How To Stick With The No-Pants Trend, Even In Winter

When it came to trends, 2023 was an interesting year. We saw people rocking bleached eyebrows, the rise in popularity of flash tattoos, and Y2K fashion holding steady for the second year in a row, just to name a few. But of all the trends that emerged this past year, it was the no-pants trend that made a statement. Both celebrities and non-celebrities ventured out into the world pantsless in 2023, proving yet again that fashion is supposed to be fun, cheeky, and unapologetic.


"I love the confidence and power a good elevated pantsless look projects. I think that as people continue to connect globally — thank you, tech boom — and elevate each other, that this look provides a safe space to take control of your image, empower yourself, and hopefully inspire your fashion peers to do the same," celebrity stylist Amanda Lim told Vogue France. "After all, trends are born of repetitive imitation, and isn't that the highest form of flattery?"

Although the no-pants look is great in the warmer months, as Miuccia Prada showcased in her Miu Miu Spring 2024 collection, it doesn't mean that it should only be seasonal. In fact, the no-pants trend can absolutely be part of your winter vibe, as long as you have the right pieces.


Purchase a couple pairs of winter-friendly tights

If you've yet to experience the wide array of winter-friendly tights that designers and ready-to-wear brands have to offer, now is the time. Why? Because being pantsless in the winter requires tights if you want to stay toasty. No matter what level of warmth you need, there's a pair of tights out there for you. Need just a bit of coziness? Sweater tights or cashmere tights are the answer. Do you happen to reside in an area where temperatures rarely get over 20 degrees until March? Fleece-lined tights are the way to go. 


While the more opaque the tights will reduce the appearance of being completely pantsless, think of it this way: the no-pants look is also a state of mind. It takes a certain level of confidence to live and breathe such a statement. So even if you're feeling like you're a bit more pants-on as you strut around town in tights, remember you're actually a no-pants type of person.

Keep your toes warm

As you've probably already noticed, keeping your digits warm in the winter is always a hassle. This is because "our body prioritizes keeping our vital organs like our heart and lungs warm," nutritionist Alyssa Tucci, RDN told Healthy. So, naturally, the extremities go without. But when you're able to keep those parts of your body warm, then what a happy camper you'll be. Enter: socks and legwarmers. 


Not only will these necessary winter accessories keep your feet and lower legs cozy all day long and well into the night, but for those who want to keep their pantsless look seriously legit and feel tights are a bit too pants-on to do that, this is the perfect remedy. Also, what's cool about legwarmers is that they've been, very stealthily, coming back in a major way. So, you'll be both en vogue while pantsless and ahead of the fashion curve donning leg warmers.

Invest in tall boots

Let's be honest: tall boots are always a good idea. Whether you opt for mid-calf, knee-high, or over-the-knee, a great pair of boots takes a wardrobe to iconic levels. No one ever regrets dropping a pretty dime on a pair of tall boots, because they never go out of style. Any boots you buy right now, are very likely to be just as stylish four or five years from now. In 10 to 15 years, they'll be perfectly vintage, and everyone loves vintage boots. 


In the case of the no-pants look, tall boots bring both warmth and an extra cool factor. You can still rock your tighty-whities without pants à la Kylie Jenner, but you're bringing your own "it" factor to the ensemble. One that says you're fashionable and on top of the trends, but you also know that staying warm while looking fierce is the best option for you. 

Top off the look with a cozy coat or jacket

What's a winter pantsless look without a coat? Not much. Even Hailey Bieber knows that. She's been spotted around the streets of L.A. pairing her no-pants look with a long, camel-colored coat. But while Bieber may be rocking long coats, depending on what level of warmth you need, your choices could run the gamut from wool blazers to a Canada Goose jacket. And in this era of extreme climate change, having both in your closet isn't exactly a bad idea.


While the no-pants trend is just that — a trend — if you invest in classic pieces that complement it, but can also be worn in other ways and with different looks, then you'll be riding this trend right. If you're not sure this trend is for you, then maybe winter is the season to give it a try because you won't be as exposed as you would be in the warmer months. Either way, let yourself have fun with it!