Why A Lob Is Perfect If You're Dipping Your Toe Into Short Hair

For a lot of us, the thought of cutting our hair short can be scary. Hair is a beautiful mode of self-expression, yet it can also feel like a safety shield to hide behind. But stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing. After all, hair grows back, right? 


A lob (long bob) is a medium-length haircut that rests right on your shoulders or collarbones. Unlike its close relative, the bob, which is cut at the neck or jawline, a lob is a perfect middle ground between long and short hair. It takes off some of the weight while still maintaining enough length to put it in a ponytail or other styles. There's not just one way to get a lob; you can work with your stylist to find a chop that works for your hair's needs.

A lob is super versatile

The best part of a lob haircut is that it's really for everyone. According to celebrity hairstylist and colorist Jennifer Korab, "The ever-flattering lob will work on any hair type," she tells PopSugar. You can rock a lob with bouncy curls or pin-straight hair, bangs or no bangs, layered or all one length. The style can also cater to any face shape, accentuating your natural features and framing your face. You can talk to your stylist about creating a look that helps you feel most confident. 


The medium length allows the lob to be a relatively low-maintenance style as well, saving you some time getting ready. It certainly takes less time than super-long hair. Whether it's one of those days where you're too tired to style it or when you want to go full glam, a lob will do the job. 

A lob gives your hair a volume boost

Though it's hard to part with your long locks, trimming it will help your hair look healthier in the long run. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, celebrity stylist Bryce Scarlett explains, "By getting a lob, you cut your hair at one of its fullest points, so your hair appears thicker from roots to ends." So, a lob can actually make thin hair look thicker and add more volume to already thick hair. If you have thicker hair and are worried about the shape of your lob appearing poofy, your stylist can thin it out towards the bottom.


When you let your hair grow long without cutting it for a while, it's common to have split or frayed ends. This leaves the hair looking dull and frizzy. Giving it a trim will help it remain healthy by removing those dead ends. A lob will make the hair look healthy and gorgeous without cutting off too much.