The Hottest Haircuts To Have On Your Radar For Winter 2024

As another season comes and goes, so do the hair trends on our radar. If you're someone who likes to change it up and try out the most popular cuts along with the weather, you'll know that every new season brings a new wealth of possibilities on how you can change up your look. Fall brought us wolf cuts and mullets galore, and while a few of those trends can also be seen this winter, there are several new looks creeping in.

So what can we expect as winter 2023/2024 rolls around? Well, there's going to be plenty of different looks you can try on your locks — and there really is something for everyone this time around as the weather turns colder. From pixie bobs and velvet crops, to Birkin bangs and quiet luxury-inspired looks (yep, that's still around) these are some of the chops that hair experts are predicting will be popular as we wave goodbye to this year and hello to the next.

The pixie bob is heating up as the temperature gets cooler

Feeling daring? Then give the pixie a go! This is a pretty dramatic and super short look, so we totally understand if it's not for you. But if you're ready to change things up as the mercury plummets, then a pixie cut is the way to go as winter rolls in. "This season is the perfect time to switch it up and give your hair a break from hot tools and ponytails," hairstylist Camille Defreitas explained to TZR of why the pixie is gaining popularity. Perfect for all of us who are struggling from another year of severe hair damage.

As is the slightly longer velvet crop

It's not just the super short pixie bob that's set to be popular for winter 2023/2024, though. A slightly longer take on the pixie cut we saw in fall, the velvet crop, will also be a cut you can expect to see a lot of as the new season draws in. "We've seen plenty of the buzzcut throughout this year and it's evolving into a new type of 'suede-head' style using color placement to further enhance the look," hairstylist Tom Smith told Fashions Finest. "In order for this to work, the length has to be a little longer — just enough to allow for texture to be created with color or styling product — or better yet, both!"

While the super short bob will be seen everywhere

Another hot look for winter? A very short bob. If you're not quite ready to go as short as the pixie or the velvet crop, you may prefer this bob. The modern take on the ever-popular cut is called the Le Petit Bob, which is a super, you guessed it, petite version of the classic. "Le Petit Bob might be as tiny as a bob can go before it becomes a totally new shape," leading hair stylist and trend forecaster, Tom Smith, explained to Glamour UK. The reason we're seeing this cut make a comeback? It's seemingly inspired by the French-girl hair aesthetic we've already seen a lot of in 2023.

As well the boxy version of the bob

The short bob, or Le Petit Bob, isn't the only version of the short cut we're expecting to see on trend for winter. The boxy version of the look is another cut we saw over the autumn that's sticking around. "This hairstyle is highly requested in the salon right now, and we're even seeing celebrities braving the chop — Hailey Bieber being amongst my favourites to wear the perfect chin-skimming bob," Samantha Cusick, founder of Samantha Cusick London and Stā Studios, told Who What Wear. "These boxy bobs will be worn with that 'undone' look this winter, for the epitome of cool-girl chic." The good thing about this version? You can go longer than the Le Petit Bob if you don't want to go too short.

And Birkin bangs are another hot trend

We'll also be seeing bangs making a comeback during the colder months, and this time it will be in the form of Birkin bangs (not to be confused with Birkin bags, of course). "For those who are not ready for a full chop, bangs are going to be another big trend," hairstylist and creative director of Paris Parker Salons, Tatum Neill, told Cosmopolitan. Not sure what Birkin bangs are? As editorial stylist Peter Gray put it to Real Simple, "Birkin bangs are soft, long bangs that are named after the iconic French actress Jane Birkin." So that's the kind of look you should be going for if you're looking to take part in this winter hair trend.

Curtain bangs will be framing faces this winter, too!

It's not just all about Birkin bags this winter, as curtain bangs will continue to be a popular cut from fall. "This look has remained a popular option for those who aren't ready to commit to a dramatic cut," Jerome Lordet, hairstylist and salon director, told TZR. If you're unfamiliar with this look, curtain bangs are a longer version of the face-framing hair addition that look a little bit like, you guess it, curtains. They offer a lot of versatility too, as they can be swept to the side or even pulled up if you're going for a different style.

While wispy bangs are another popular face-framing look

It's not just Birkin bangs and curtain bangs getting popular for winter 2023/2024, though! If you're looking to get your bang on but aren't taken by either of those looks, the wispy bang could be the way to go. We saw a lot of this look back in the 1990s, but the modern day version of the look is a little different to the way we knew it way back when. "Wispy bangs are back, but in an elevated way compared to those '90s wisps. Think soft, forehead-framing pieces that border on curtain bangs," Samantha Cusick told Who What Wear.

The long mullet is expected to make a comeback

The extended version of the very divisive haircut is another big trend expected for winter, as we've seen stars like Julia Fox rocking versions that take the back as far down as their navels. "For the bolder statement maker, this style is ideal for when you want to keep length but have a striking and strong look. Mullets have been evolving for a while now, and this might be the most unusual interpretation yet," Tom Smith told Glamour UK of this polarizing trend for winter. "The epitome of business at the front and party at the back, this face-framing shape is not for the faint-hearted. But is certain to turn heads."

Shag cuts are a winter staple as well

If you're a fan of the vintage shag cut, then you're in luck, as the shag is another style expected to be all over the place for winter 2023/2024. The iconic cut we saw a lot of in the 1980s and early 1990s has already seen somewhat of a resurgence over the past several months, but it seems like it will really shine this winter. "It's been so popular and continues to be because it's versatile and customizable," hairstylist and founder and CEO of HAIRBOSS, Jamie Wiley, shared with Bustle.

While quiet luxury hair isn't going anywhere

You've probably heard a lot about the quiet luxury aesthetic in 2023 — and it looks like quiet luxury hair isn't going anywhere as we see the year out. Tom Smith told Fashions Finest that long hair fitting with this aesthetic is still going to be around this winter. "Extra-long and extra thick, this is wealth signalling at its finest but not in a loud or boastful way," he explained of the look, which means longer locks with a lot of volume. "This, elongated, naturally voluminous style can work on any color providing it's not bold or artificial looking but healthy and lustrous hair is a must — the ideal texture is like you had a blow-dry two days ago — it's still looking cared for, but lost its salon-fresh appearance and sitting a little more kinky than bouncy."