21 Low Maintenance Haircuts Because We Know You're Busy

Let's be honest, trying to squeeze work, parenthood, partners, friends, self-care, cleaning, cooking, and everything else the world throws at you into one day is hard enough. It feels like our days only get busier, which leaves less and less time for things like haircuts. That's why it's more important than ever to go for a low-maintenance cut that will stand the test of time — meaning not only do you need fewer visits to the salon, but you'll be spending less time in front of the mirror pruning and primping, too.


"A great haircut is really a foundation for your hair," hairstylist Luke Hersheson told Grazia, explaining what you should be looking for when it comes to a low-maintenance cut. "What you want is something with shape — whether your hair is long or short, getting the shape right will support any styling you do afterwards. It's not a trend thing and this applies to all hair types — straight, fine, curly, afro hair."

What are some of the very best quick and easy haircuts that will leave you more time for the important things in life? Women.com found out. Just remember, though, easy hair for someone else may not necessarily equal easy hair for you, so always have a chat with your hairdresser to work out what will be low maintenance for your hair type.


The undercut is more low maintenance than you might think

Undercuts don't really have a reputation for being low maintenance — you'd think all that shaving the hair down to keep it at the length you want takes time, right? Well, true, but it doesn't outweigh the time it would take to style and cut all that hair you're shaving off. As Bellami hairstylist Philip Wolff explained to Byrdie, "Undercuts are a great way to achieve those mid-length looks due to the removal of weight in the interior of the hair, allowing some length to hang over with an overall leaner, softer profile and shape." 


We know this one looks a little severe, so it may not be for everyone, but it's important to remember that not every undercut will actually look like an undercut if you have long hair that will fall over the top. "Often, when worn down, most won't even know it's undercut," Wolff said, meaning this is a style that can be low-maintenance even if you don't want to show off an undercut. "The fun part about undercuts [is that] they can be as drastic or subtle as you like, depending on the look and lifestyle of the client."

Pick the pixie cut

One of the lowest-maintenance haircuts has to be the pixie cut. Super short and with pretty much no styling needed (though you do have a few options if you want to change it up slightly) the pixie is an absolute must if you want short tresses with no hassle. "A short pixie is the ultimate wash-and-go style. You can just style it with your hands, pushing pieces where you need them, and you're good to go," hairstylist Carrie Butterworth told Woman's World.


We've seen this look on several stars over the years, with Emma Watson being one of the most famous faces to rock a hair chop. Though she's since returned to longer locks, the "Harry Potter" star has admitted she'd love to go back to the pixie. "I felt more myself with that haircut. I felt bold, and it felt empowering because it was my choice. It felt sexy too. Maybe it was the bare neck, but for some reason I felt super, super sexy," she told Wonderland in 2014. 

Watson even revealed she plans to return to the style when she becomes a mom. "The minute I get pregnant, the first thing I'm going to do is cut my hair off because I know I won't be working for a time. If I wasn't an actress, I'd keep it that way. I could wash it in the sink and shake it out like a dog. It's so low maintenance!" she said.


Long layers will disguise multiple sins

Another hairstyle you may not think of as low maintenance is long layers. Long hair with a unique style seems, from the outside, like it would take a lot of styling, trimming, and general upkeep, but, in reality, it can actually do some disguising for you — particularly if you have straighter locks  — when you just don't have time to head for a trim or more severe cut. 


As Sophie Springett, international artistic director for salon chain Toni & Guy, told Get The Gloss, "Styles with lots of layers built in to suit you will be an easier look to maintain as it grows out." Long layers will also help cover up a lot of the signs of hair damage you may be experiencing, like split ends or frizz, because of the extensive layering that goes into a look like this. "For straight hair, the most important thing to look out for is the layering. That's what makes your cut able to grow out and last," explained hairstylist Laura Polko while speaking to Byrdie. "Environment and heat can cause breakage, but layers can camouflage it and make it last longer between cuts," Polko added.


Stick with the classic shag

The shag is ideal for busy bees because there are just so many ways it can be worn and still fall under the shag umbrella. That means if you let it grow out a little because you don't have time to head back to the salon, it will literally just grow into a longer shag, instead of it being obvious you missed a few hair appointments. 


The only real stipulation for the ever-popular shag cut is that it features a little layering and bangs of some kind. The rest, though, is totally up to you — and the cut can work with straight hair, curly hair, or anything in between. You can also go long, short, or medium with any bangs that you like or will suit your face shape.

"The shag is ideal for medium to thick hair types and straight, wavy, or curly hair. It's a cut for all lifestyles, but if you're a tousle-and-go type, this cut is perfect for you," ARC Scissors stylist Rachel Williams shared with BehindTheChair.com. "It's low maintenance and really shows off the natural texture of the hair," she added. Balmain Hair Couture stylist Nicole Poede agrees. "The shaggy hairstyle typically requires less styling, which means you can choose to air dry the hair or give it a blow dry and still get the same effect," she told Byrdie.


Rock the bob

As Carrie Underwood knows all too well, a blunt and sleek bob can be a lifesaver when you're super busy. Though she's probably best known for her signature long, blonde locks, the country superstar revealed back in 2016 that she'd taken out her long extensions and opted for a shoulder-grazing look instead. The reason she went shorter? Because it was so much less work after she became a mom to her son, Isaiah (she and her husband, Mike Fisher, have since welcomed a second son, Jacob). 


"Now that my hair is shorter, it's easier to fix, which was the whole point. Cutting my hair was a 'mom' move," she explained during an interview with Elle. "I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I'd much rather do the latter," she added.

Hairstylist Gina Rivera also swears by the look for those who don't want to put a whole lot of effort into their hair day in and day out. "[It's] a great look that is easy to maintain if you're blessed with thick locks. The cut removes bulk, making it easier to manage," she told Byrdie. Although we know cutting your long locks can be a difficult decision, there are more reasons to chop off your hair than just keeping high-maintenance hair at bay or opting for a short 'do.


Let your short, natural curls do their thing

If you're lucky enough to have natural curls, why not just let them grow their own way? Heavily textured hair is so gorgeous on its own that sometimes there's no need to put a heavy cut on there to make it into a totally different style. Instead, to keep things as low maintenance as possible, focus on keeping your hair super short and then get a trim only when you feel you need it to keep your tresses shorter on the top of your head. Literally leaving your hair to fall wherever it grows is not only quick and easy, but, for some people, it can feel totally inspiring at the same time.


"Short haircuts are great for those who like a low-maintenance look that requires minimal effort and styling," Suzie Mcgill, hairdresser and international artistic director for Scotland-based salon Rainbow Room, told Who What Wear. "You can simply add some texture spray to your hair, such as a salt spray, and you're good to go," she added.

The low maintenance lob

Another way to give yourself a definitive style, but still keep your distance from too much upkeep, is to get the long bob, also known as a lob. This style is pretty self-explanatory — it describes a bob haircut that's just a few inches longer, usually grazing the shoulders. You'll get plenty of options with a look like this too. 


This 'do is a favorite of a number of busy famous faces, including Katie Holmes. The former "Dawson's Creek" star's hairstylist DJ Quintero even dished on why Holmes opted to cut her hair into a lob to Us Weekly back in 2017, reporting that she said she needed a "little change." The lob is popular because "It's sort of like a spring-cleaning," Quintero said. "It's fresh and flirty and low maintenance. And long enough to still pull back when summer comes around but short enough to feel like a short haircut if your hair is on the longer side."

Keep it easy with a U cut

One of the best cuts you can get when you're looking to give your hair a snip and then leave it for a while is the U cut. This one is exactly how it sounds, as it involves having your hairdresser literally cut your tresses into a U shape. That way, the hair around your face is shorter and the hair at the back of your head is the longest. With a cut like this, you still have plenty of options when it comes to styling your locks, since it's not as severe as something like the pixie cut and still allows you to keep some length and volume without as much hassle.


"Mid-length U-cuts are great for naturally curly hair. The cut allows you to remove some bulk, making the hair easier to tame, and it also [emphasizes] longer loose curls," hairstylist Gina Rivera explained to Byrdie. Another reason this style works so well when you don't want the upkeep is that it's taking away a lot of the hair mass that ends up taking you forever to style and keep in shape. "The U-shape haircut removes weight and bulk and gives lift towards the front [to look] less boxy on thick hair, but it can also work with finer hair to give body," stylist Raven Hurtado told Byrdie.

Short hair with long bangs screams style and low maintenance

Fantasia Taylor (née Barrino) has been rocking super short locks with longer bangs ever since we first met her on Season 3 of "American Idol" all the way back in 2004 (yes, it really has been that long!). That's no surprise, though, because this cut makes things super easy but still gives you a few more options for changing up your style every now and then, especially when compared to something shorter all over.


You can leave the hair literally as it is when you roll out of bed — especially if you're lucky enough to have tresses with a lot of curl and texture — or you have the option to bring a hot tool into the equation to curl or straighten it. For this look, though, and to really leave all the effort in the past, we'd recommend letting your locks adapt to their natural state, no matter if that's curly, straight, or somewhere in between.

Not only will a cut like this save you a whole lot of time, it's also a flattering option for so many different face shapes. "[It] will highlight beautiful facial features and empower your inner vibe," hairstylist Jamie Wiley told Well + Good.

Mix it up with the mixie

If the pixie cut is just that little bit too short for you, then when not put a more modern spin on the super short 'do by treating yourself to a mixie cut? This longer take on the classic was actually inspired by none other than actor Mia Farrow (who famously caused a sensation when she rocked the pixie cut). That's where we get the 'M' at the beginning of the name (though it could equally stand for 'modern' if you prefer).


British Hairdresser of the Year Robert Eaton explained the best way to rock this low-maintenance new take on the super short look to Who What Wear. According to Eaton, a choppier fringe that's swept to the side and cut in some longer layers around the back of your head is the ultimate low-maintenance way to bring the classic pixie into the modern day.

Say hello to short layers

This look is fairly similar to the pixie but has a little more definition to it and also tends to be a little bit longer to incorporate the layers. "My clients opt for short-layered cuts when they need something low maintenance," celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith told Glamour. "It's good to have the length at the crown but it feathered at the front. This keeps hair looking good in-between cuts and needs very little styling."


The best part about a look like this, though, is that you do have a few more styling options over something super short like the pixie. You always have the option to roll right out of bed and head out the door but equally, when you do decide to change it up, you probably won't be damaging your tresses with a lot of heating products like curlers or flat irons because of the short length, keeping your locks healthier for longer.

Buzz it off

What could possibly take less upkeep than a buzz cut? Sure, you'll still have to hit the salon to avoid growing your super short style into a pixie, but with all the time you're saving on day-to-day maintenance and styling, a buzz cut is certainly an easy hair look. This is probably the most severe look on our list though — so while your hair will (of course!) grow back, you really have to make sure you're ready to commit to a chop like this one.


Plenty of celebrities had braved the clippers before, and they're all the better for it. Doja Cat opened up about her decision to shave off her locks while speaking to Dazed, sharing, "I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life, which is very strange." The "Kiss Me More" hitmaker, who's now rocking a slightly more grown-out version of the buzz cut, added, "There's something so exhilarating about change; [it] showed me a different side of myself. I feel so new, fresh and sexy. I also feel better without make-up: having this bare head and so little make-up is a fun experience. It's new, and I love it."

Shorten the bob

We already know the bob is a solid choice when you're looking for an easy haircut to rock, so a slightly shorter version should be even easier, right? Right! "This is a short bob that reaches more or less to the lips — a length that gives the face a very youthful appearance," Live True London stylist Natalia Vera told Refinery29. But not only will a cut like this keep you looking younger, it will also give you more time to yourself, which, let's be honest, is what we're all looking for these days.


What we love about the slightly shorter version is that it's really designed to look a little more unkempt than the longer version, so that means less styling time and, as a result, less damage. "This is versatile and looks great on anyone regardless of hair color, facial shape, or age. It's very easy to wear, too, as it is designed to air dry," Vera noted.

Debulk your locks with layers to minimize maintenance

Listen up gorgeous thick-haired girls, because the best way to avoid having to spend hours on your hair is to ask your hairdresser to get rid of a lot of the weight that can come from super thick hair. "If you have thick straight hair it's all about de-bulk and management. Don't go too blunt or weighty. You want to reduce weight as this will help reduce density but also help you style and blowout your hair so it's easier to maintain as you're not working against all the hair," stylist Dom Seeley told Get The Gloss. "Using this method will ensure that your hair will remain easy between appointments and styling your hair won't be a chore."


Cutting off some of the weight of your hair is a good way to go if you have so much you just don't know what to do with it. Not only that, but you can adapt this technique to keep your hair as long as you want depending on exactly how easy you want to keep things. One way to much more manageable? Cutting in deeper layers, like in this graduated bob, so you're not battling quite so many locks on the day-to-day.

The Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is well-known for her super short hair. So well known, in fact, that we can literally call her 'do 'The Ruby Rose,' and you know exactly what style we're talking about. It turns out though that one of the former "Batgirl" star's favorite things about the look (aside from how edgy it makes her look to match her super cool personality, of course) is how little work she has to put into it.


"I change it as much as I can for someone who has lack of hair," Rose admitted to People in 2016. The star added that you probably shouldn't expect to see her adding extensions to her tresses anytime soon or deviating from her signature look, either. "I can't see myself in the near future growing it out because I enjoy the freedom of it being short and how low maintenance it is, and I like having it off of my face," she said.

Throw it back to the '70s for easy hair inspiration

Another way to throw away high-maintenance hair is to throw it back in time. Back to the 1970s, specifically. One way to bring a little extra something to your locks without having to hit the salon every month or so is to incorporate curtain bangs into your style — the long, voluminous kind that was everywhere in the '70s. Not only is this easier than you may think to keep up with, but it also offers you so many different styling options. You can curl them back, forwards, or if you're just not feeling them that day, pin them back and be sans bangs for a while.


The best way to make this style last for weeks, according to stylist Roxy Estrella, is to start off a little shorter than you planned, so you can allow yourself time for it to grow out. "Enjoy the different phases your fringe goes through between haircuts," Estrella recommended in an Instagram post. "This should be super low maintenance and only need doing two to three times a year."

Get rounded

If you feel like you're battling with your curls every time you hit the salon or try to style your hair, try asking for a rounded cut the next time you're in the chair. Going rounder and adding a few layers at the same time will give you more of an automatic style, without having to put too much effort into achieving your new signature look. With this cut, you won't have to work so hard to give your hair some shape. As stylist Dom Seeley explained to Get The Gloss, other cuts can often make your curls go flat, but this method will give it some automatic volume, too.


A round cut is one of the very best ways, if you're a curly girl, to put that breathtaking texture on full display, as well. Show those curls off proudly and give them the volume they deserve!

French girl bangs

Bangs don't exactly have a tradition for being all that low-maintenance, because they usually require regular cuts to keep them at the right length — but that's not the case with the style known as the French girl bangs. You may have seen this look on Olivia Wilde, who rocked it while attending the Fashion Trust US Awards in March 2023. Basically, the concept involves having longer bangs that hang down either side of your face, creating a stunning framing effect.


Wilde's hairdresser Mara Roszak opened up about the cut and how easy it is to achieve and maintain to People, explaining, "Nothing about these 'French Girl bangs' is fussy, there is a general ease and effortless with these ... that become part of your everyday style rather than something forced. French women always look effortless with their style." 

Roszack also gave a little advice to anyone looking to try out this cut, sharing, "Anyone who wants to try bangs first should start with this type of bang because they are incredibly easy [to] wear, are flattering and are very [low] maintenance. This a more universal easy-to-wear bang ... This look in particular can be worn down and also as face-framing bangs when you wear your hair up as seen by Olivia."


Say sachel

This haircut is known as the sachel because it toes the line between the classic shag cut we've already told you about and the notorious Rachel cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston in "Friends." Aniston has spoken out before about how difficult she found the original style to keep up with on the show ("'The Rachel' was one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain. Me and the blow-dryer and the hairbrush weren't meant for each other. It really was a 'hairdo,'" she told ABC News in 2014) but things have come along since then.


By combining the 'Rachel' look with the shag, it's become much more maintainable. The focus is really on the hair's texture and the way it falls rather than the specific length or cut. Hairstylist Harley confirmed that to Refinery29, sharing, "It's easy to style yourself — you should be able to just get up in the morning and put a bit of salt spray and wax in it to get that texture. It's quite a low-maintenance haircut."

Let those gorgeous curls grow

If you have stunning natural curls like this and don't want to spend your life in front of the mirror or going back and forth between home and the salon to keep them in a certain shape, let that gorgeous texture do its thing! Basically, this is more about maintaining a cut than creating a style, as it's all about just letting your locks do their thing until they hit the perfect length. You decide when your tresses have reached the point you want them to, and once that's done, all you need is to head back for a trim ... and not even that often, either!


"We believe that for our curly-haired queens, a haircut every three to four months is all you need to keep your curls looking fabulously fresh," color specialist Jeannette shared on Instagram, noting that they should also probably look into hair masking in between appointments to keep those tresses healthy. Even with that, though, that's some serious low maintenance!

Be blunt

No matter how long you want your hair, being bold and blunt with your cut will keep you out of the salon chair for months on end. "Low-maintenance cuts like blunt ends with minimal layers are great options that will hold up for months — especially if you're looking to keep your salon visits minimal," hair colorist Lina Bond wrote on Instagram. That's because keeping your hair all one length means it should all be growing together at a similar rate, so you won't have to worry too much about any extra trims to even things up.


You might want to avoid going too blunt on the bangs (even though we sure do love the micro-bang trend!) because that could mean more maintenance to keep that part of your locks in shape. However, you can't really go wrong by going blunt on the ends. "This is a timeless haircut and suits all age groups and makes the hair look fuller and neat. A little bit of texturizing adds a personal touch to the haircut," hairstylist Vaishakhi Haria, told Vogue India.