blunt cuts

In 2023, there were a lot of cool blunt cuts such as angled bobs and super-short, sleek pixies. As much as these are beautiful styles and relatively easy to manage, they should be left in 2023. It's time for more, more, more.

"In 2024, [we will] embrace the 'bigger is better' philosophy," hairstylist and color specialist Jason Crozier told WhoWhatWear. "Designers like Schiaparelli have featured voluminous hair on the runway, with Kendall Jenner showcasing the art of mega volume. Achieve [it] by using volumizing products, teasing techniques, and high-quality extensions to create dramatic, voluminous hair."

The Rachel

Ever since Jennifer Aniston gave the world "The Rachel," she's been regarded as a hair icon. Over the years, The Rachel maintained its coveted status and even found itself upgraded to a 2.0 version in 2023. But something happened the other night at the Golden Globes that made us realize The Rachel is going on hiatus for a while. If you missed the ceremony, Aniston showed up with one of her most un-Rachel cuts and it's the shortest her hair has been in years. Takeaway? According to Aniston's big departure from it, the Rachel has been shelved for 2024.


Originally popularized by hockey players (business in the front, party in the back anyone?), the mullet has been a staple for those looking to tap into the 1980s and all its butt-rock glory. It's not just an ode to a decade of very questionable fashion and style, but those who can pull it off convey a rebellious attitude to the world. Although it's a really fantastic cut, for 2024 we're saying adieu in favor of cleaner edges and softer, more traditional looks.

Cherry cola color

While 2023 saw a lot of bold colors, it's time to soften things up with Pantone's 2024 color of the year: peach fuzz. Unlike the edgier hair colors of this past year, this shade of peach is calming and more reflective of where we are as a society. "As we enter 2024, some of the things that have become especially apparent to us is the concept of lifestyle taking on new meaning," executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman told Time. "We've been living in this time of turmoil in many aspects of our lives, and as a result of that, our need for nurturing, empathy, and compassion continues to grow stronger as we imagine a more peaceful future."

Although you're not under any obligation to abandon your outdated favs, these styles just might inspire you to change. If not, that's totally cool. If you wait it out, your hair will be in style again in no time. That's the best part about fashion.