19 French Girl Hair Trends That Are Seriously Chic

Unless you've been living under a trend-proof rock, we probably don't have to tell you that the French girl aesthetic is totally in. Looking to our friends across the pond for style advice has always delivered some of the hottest fashion looks, from clothing to makeup and now, to hair. Yep, styling your locks like you're used to walking the streets of Paris is the way to go. And we say oui!

But how can we get the French girl style, and what even is it? Well, French hair is all about bringing effortless beauty into your look. It's about basic (in a good way) and a style that feels oh-so-cool yet totally unforced. "There was a time when the French girl style was perceived, from the outside, as an image of a romanticized woman in a floral dress carrying a straw bag. Today, it has evolved into a more timeless and easily approachable aesthetic," Sylvie Mus, Paris resident and wardrobe stylist, explained to W Magazine. "It's luxurious in a subtle way, and individuality plays a big role. Every French girl has her own way of interpreting this style. That's what keeps it interesting."

Of course, France is made up of a diverse group of women. They embody many different body shapes and hair types, so there's certainly no one way to get the French look. But there are a few hairstyle staples you can try that are seriously chic.

The super short bob is a French girl classic

This is probably the look you think of first when you think of French girl hair. A super short bob has long been synonymous with French style, probably because it's so easy to get up and go with a style like this — which is ideal when you want your look chic sans a whole lot of time and effort. As hairstylist Adam Reed explained to Stylist, the French girl bob has been around since the 1920s era, so you know it's an absolute classic and staple. "It's sassy and elegant," he explained of why it's stood the test of time.

And so are mid-length locks with bangs

Another classic hairstyle associated with the French girl look is a mid-length cut with bangs. But because we're looking to the Europeans for this look, you don't want to make your bangs too blunt. Remember, this style is all about a more lived-in, nonchalant look. "When cutting a long fringe, the ends and edges need to be frayed — it should look like the bottom of trousers when they've been worn in," hairstylist and Paris salon-owner David Mallett told British Vogue.

French girl bangs are so hot

Olivia Wilde has totally nailed the French girl bangs look, and now so can you! For those unfamiliar, this look is made up of curtain-like long bangs that don't need a lot of maintenance. "They're a very light long bang that are blended into a jawbone length layer giving a flattering sculpted shape around the face. Perfect if you throw your hair up," Wilde's hairstylist Mara Roszak explained on Instagram. Roszak also told People of the totally chic look, "Nothing about these 'French Girl bangs' is fussy, there is a general ease and effortless with these bangs that become part of your everyday style rather than something forced. French women always look effortless with their style."

Take it to the shoulders

Another way to show off your French girl style is to opt for a shoulder-length cut that's super soft and lets your tresses move the way they want to. For this look, the more natural texture your hair has, the better! That's because embracing your inner French style is all about leaning towards the natural and not being too overdone. As stylist Chelsea Wolberg put it to Real Simple, "The key to a French cut is soft texture that promotes soft movement."

Or go super short

One of the easiest ways to get easy, low-maintenance hair? Cut it all off, of course! This one's not for the faint-hearted, but it is for those who aren't afraid to go bold in their pursuit of the ultimate French hair look. For this style of pixie cut, make sure you don't go too harsh, as these cuts are all about avoiding any edges that are too blunt. "French cuts are soft, not hard or edgy, with subtle movement," Kattia Solano, stylist and salon owner, told Real Simple.

Why not embrace the wolf cut?

The wolf cut has been having a bit of a moment even aside from the French girl hair movement, which is good news for those looking to go Parisian with their locks. The wolf cut is essentially a mix between a mullet and a shag, and it's totally effortless to style and requires very little upkeep. Basically, the embodiment of the modern French girl look. "It's a poetic soft cascade of hair, and it works beautifully on straight, wavy and curly hair. When a client has long bangs, we make sure the edges are really textured so that the bangs move. French hair is a little less neurotic," hairstylist David Mallett explained to British Vogue.

Or bring out a bun

The bun has long been a favorite trend of girls in France, and that's no different today. As David Mallett, who owns two salons in Paris, told W Magazine, "A French girl ties her hair up in a bun, uses dry shampoo and volume powder." That means you don't want to scrape your hair back into the bun so it's flat to your head. Instead, as French influencer Lena Situations showed us, this trend is all about still having some texture and natural movement. But remember to keep your bun as simple as possible. French style is all about simplicity, after all!

Don't make your waves too uniform

Though in the U.S. we tend to love the waves in our hair to be a little more uniform and going in one direction, the French version is more undone. That's why when you're putting waves into your locks you want some going towards your face and others going away. "The French new wave trend is a subtler take on cool-girl hair with a gentle wave and less pronounced texture," Syd Hayes, session stylist and BaByliss ambassador, explained to Glamour. "The key for this look is to alternate the direction of each wave so the hair is unstructured and soft."

It's all about natural texture, too!

As we know, French girl hair is all about not fighting your natural texture with hours of styling and primping. So, one of the easiest ways to fit in with this style is to let your hair just do it's own, natural thing. "[The French cut is] perfectly tousled without even trying, and always gorgeous in a very organic, natural way," stylist Chelsea Wolberg told Real Simple. That's why a mid-length cut that looks lived-in without any blunt edges may be the way to go.

Unwashed hair is another French style trend

Okay, hear us out on this one. We don't mean don't wash your locks ever. But it's a big trend in France to avoid washing your hair every single day, or even every other day, in order to maintain some texture. "Most French girls I know wash their hair every five to seven days. That dry look is not a look — it actually happens," David Mallett told W Magazine. "They wash their hair so infrequently that the color lasts, and the scalp stays moist because they barely blow dry it." A great way to avoid going too greasy between wash days is to add even more texture with dry shampoo or a texturizing spray.

Easy claw clips are the way to style

Claw clips are a big go-to for French girls because of how easy they are to use when it comes to putting the hair up. While there are countless easy ways to use a claw clip to keep your locks pulled back,  keep it as simple as possible if you're aiming for a French look. You'll also want to make sure you still have some texture in the hair you've pulled back.

Birkin bangs are having a moment

Another big trend when it comes to French girl hair is Birkin bangs. Unfamiliar with this one? Well, as celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith put it to Who What Wear, "Birkin bangs are characterized by a shorter, choppier fringe that is unstructured and textured and disconnects entirely from the rest of the hair." The style is a go-to for anyone who's looking to bring the focus of the face to the eyes or the cheekbones, as it will really work to frame both.

And so are braids

Braided hair is another big trend, with French girls embracing the look as another way to look oh-so-chic without constant maintenance. It's recommended you get box braids installed around every eight weeks. That's probably one of the reasons our low-maintenance girls across the pond are loving this look so much — that's eight weeks of effortless style! "Braids are very popular," Paris hair stylist Ciara Costenoble confirmed to TZR, noting that all kinds of braids are popular in France.

Avoiding too many highlights is also on-trend

When heading to the salon for your French girl hair, you'll want to keep in mind that highlights aren't exactly on trend for a lot of French women. So, you'll probably want to stick to darker locks to go full-on French girl, as they tend to embrace a more natural color when it comes to their locks. However, if you do want to lighten things up a little, the balayage technique tends to be more popular than all-over highlights. That's because balayage can give a more natural, nonchalant, lived-in look to the hair, which is key for French style.

Textured layers are another big French girl hair trend

We already know that texture is big when it comes to getting your own version of the French girl style, and one of the ways to do that is by asking your hairdresser for layers. Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith explained that those with natural curls in their hair will probably suit this trend better. "Naturally curlier hair is cut to enhance the natural texture without a set parting and allowed to air-dry. This look is a playful and feminine style that really celebrates texture," he told Who What Wear. Once you've had this style cut, it's pretty easy to maintain as the French look is all about keeping upkeep to a minimum.

Bantu knots are a go-to style, as well

To get another low-effort hair look, bantu knots could be for you. This look involves sectioning off the hair, twisting it, and then creating what are essentially small buns all over the head. "This can easily be worn several days and the bonus is [that] once you take [them] down, you have a second, smoother-textured style to wear," hairstylist Ciara Costenoble told TZR. Two French-girl-inspired looks in one? Count us in!

Limiting heat tools is on trend with French girl hair

When it comes to styling your locks, a big trend for our French friends is not using hair tools too often. Instead, rely on your natural texture or create texture using our heatless curl hacks to get a more natural, undone look. As David Mallett told The New York Times, doing this will create loose waves that don't look like you've spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting them. That's because heated hair tools may make your curls and waves a little too perfect looking. And that couldn't be more off-trend for the French girl hair look.

The French bowl cut is another way to be super chic

What could be more French when it comes to a cut than the French bowl cut? After all, it's literally in the name! "Very similar to the bob style, this can be worn slick or messy. Either use dry shampoo to create more volume or a shine spray to get a smooth glaze," Roman Sys, stylist at Trevor Sorbie, told Evie. "Alternatively, it can also be worn curly or wavy for a more undone look." The look is a great alternative for those who want the French look without being too on the nose with a French bob or going as short as a pixie cut. It also has a little more texture and softness than your classic bowl cut.

Steer away from a severe part

To really get that French girl look, you'll want to hop on the trend of leaving a severe part behind. This style is all about the softness — and that goes for your part, too. There are a few ways to do that. "Your part doesn't have to go straight back to your crown. An off-center, natural, or zigzag part looks more natural," hairstylist Devin Toth suggested to Prose. And, of course, your part doesn't have to be perfect. No matter what style you go for, getting that effortless French girl look is all about ease, so pushing your hair back and letting it land wherever it falls will help keep you totally on trend. Ooh la la!