Vinyl Pieces Are Effortlessly Cool: How To Style The Viral Look

For the past few years, vinyl clothing has really been having a moment. Not only has this textile been spotted in runway shows from brands such as Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, but it's also been popularized by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Rhianna.


If you're unfamiliar, vinyl is a version of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is made flexible with added plasticizers. The textile looks visually similar to latex but is a synthetic substance that is much cheaper to produce. Vinyl is often used to make outerwear such as raincoats because of its weather-resistant qualities but has also seen recent popularity as a pants material.

Even though we love vinyl outfits, the material itself isn't particularly sustainable. As Good On You breaks down, the production of PVC is both environmentally taxing and potentially toxic. Because of this, we recommend browsing thrifting apps or your local consignment stores if you're looking for a PVC coat or pair of shiny pants. Otherwise, you can also shop for alternatives like latex and faux leather.


Vinyl streetwear

If you want to bring a touch of vinyl to your everyday streetwear style, then PVC cargo pants are the way to go. Cargo pants have long been a staple of this urban aesthetic, but you can add that extra flair to your outfit by opting for a vinyl pair. A great example of this comes from @sss.sakai, who styles their pair with a mesh top featuring a geometric design over a black bra. A silver chain necklace, a designer handbag, and pointed-toe shoes serve as the perfect accessories for the outfit.


French girl inspired

French girl style has been popular on social media for a while now, centering around the practical, but polished look of Parisian pedestrians. Personally, we think vinyl pants, though trendier than most of the timeless clothing items associated with this aesthetic, fit really well in a French-inspired outfit.


As an example, we're big fans of the look from @whatverowears, which features fitted vinyl pants, a plain white t-shirt, and a fantastic taupe tan coat. The gold chain necklaces, heeled black boots, and a simple handbag are all chic accessories that play into the Parisian style we're so fond of. For your own look, don't be afraid to incorporate vinyl pieces into your favorite aesthetics.

Professional in plastic

While you might not associate vinyl bottoms with workplace attire, they pair surprisingly well with oversized blazers for a cool and sophisticated vibe. It-girl Hailey Bieber is no stranger to this look, having been spotted in several renditions of the combo throughout the past few years.


Instagram user @_elo.cote shows off how stylish vinyl pants and oversize blazers can look together by styling a pair with a checkered jacket and high-neck, white top. Simple silver necklaces and black shoes round out the rest of the outfit, creating an effortlessly put-together look.

Oversized sweatshirt

Many pairs of vinyl pants are tight-fitting, so a great way to style these bottoms is by pairing them with a much looser silhouette to balance the shape. Specifically, we love how big sweatshirts look when styled with plastic pants, a combo that is featured in the TikTok from @stylebyfaby.


In this outfit, an oversized Balenciaga sweatshirt is worn with tight vinyl trousers, creating a dynamic contrast between the fit of each clothing item. We love how the gold sneakers and black beret complete this outfit's seamlessly cool vibe.

Metallic moment

While black vinyl pants are definitely a valid choice with lots of styling options, we also recommend exploring bolder styles of PVC pants for a fun look. In addition to transparent versions, there are also fun metallic renditions of these bottoms that are worth checking out.


For example, the Instagram post from @cocochloe__ shows off a shiny, silver pair that we just love. Paired with a multi-patterned sweater and simple black shoes, this is definitely an eye-catching look that serves as the perfect inspiration for your own PVC outfit.

Graphic tee top

If you're anything like us, you have a whole host of graphic tees in your closet just waiting to be styled. Luckily, vinyl pants make the perfect partner for your favorite t-shirts, a look that can be vouched for by TV personality and swimwear designer, Kimberley Garner.


Some great style inspiration for your graphic tee and vinyl pants combo comes from @inmyseams, who pairs a slightly baggy Dodgers tee with blue bottoms. All-white sneakers, a sherpa coat, and a Burberry bag make up the rest of the outfit, creating a chill but stylish ensemble. For your own outfit, experiment with your best graphic tees to see what looks best with your vinyl bottoms. 

Standout sweater

For those looking to balance the sleek appearance of vinyl with a more cozy feeling, try combining your pair of PVC pants with a sweater. While it might not be your first instinct, the contrasting styles of these two pieces can create a really interesting, dynamic outfit.


As an example, check out the Instagram post from @lizzyvdligt, which features a cropped, chartreuse sweater worn with high-waisted vinyl trousers and quilted ankle boots. If anything, this chic outfit proves that you can wear this bold chartreuse color without going overboard.

Vinyl miniskirt

While we've featured several vinyl pants looks, these aren't the only PVC clothing items that you can style for an effortlessly cool look. We're also big fans of vinyl skirts, a piece featured in the TikTok from @iamginiee. In this outfit, a black skirt is paired with a tucked-in, grey sweater, knee-high boots, and a statement trench coat with a herringbone pattern. We can't get over how chic this outfit is and think it provides great inspiration for your own cool-weather, vinyl skirt look.


Animal print pairing

Vinyl leggings are another PVC clothing item that is pretty common and relatively easy to style. Just like with pants, there are many directions you can take such a look, but we recommend playing around with animal prints if you want to create a fun, bold ensemble. An example of this comes from @abbysdresscode, who wears vinyl legging with a cropped black top and a standout leopard-print, faux-fur coat. Pointed-toe heels, a simple black bag, and a gold necklace make up the rest of the look.


Statement outerwear

As we mentioned, vinyl is a popular textile for outerwear because of its weather-resistant qualities. Because of this, we love the idea of using a PVC coat as the statement piece for an outfit to create an effortlessly cool vibe. For some inspiration, we're a big fan of the look from @2dgirlfrien, who styles a deep red, vinyl coat with an all-black outfit consisting of a mini-skirt and turtleneck. While we love how the ankle boots, ripped tights, and cool belt complete the look, the star of the show is definitely the cool vinyl jacket.