Outdated Trends You'll Want To Avoid In 2024

As another new year rolls around, it's out with the old and in with the new (and the not-so-new, in some cases). As in years prior, a batch of different trends is hitting the fashion world in 2024. Likewise, in the world of fashion (and beauty and design), there are a bunch of hot looks we saw in 2023, and even before that, that just don't look like they'll have much staying power in 2024.

Yep, there's set to be some big changes in trends as the new year takes hold. And that means everything from waving goodbye to the '90s nostalgia we've seen oh so much of, to giving maximalism a go after minimalism reigned over us for so long. We're sharing some of the biggest outdated looks with you, so you can get a head start in making 2024 your most on-trend year yet.

Monochromatic outfits

Though monochromatic outfits can be oh-so chic when they're done right, the all-one-color outfit trend won't be the way to go in 2024, according to fashion expert Simonetta Lein. Instead, Lein recommended in a piece for Medium that our outfits should be a little bolder and more exciting. Instead of sticking to a single color, try putting a few different colors together for a more daring, interesting, and still super modern look.

Skinny jeans

We do love a skinny jean at Women.com, but the millennial classic is looking increasingly outdated for 2024. Last year saw the return of a wider array of baggy jeans, and 2024 seems to be following suit with that trend. Lesley Torson, Trilogy Stores co-founder, explained to Women & Home, "At the helm of 2024's denim offering will be the wide-leg jeans, which continue to be a huge trend into the new season." Meghan Brown, director of global trends and concepts for Kontoor Brands, agreed it'll be all about the baggier fit, noting, "I think the wide leg will continue to grow."

Oversized clothing

Oversized clothing has been having quite a moment over the past few years. From oversized sweaters to super baggy jeans, oversized everything has been popular. But fashion experts appear to be ready to take a step back from big clothing in 2024 in favor of more fitted silhouettes. "After a few solid years of baggy and oversized-everything, I'm trying to lean more into silhouettes that I know fit my body," Francesca Wallace, director of digital strategy and e-commerce at Vogue Australia, said. "For me, 2024 is all about the well-fitted pieces that last a lifetime, with a few on-trend fun things thrown in for good measure."

Too many logos

We know, we all love a logo. Especially when we've paid for it! But in 2024, Simonette Lein recommended keeping the clothing logos to a minimum when it comes to your outfits. Instead of wearing a bunch of clothes advertising exactly where you got them from, the fashion expert explained to Medium that a more minimalistic approach to logos will be the way to go. That means maybe sticking to one bold logo per outfit rather than having them all over your clothes and accessories.

Midi skirts

For a while now, midi skirts have been a cute way to look occasion-appropriate but not be too covered up, but some fashion experts are ditching the calf-grazing cut in 2024 in favor of something a little longer. "I've not felt the pull towards midi-length skirts for some time now," Yeong Sassall, head of brand at Vogue Living told Vogue Australia. Instead? It's more about the maxi skirt. "I'm eyeing off polished maxi skirts as a way to refresh my wardrobe ... for summer," she said.

Minimalistic design

When it comes to your home, the minimalist aesthetic may also be one you want to say goodbye to in 2024. Though we've seen the minimalism home design really thrive over the past few years (anyone who's watched "The Kardashians" and seen Kim Kardashian's house will know that), 2024 will be more about the bright and bold. "The minimalist trend, characterized by clean lines and sparse decor, is gradually losing its appeal," Savvy Interiors' Susan Wintersteen told Sunset. "In 2024, we anticipate a move towards more maximalist designs, incorporating bold patterns, vibrant colors, and curated collections."

Slip dresses

Apologies to those who love a comfy, silky slip dress, because the 90s/00s trend we saw make a return will be saying sayonara again in 2024. "I'm looking to wearing more sophisticated silhouettes that are timeless and long-lasting," editor Stephanie Meraz explained to PureWow. Instead of your shift dress ensemble, try a tailored dress with a collar and a tapered waist for a cleaner and more sophisticated silhouette that's less likely to go out of style.

Platinum blonde locks

There's nothing wrong with rocking platinum blonde locks in 2024, but if you want to stay on trend, this probably isn't the year to change it up and give it a go. Instead, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of The Hair Consult, Edward James, explained that warmer blondes will be the more popular shade for light locks. "The high-maintenance icy platinum look is being replaced by warmer blonde tones which still have the brightness but are more natural looking," he told Women & Home.

Balayage hairstyles

What is and isn't on trend (especially when it comes to more permanent things like your hair) isn't everything, but 2024 may not be the time to try a balayage look for the first time. That's because the hair-dying technique is on its way out. At least according to Edward James. "The over-saturated balayage look is becoming less popular," he told Women & Home. As for what style is taking its place? "More natural color transitions without extreme color changes in the overall appearance of the hair color," he said.

Super long, pointed nails

Even though so many celebrities have made a trend out of super long pointed nails (we're looking at you, Cardi B) 2024 will be more about shorter, more practical talons, with squared-off shapes. "They're the most flattering nail shapes," celebrity nail artist Iram Shelton told Cosmopolitan. "My personal preference is short because it's more practical and gives that clean, old-money look. They're also so much easier to maintain and more achievable for those who don't like nail enhancements," she explained.

Classic French tips

"Our classic nail arts such as the French Tip will be getting a bit of an exciting makeover," nail artist Kim Truong, also known as KimKimNails, told Cosmopolitan. Instead of the outdated classic French manicure, Truong shared that we'll be seeing more variation in designs, such as wavy lines or double and triple arches. "These designs challenge our ideas of beauty as the reason a French tip is so loved is how feminine the shape is," she said.

Matte lips

Though we've been seeing a big resurgence in matte lips in the makeup world (thanks largely to Kylie Jenner and her notorious lip kits) it seems like they'll be a bit less popular in 2024. Instead, makeup artist Aarti Pal told Who What Wear UK that we'll still be focused on lips when it comes to 2024 beauty trends — but they'll be glossy. "Lips will take center stage, with light-reflecting colors ... adding an extra layer of intrigue to your makeup look," Pal said. There's no reason to throw out your matte lipsticks, though! Just add a gloss over the top.

Naked eyes

For some people, eye makeup has taken a bit of a backseat. Rather than rocking heavy, dark shadow, eye makeup has been cleaner and even barely there, with more of a focus on the skin and lips. Heck, even the smoky eye went subtle with the naked smoky eye trend in 2023. But naked eyes (aka barely-there shadow) looks to be out in 2024. Instead, it's all about strong eye looks. "I can see the evolution of bold eye makeup for 2024. From daring graphics to vibrant liners and even rhinestones for special occasions, eyes may become the most versatile, standout accessory, allowing an exciting expression of individuality," Aari Pal told Who What Wear UK.

Super high blush placement

If you're anything like us, you'll have seen countless videos in 2023 and before about blush placement, and it's been popular for a while to take your rouge super high on the cheek. But that seems to be changing. According to makeup artist Patrick Ta, who spoke to Allure, blush will be returning to the apples of the cheeks in 2024 for a new trend defined as doll blush. "[Doll blush gives a] youthful look, that adds definition to the face because of how the blush sculpts the cheekbones," Ta explained.

Powder blush

Speaking of blush, say goodbye to flat powder blush shades ... because they're so 2023! Powder blushes have been popular for so long, but you might want to consider trading your powder product for a new texture in 2024. "I think we will see the texture of blushers get more glossy and balmy, to give a subtle flush and a more hydrated appearance," celebrity makeup artist Diane Buzzetta told Glamour UK. Buzzetta's pick for the best product to replace your powder? A cream blush for a healthy, glossy glow.

The '90s vibe

We saw a lot of 1990s fashion and beauty influence in the months that preceded 2024, but, according to Marie Laboucarié, founder of Nina Gabbana Vintage, 2024 will take things even further back. That means it may be time to push your crop tops and low-rise jeans to the back of your wardrobe. Instead, the new year will be more about 1980s fashion. "We won't see as many miniskirts and cropped tops — I feel like people will want to dress more conservatively," Laboucarié told Vogue UK. "I think a lot of people will be interested in wearing longer vintage pieces with strong shoulders."