The Absolute Best Haircuts That'll Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thinning hair is something so many of us contend with. Some are just born with thinner locks, while others may find their hair gets thinner over time. From age factors, to illness, to over-styling, there are countless reasons why hair may thin out. Luckily, the topic of hair loss or thinning hair is becoming less and less taboo, with familiar faces speaking out about their own experiences.

 "And Just Like That..." star Kristin Davis is one of those. "My hair just was not what it used to be. It was very fine, like it had gone away, there just was hardly any hair there," she told Women's Wear Daily of how things changed after filming "Sex & The City." "I had a lot of hair the professionals could help me make look nice."

But while styling definitely plays a big part in masking thin hair, you need to start with a good cut. "If you have fine or thin hair, the haircut you choose is super important," hairstylist Ted Gibson told Who What Wear. Speaking to Women's Health, celebrity stylist Adriana Tesler agreed, saying regular cuts play a big role. "Consistent trims are not only important for hair growth, but they will also help your hair appear fuller and healthier," she said. But you're going to need some kind of style to trim, right? So we're taking a look at some of our favorite haircuts that will instantly make thinner hair appear thicker.

Sideswept bangs

One of the top hairstyles for those looking to add some volume to their locks is sideswept bangs. To make sure you're not emphasizing how thin your hair is, though, (or look like you've got a comb-over), don't go too thick when it comes to these longer bangs. Thicker bangs will mean cutting too much into the rest of your hair, which will actually take some overall thickness away. Instead, try to keep your side-swept bangs a little wispier.

Wow with a wolf cut

Wolf cuts have been having a bit of a moment — and there's a good reason why. This marrying of the shag and the mullet not only looks super cool, but it's a good way to bring the volume in a modern way. When opting for this style, let your hairdresser know you want it to make your hair look thicker, and they'll tailor it by cutting back on layers that are too choppy. 

"The main point when cutting thin hair is to leave pieces more blunt in areas where the hair is the thinnest, creating more fullness there," hairstylist Sal Salcedo explained to Glamour. This look is great for thinner hair because of the shorter strands around the crown, which brings volume.

Go super short

Another great option for those experiencing thinning hair is to go for the pixie cut. We know, this one can be pretty daunting, but it can also be totally freeing. "A cropped pixie cut is a great option for those with thinner hair," celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons admitted to Women's Health

If you're going super short because of a lack of thickness, make sure you communicate that to your hairdresser, as they'll likely add in some choppier parts. That will instantly help your hair to look thicker. Not to mention, the shorter your locks are, the less likely you are to be worried about how thick it's looking.

Or keep it slightly longer with a pompadour-esque cut

We totally get it if the pixie cut isn't for you. It's certainly an adjustment! But if you like the idea of a shorter cut that will add thickness (one not quite as drastic as the pixie), you may want to try the longer version of the pixie, which can be transformed into a pompadour. It will give you a similar perk in terms of adding thickness, while it will also add volume. After all, the pompadour is all about volume. "An awesome way to disguise thinner hair with a short cut is with a pompadour — just add a bit of thickening mousse to help style this look," Glam+Go lead stylist Samantha Sheppard told Women's Health.

A longer, layered pixie is also a possibility

If neither of those pixie ideas are for you, then a longer, layered version of the short hair cut may pique your interest instead. A slightly longer version of the classic pixie, this look is great for those who want the pixie cut to disguise thinning hair but while still keeping a little length. "[It's] an ideal option and timeless in its appeal," celebrity hairstylist Juan Carlos Maciques told InStyle. "It's a great way to camouflage fine hair." We'd recommend bringing more of the length in the front to add volume to the crown.

Bring out the blunt bob

A blunt bob is an easy way to bring some volume into your locks. As Seamus McKernan, hairstylist and Nioxin Top Artist explained to Real Simple, blunt cuts will instantly make your tresses look more full than something feathered or tapered at the ends. "Blunt cuts have a solid, clean line at the perimeter of the hair that gives the appearance of fuller hair. All the hair that is at the bottom gets cut off, thus creating the illusion of more bulk," he shared. Equally, opting for a bob over something long will keep the weight out of your hair, making it easier to add volume from the roots.

Or try the textured bob if your hair has natural texture

If a blunt bob isn't for you, but you still want the benefits, a textured bob (or lob if you want your locks a little longer) may be the way to go instead. This will be a particularly great choice for anyone who has natural texture in their hair, as the cut will work with that to make it look thicker and fuller. Just remember to find that sweet spot that's not too long and not too short. "For thin hair, the shortest I would go is just above the shoulder," celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson told Women's Health.

But a long bob (a lob) can also work!

You may have noticed that the bob is a great haircut for thinning locks — and that's great because there are so many variations that will work to make your hair look thicker. In addition to a blunt bob or a textured bob, you could also give the lob (a longer bob that grazes the shoulders) a go. Andrew Fitzsimons explained to Women's Health that if you're trying this look to combat the appearance of thinning hair, layers are a good option. "Ask your stylist for lots of layers and to leave the length close to your shoulders," he said.

And so can an angled bob

An angled bob is another great way to make your locks look thicker, with the focus being on the bluntness to really bring some density back to the hair. "The rule is, the thinner the hair, the shorter and blunter it should be cut," Lisa Weller, hairstylist and salon owner, told Allure. Weller also suggested going for something longer at the front and shorter at the back. Why? "The blunt ends create an illusion of weight and fullness," she said.

An asymmetric bob is a fun way to change things up

We're not done quite with the bob ideas. If the cut just seems a little too, well, vanilla, for you and you want something a little different, try the asymmetrical bob. This will give you all the bob benefits of making thinning hair look thicker plus the assistance of a graduated look — but only doing it on one side will add a little extra edge.

Adding curtain bangs will bring the illusion of more density too

Another way to add volume to your locks is to add curtain bangs. Essentially, curtain bangs are strands of hair shorter than the main part of your locks that frame your face. Your hairdresser will probably cut these in using the slide cutting technique, so they don't look too blunt. 

"Slide cutting is when we angle the scissor behind our hand, keeping the blades steadily open and then pull from a shorter point to a longer point," Paul Labrecque, master stylist and colorist at Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa, told Women's Health. It's easy to get volume into curtain bangs using a round brush, mousse, and some hairspray. This will then be the first part of your hair people will see, meaning their eyes will be drawn instantly to the volume.

Or frame the face with longer bangs

Long bangs that frame the face can be a great way to grow out your curtain bangs when you're done with them, while still adding volume. "[Longer] bangs are great because they are long enough to be styled and lifted with a round brush, which gives the illusion of thickness," hairstylist Devin Toth explained to Allure. Like curtain bangs — but with more length, to draw the eye down — bangs styled to frame the face add both dimension and depth to your look to stop your hair from looking flat and lifeless.

Or frame the face with extra layers

And while we're on the idea of framing the face, another way to stop your hair from looking flat is to cut in layers around your face. Similar to how long bangs add volume to your tresses, adding face-framing layers will bring a little more movement to your hair, which will instantly make it look thicker. That's because the style can actually make the hair look wider.

The shag is a great cut for adding thickness

The shag haircut has been making a big comeback — and that's great news for anyone with thin hair (or anyone who likes their hair to be low-maintenance, because this is one of the very best no-fuss cuts). "[The shag] is great for thin hair because the choppy layers provide tons of movement and texture, creating the illusion that hair is more full," explained hairstylist Sally Hershberger to Allure.

Go long with bangs

A long haircut with obvious bangs has been a classic look for decades now, and for good reason. For those struggling with thickness, this staple is great for adding volume. "If we want a longer look, I like a strong one length and lots of soft face-framing, especially around the cheekbones, to offer volume and movement around the hairline and roots, creating more fullness," said hairstylist Bailey Englert to Allure. That's because bangs will add density to the crown and make it look like you have lots of hair.

Or make your bangs wispy instead

We know that bangs are a good way to add volume, but there is another option if you don't want to cut blunt bangs into your hair. Try wispy bangs! "If you're losing a lot of density in on your sides, near your temples, a nice fringe can do wonders and hides hair thinning in the temples," Yasmeen Osman, a hairstylist and colorist, shared with Prevention. For those unfamiliar, wispy bangs are exactly how they sound. They're pieces of hair that drape over the forehead but in a more "barely there" and light way when compared to blunt bangs.

Go for French girl layers

We've seen French girl fashion making a comeback (hello, effortlessly cool vinyl!), but it doesn't stop with clothing. French girl hairstyles are also big, and, luckily, the look described as French girl layers will add thickness to your tresses. Speaking to Who What Wear, Ted Gibson shared, "If you have a finer hair texture but like to keep your hair long, I recommend asking for either a blunt haircut or one that's almost one length with light layering on the bottom for movement." The French girl style can also be identified by the layers that start at the chin, designed to frame the face.

Or try simple long layers

Not feeling French girl layers? That's okay! Because if you still want to keep your hair longer and bring some thickness back to your locks at the same time, simple long layers may be the way to go. Hairstylist Devin Toth explained why to Allure. "[Long layers] preserve most of your hair's thickness while still allowing for some movement and volume around the face," he said. Exactly how long you decide to go is up to you, but just remember that too much weight in the hair can weigh it down, making it look flatter and devoid of volume.

A graduated cut is always a good idea for thinning hair as well

Taking your favorite hairstyle and making it graduated is another way to make your hair look thicker than it is. The best way to do this is to have your locks longer at the front and then shorter at the back. "A graduated haircut is where more of the weight is focused in the back and nape of the head. This is beneficial when trying to achieve a fuller look because of the stacked layers that are cut into it," hairstylist Dereq Clark explained to Real Simple.

You could also stick to one length

Another way to make your locks look thicker than they are is to avoid having your hairdresser cut in too many layers. An excess of layers in thinner locks can actually end up doing the opposite of adding volume. While speaking to Allure, hairstylist Adir Abergel recommended that people "stay away from shaggy layers, which can make hair look finer than it is." That's why going for a haircut that's all one length will help bring back some bulk. "A one-length style [will] create softness and lift, adding fullness," hairstylist Bailey Englert noted.

Though invisible layers can work for some

Now that we know crazy layers won't necessarily do a lot to enhance your hair's thickness, you may want to give the trend known as invisible layers a go. This haircut involves your hairdresser adding barely visible layers to the crown (usually ones you can only see when you look closely), as this will give you the benefits of layers (including framing the face) without taking away the bulk from your hair. Best of both worlds, right?

Go heavy on the bangs

No matter what the length of your hair, heavy, blunt bangs will help fight the visible signs of thinness in your locks. Giovanni Vaccaro, hairstylist and co-founder of Glamsquad, explained the reasoning to Byrdie. "This [bang] will add density and fullness to your hair. Go for a blunt or lightly textured look, just make sure they're heavy," he shared. With blunt bangs though, we'd recommend learning how best to style them to add even more volume to your look.

The strong side part

When you're trying to make your hair look its best, avoid a middle part. Instead, ask your hairdresser for something that will work with a strong side part. That's because parting your hair on the side will give the illusion of thicker tresses, as it's easier to create more volume. By pushing your hair over from the front and styling it with products designed to create volume, you'll instantly give the illusion of thickness.

Trim your natural texture

You don't necessarily have to go for a specific style when it comes to haircuts for thinning hair. In some cases, you may not realize that you're actually making your hair look thinner by trying to create a specific look. If your hair has a lot of natural texture, letting it do its thing and trimming it in line with how it naturally sits may actually be one of the best ways to make it look thicker.

Or go for the buzzcut

We saved the most dramatic for last here, but it's certainly not the least effective. In fact, a buzzcut can be one of the best ways to make your hair look thicker. "Often with thin hair, the shorter the better," hairstylist and the founder of Benjamin Salon, Benjamin Mohapi, told Byrdie. Why? "Short hair allows for the thickest part of the hair (the roots) to participate in the final result." So, if you're feeling daring and ready for a bold change, it may be time to grab the clippers.