10 Of The Hottest Haircuts For Fall 2023

The seasons are changing, and for many people, that means your hair should too. If you're looking to swap out your summer locks for something a little different as we head into fall 2023, then you're in the right place. This fall will bring a slew of new trends to our doorstep — and there's something to suit everyone. Trust us.


One of the overarching trends we're seeing a lot more is bold 'dos. Yep, you can't be shrinking wallflowers anymore when it comes to your locks, so you're going to want to be brave to be on trend. "Haircuts with strong shapes are going to be a key statement," Robert Eaton, Russell Eaton Salons creative director, shared with Who What Wear

So, ready to be inspired ahead of your next salon visit? Good. Because we've compiled a list of 10 of our very favorite looks that are set to be super hot as the weather turns colder. With a little help from the experts, of course.

Bring back the bob with bangs

According to hairstylist Aaron Grenia, it's going to be a bob-and-bangs kinda fall, but with a twist. Grenia opened up to Cosmopolitan about the trend. "I think we will also start to see more playfulness with fringe, particularly with bob haircuts," he said. 


We particularly love this cut because it can actually be more low maintenance than you might think. To keep it that way, we'd recommend pairing your bob with the style known as the French Girl bangs. They're longer bits of hair on either side of the face that work to frame it. "Nothing about these 'French Girl bangs' is fussy, there is a general ease and effortless with these bangs that become part of your everyday style rather than something forced. French women always look effortless with their style," celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak told People. Oui!

Curtain bangs are in, and go with any style

If you're a fan of long hair and aren't looking to chop it all off into a bob to be on trend, then why not opt for curtain bangs instead? You can easily cut curtain bangs into most existing hairstyles and you may even find it's more complimentary than your current 'do. "Not only does the soft face-framing cut complement many different hair lengths, but it also works well with a range of hair textures," Min Kim, colorist and L'Oréal Professionnel global ambassador told TZR.


Box bobs are also making a comeback

We already know that bobs with bangs are set to be popular, but so are blunt bobs sans bangs. Known as box bangs because of their sharper, boxier shape, this version of the classic short hairstyle is going to be a biggie as the leaves hit the ground. To be on trend with this one, BaByliss ambassador Syd Hayes Hair suggests keeping your look super strong. "A sharp shape, that's striking — less about the layers and more about straight lines and angles," he told British Vogue.


Put a twist on the buzzcut

We've seen the buzzcut around town for a while now, but it's coming with a twist for fall 2023, and a colorful one at that. Rather than just the standard short 'do, the more modern version involves color — which means keeping your hair slightly longer. "Just enough to allow for texture to be created with colour or a styling product," hairstylist Tom Smith explained to Stylist. Whatever color you opt for is up to you, but autumn into winter is usually the time to try something a little darker. Or why not continue the hot Barbicore trend with hot pink hair?


Bring the bounce

Not here for the buzzcut? Then try this one instead. According to hairstylist Tom Smith, we'll be seeing lots of volume in hair as we head into fall. The reason why? A brand new show we're sure to be obsessed with. Just like so many of us got in touch with our Barbiecore sides in the summer of 2023 thanks to "Barbie," Smith claims the docuseries "The Supermodels" will influence our look as we start to see the year out. "Bombshell glamour hair has been seen across red carpets over the last 18 months, and the iconic, bouncy, voluminous aesthetic is continuing to grow," he told Stylist. For this, think of stereotypical supermodel big curls which are best achieved with velcro rollers.


Try the new version of the pixie cut

We know that a pixie cut is super low maintenance, which makes it a great style to try as we head into the autumn. The fall 2023 version of the short cut is a little more polished than the shaggy look we've seen before. That means it's an upgrade on the shag we saw all over the place over the summer


The reason the pixie cut is making a comeback? According to hairstylist Tom Smith, who spoke to Stylist, it's because it's the opposite of the long, traditionally feminine, Barbie-inspired locks we've seen over the summer. "Not quite a mullet, the revised pixie is a little bit longer than the traditional cut and exudes the contemporary feeling of a modern young woman," celebrity stylist Frédéric Fekkai explained to TZR.

The Rachel is getting an upgrade

If you were around in the '90s, you'll no doubt remember The Rachel. Yep, the notorious hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Aniston when she played Rachel Green on "Friends." Well, fast-forward a few more years (more than we'd like to admit) and the classic is getting an upgrade. The modern version of the cut is known as the C cut. Celebrity hairstylist Dom Seeley opened up about the trend to Glamour UK. "It's a progression of the heavy '70s and '90s cuts we saw everywhere in 2022," he said. The big difference between the C cut and The Rachel is that the former is softer and forms more of a C than a V shape (hence the name).


Softening up the wolf cut will also be hot for fall

Another hot look as the temperature cools? The wolf cut. Just, softer. For those unfamiliar with the term, a wolf cut is kind of like the baby of a shag and a mullet. It usually features a lot of layers at different lengths, but the fall 2023 version is set to be a little tamer and neater. "This time around, those layers are longer and softer. The result is a gorgeous, effortless and textured style, perfect for people who like their hair to be low maintenance but also want a bit of edge for their next look," Live True London stylist Tyler Moore told Refinery29.


It's going to be all about natural texture, too

For all our beauties out there who want to just get up and go, fall 2023 will be your time to shine. The season is expected to make natural texture cool again, so all those hours in the morning hot tooling your hair will be a thing of the past. As hairstylist Joey Scandizzo told Glamour UK, "Embracing your natural texture — working with it as opposed to against it — is the biggest overarching hair movement. The key to this look is to not overstyle, but to use products as a foundation to work with the natural texture." Effortless hair looks will be big as the weather changes, meaning we're starting to lean away from overly done locks.


Mullets will have you washing and going as well

Another big hair trend coming our way, love it or hate it, is the return of the mullet. "The big trend I am increasingly seeing in the salon stems from the previous trend of 'done but undone' hair. A mullet at a basic level is a super-layered haircut, with the layers really short and contrasting with a longer length," Mason Josh, senior stylist for L'Oréal Professionnel, explained to Who What Wear. 


That's exactly why the mullet is making its return, because it's so easy to maintain as our lives start to get busier after the summer. Say it with us now. Business at the front, party at the back!