These Are The Haircuts To Try For A Quiet Luxury Look

We're guessing (because you're here) you've probably heard all about the quiet luxury aesthetic. But in case you need a refresher, let us explain. Quite luxury, or "stealth wealth," as it's also known, is all about creating a look of high quality and elegance while keeping things minimal. It's about having money at your disposal, but still keeping your overall look low-key. So glitter and rhinestones? They're out. Sorry. 

"[Quiet Luxury describes] a woman who has developed a personal style that she believes in and comes from her own confidence. She doesn't look to trends," Karolina Zmarlak, creative director of KZ_K Studio, told WWD. "This means she wants pieces that aren't good for just one season or thrown away after a few times wearing it. She wants investment pieces that are timeless and of high-quality crafted materials." 

As for why quiet luxury made a resurgence? Well, there are a few reasons, but the pandemic may be at least partly to blame. Maja Dixdotter, creative director of By Malene Birger, explained to Elle that many people realized how few clothes we actually need in our wardrobes during lockdown and decided to adopt a less-is-more style. But the quiet luxury aesthetic isn't only showing up in our clothing. It's also infiltrated our beauty routines, with skincare, makeup, and hair all getting the stealth wealth treatment. So how does it translate into hair? Well, there are a few cuts you can try.

Try the maxi bob

One of the ultimate cuts people are going for to get that quiet luxury hair vibe is the maxi bob. For those unfamiliar with the term, the maxi bob is like the classic bob, but with just a little more. It frames the face in a natural way but makes more use of layers and structure to create a simple look that appears like it doesn't need much maintenance (even if it actually does). And that's the key to the popular aesthetic. "This look really says, quiet luxury like nothing else. Bouncy, clean healthy looking hair," Larry King of Larry King Hair told Vogue India.

Or the naked bob

The maxi bob isn't the only short haircut that fits into the quiet luxury look. Hairstylist DJ Quintero told Medium that a naked bob is also in when it comes to this trend because it's so simple yet chic at the same time. If you don't want to have to put too much effort into your locks every day (because we're not all fortunate to have the money that comes with the quiet luxury style) go for fewer layers. Keeping it all one length will give off that effortless yet eternally stylish vibe.

A simple side swept fringe can work wonders

Because quiet luxury cuts are more about what you don't do than what you do, making different parts of the hair effortlessly blend into one another is one of the easiest ways to create the look. Rather than cutting in a blunt, full fringe (which may be a little too much effort to achieve the look) a simple side-swept fringe will give the illusion of simplicity while still framing the face. It also doesn't need a whole lot of maintenance, keeping your locks low-key.

Long and bouncy could be the way to go

If you don't want to chop off your locks but still want to get in on the quiet luxury trend, go long and bounce! Celebrity hairstylist and Matrix ambassador Zoe Irwin described this look as the "flow-dry" to Who What Wear, explaining that many looking to emulate the quiet luxury trend are looking for cuts that will make their hair appear super healthy. And this is certainly one that will bring some bounce to your tresses. "The flow-dry has a softness to it that means when you walk, it flows and bounces. The ends are not super straight; they have a soft bend," she shared.

The butterfly cut will give plenty of bounce too

Another look that will give your hair extra bounce is the butterfly cut. This style involves cutting the hair in a way that looks similar to the wings of a butterfly (hence the name) as the hair draws away from the face, elongating it. The reason this look is so on brand with stealth wealth is because it gives the opportunity for a whole lot of bounce and movement, making the hair look super healthy and high quality. It screams "I have enough money for regular blowouts." And, really, isn't that what this trend is all about?

French girl bangs will effortlessly elevate your up-dos

Quiet luxury and the French girl aesthetic go hand in hand in some ways, because both are about simple, understated elegance. That's why French girl bangs are a solid go-to in order to nail this look. They're an ideal addition to a chic up-do, which is a style you'll see a lot in the stealth wealth trend. Similar to butterfly bangs, French girl bangs are two longer pieces of hair on either side of the face that frame it. "Nothing about these 'French Girl bangs' is fussy, there is a general ease and effortless[ness] with these bangs that become part of your everyday style rather than something forced," hairstylist Mara Roszak explained to People.

Shoulder-length is still so chic

You don't have to go short or long when it comes to your quiet luxury haircut, as there's plenty in between that will give you the aesthetic you're looking for. A sleek and chic shoulder-length cut, for example, is timelessly elegant, which is what this look is all about. It's also perfect for creating a whole host of different looks, including putting your hair in a bun (which is a favorite style for the stealth wealth look).

This kind of mullet screams stealth wealth

You can also get your inspiration from the small screen when it comes to your quiet luxury cut. One of the shows that really brought the trend to our doorstep is HBO Max's "Succession," with Annabelle Dexter-Jones's character Naomi Pierce giving us one of the ultimate looks: the mullet. Although it's a very specific kind that looks more "money" than "trailer park." 

"You'll notice the [ends] aren't choppy: they're solid and the cut is squared-off at the back. The secret to the Naomi Pierce mullet is the structured line that touches the middle of her neck — it's that weight which lets you create texture," stylist Ashley Javier, who did the cut, told British Vogue.

Don't be afraid to show off your natural texture

We know by now that this look is all about effortlessness, which is why you should never be afraid to show off your natural texture when achieving this aesthetic. Especially if your hair naturally holds some curl or a wave. As Raven Hurtado told Allure, long locks with curly layers could be the way to best show off your tresses. "[It gives] shape and body while showcasing the natural curl or wave," he explained. So you've instantly achieved that simple look with barely any effort at all.

There's also the butterfly bob if you want a little extra something

Everyone remembers the iconic cut that was The Rachel, right? It was the 90's hair cut trend inspired by Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green in the comedy "Friends." But it's gotten a bit of an upgrade to fit in with the quiet luxury aesthetic. The new version is called the butterfly bob, and it's a twist on the simple classic, that's, well, just a little less simple. 

"The butterfly bob is just a more flexible, laid-back version of your standard bob. It plays with layers and lengths with a lot less structure, allowing the hair to frame the face more naturally," Top One salon stylists explained to My Imperfect Life.