5 Short Hair Trends Set To Be Huge In 2024

You may have noticed that shorter haircuts made quite the comeback in 2023. Buzzcuts, bobs, and an updated take on the pixie cut were just some of the hottest cuts during the year that's gone by — and short hair isn't exactly going away for 2024. "Interest in shorter lengths has grown over the past year. Hailey Bieber's sleek classic bob sparked a lot of interest," hairdresser Robert Preston explained to Vogue Scandinavia. Though we're likely to see the return to some longer styles as well, short hair will certainly still be around to have its moment. But maybe not quite in the same way we saw it in 2023.


For 2024, shorter crops aren't necessarily coming in the form of the perfectly neat and styled looks we've seen in the past. Instead, things are looking a whole lot more casual ... and even rebellious! "Short hair is shifting toward elevated lengths that are deconstructed and causal rather than coiffed," Amy Abramite, Maxine Salon creative director and hairstylist, explained to Women's Health

Ready to get the chop yourself? Then you're in the right place. We're taking a look at some of the hottest short hair cuts expected to be everywhere in 2024 — from bobs to pixies and beyond — so you can pick the perfect trendy style for you.

Put a little rebellion into your pixie cut for a modern take on a classic

A cute pixie is a popular way to rock a short cut, but the way to update this classic for 2024 is to bring a little anarchy to your look. Amy Abramite told Women's Health of the modern take on the style, "[It's] untamed and rebellious with choppy texture and gravity-defying lift." So that means you want a little undone-ness to your look rather than styling it without a hair out of place, which may mean keeping it slightly longer than the traditional very short style. One of the best things about this short 'do though? Because it's all about a more disorganized look, you don't need to spend a whole lot of time on styling. "Daily styling is low maintenance; no hot tools required," Abramite said.


Jenna Perry Hair hairstylist Rodrigo Padilla agreed this version of the pixie will be hot in 2024. "The modern version embraces texture, making it suitable for a wider range of face shapes and hair types," they told Refinery29. Padilla also noted that anyone worried about the thickness of their hair can benefit from this look, as the short cut can help make your locks appear thicker and fuller.

The mini bob is expected to be popular in 2024

Bobs most certainly had their moment in 2023 — and some of that will be carried over to 2024. One of the most popular ways to rock this popular cut is to go shorter, trying out a trend known as the mini bob. That means locks that fall no further than the chin, for a chic and easy-to-wear style that's timeless but still modern.


Worried that you can only rock one look with this cut? Worry no more. Jason Crozier, Neville Hair and Beauty's art director explained to WhoWhatWear UK that this look can have more versatility than you might think — if it's cut a certain way. "Enhance precision in short bob cuts by combining soft and bold elements, allowing for versatile styling options," he shared, suggesting mixing things up to keep your style fresh. "Mini bobs can switch between bold and soft looks, highlighting their adaptability for various occasions," he added.

Or mix-ie it up

Not quite ready to commit to a pixie cut or just want something a little different? Then the mixie may be the way to go instead. According to Robert Preston, the mixie cut involves shorter hair around the crown which then gets longer towards the neck. It's not quite a mullet, but not quite a pixie, either. Hence the name.


One of the great things about this style is it's a shorter cut that can work for almost anyone confident enough to pull it off. "It works beautifully with different hair textures," Preston told Vogue Scandinavia. It takes minimal effort to style, and offers a range of different looks — so it's ideal for those who want short hair but like to change up their tresses. If your hair is naturally curly, for example, you could show off your natural texture one day and then straighten your locks the next for some versatility.

And think round when you go short

Short hair in 2024 is also going to be all about ditching the square cuts for rounder cuts. Think of the ones we used to see in the 1990s. Antoinette Beenders, the senior vice president of global artistry at Aveda, explained to Marie Clare UK that the '90s revival we've seen a lot of lately in the fashion world will still be alive in our hair. And that means more vintage-looking cuts. "The '90s return is massive. I was a hairdresser created in the '90s, in London. When I used to work in the salon, we all had short haircuts — cool haircuts," she recalled.


"I think people are fed up of the squareness of a bob, and what's the opposite of square? Round," she shared of the round cuts we can expect in 2024. Beenders even noted that those rounder looks could even result in the return of the bowl cut.

But don't forget about the buzzcut!

Of course, the ultimate way to rock short hair is via buzzcut. After all, you can't get much shorter than that! We already saw the buzzcut as a trend for winter 2023/2024, with many people bringing a heap of color to their very short 'dos. For the majority of 2024 though, it's not going to be quite as much about the color as it is the very short length.


Just remember though that the buzzcut isn't for the faint-hearted, and you'll need to be prepared to rock such a bold look. "The ultra-short hairstyle [...] requires confidence and attitude," Robert Preston told Vogue Scandinavia. Anyone can pull it off and look absolutely stunning with this 'do though, no matter their hair type or texture. It can also be a great way to help make yourself feel more confident (even if you're not quite there to begin with!) As Preston explained, "The buzzcut has become a symbol of independence and strength and suits both men and women who want to make a strong statement."