10 Of Our Favorite Claw Clip Hacks For Easy Hair Styling

If you've ever tried to put your hair up using a claw clip, you probably know just how hard it can be to actually get it to work. All too often, half your hair just totally falls out of the hair accessory, or it looks like you put it in one-handed while hanging upside down after a few too many Long Island iced teas. Yeah, you know what we're talking about.

But it turns out there are a few different hacks to get your hair into that oh-so-pesky clip (which is one of the many vintage hair accessories we're seeing make a major comeback) that are pretty quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Not only that, but the accessory actually has a whole host of uses beyond keeping all your hair away from your face. The best part? There are tons of tips and tricks for pretty much everyone. No matter if you have locks that are short, long, super curly, straight, or anything in between, we've got the best ways to rock the clip that's been around for years while still looking stylish and modern at the same time.

There's an easier way to do the classic up-do

We've all tried it. Just grabbing and cramming as much hair into the claw clip as possible without any extra accessories. But, it turns out there's a much more effective way to create that simple messy bun we often crave on lazy days, over just bundling your tresses on your head and hoping for the best.

Instead, use your hand to create a ponytail but stick out your index finger. You'll then want to wrap your hair around that finger before twisting it around to create somewhat of a spiral effect. Once all your hair has been gathered, push your locks back over your head and then secure it with the claw clip. And that's it. All done. Seriously, how easy was that? The reason this works so well is because you're essentially smoothing the hair and creating a singular bundle that can then be flattened out so it will stay in the clip much easier, as there's less surface area for the clip to have to hold.

Fan out your locks

Another super cute way to style your locks with a claw clip is to create what we here at Women.com have dubbed the fan. Basically, this one entails having all your hair up and the sides totally smoothed out, but with a fanned-out effect created above the clip.

To do this, put your hair into a normal ponytail while taking extra care to smooth down any pesky flyaways. Also, make sure your ears aren't covered by any hair. You then want to split your hair down the middle above the ponytail to create two sections with a hole in between, before grabbing your ponytail and pushing it upwards a few centimeters through the space you've just created. Give the hair that's been pushed through a gentle pull to create the fanned-out effect that makes this hack so unique. Hide the remainder of your ponytail by placing it over your hair tie, and then just clip the whole thing into place.

Use your claw clip like a brush

We know, this one sounds a little more far-fetched, but stay with us. To create this super cute bun-style look, you'll actually want to use your clip like a brush to push your locks back so that you can create a more casual yet still chic hairstyle.

Start with your hair down and leave it to fall naturally where it wants to. Open your claw clip horizontally with the open side facing towards you, then push it back over your hair from your forehead backward. Grabbing a small section of hair, clip it at the back of your head in line with your ear to give you a thin section of hair going over your crown. Next, take the hair that's left out of the clip, pick it all up in your hand, and twist it around itself, then bring it up over the top of your clip. Open up the jaws as you keep wrapping with the other hand until all your hair is on your head. All that's left to do then is simply close the clip with all the hair inside. Now you have the perfect messy bun!

Bring the volume

If you're lucky enough to have shorter, textured hair that's full of volume, then this is the hack for you. This look will give you a gorgeous finished look with all your hair on your head — and you may not even be able to see the clip at all.

To start, part your tresses down the middle and create two sections using the hair closest to your face on either side of your head. Keep the back section out of the way for now by putting it in a ponytail (we'd recommend getting your hands on silk scrunchies to avoid any breakages). Then, if you have locks that need a little smoothing, grab your favorite smoothing project (like a gel or a serum) and smooth down both front sections until they're flat against your head. With the hair that's left at the back of your head, make that into two sections and put both into ponytails. You'll then want to put the claw clip over the bottom ponytail to add a little extra volume and keep your locks in place on the top of your head. Stunning!

Put a twist on a half-up, half-down look

Sick of the same old ponytail style? Then it's time to change it up with a claw clip, and this handy hack that will give your go-to style a little something extra. Start by taking the top section of your hair back and putting it into a ponytail. It's completely up to you how much hair you actually want to be pulled back for this look. After that, divide that ponytail into two pieces and twist both around in your fingers. The easiest way to do this is by twisting both at the same time in both hands, because you don't want either to unravel. After that, tie the two sections into a knot and grab your claw clip, placing it over the knot to hold it onto the back of your head. Once you've done that, you're done, and you've got a super cute half-up, half-down style that's appropriate for any occasion!

To dress this chic style up a little more, curl your tresses before starting out to give the finished look a little more texture and volume, as it looks gorgeous with a little wave in your locks. If your hair already has a natural curl or wave, that'll look beautiful alongside this style and will save you from having to style your hair first.

Boost that ponytail

Who the heck said that a claw clip could only be used for holding all of your hair up in a bun? Certainly not us, because it turns out this accessory has way more uses than that. Case and point? It can actually give your ponytail a major volume boost, too.

To achieve an elevated ponytail look, put your hair up into a normal ponytail and then separate your hair into two sections, so you have a top half of your pony and a bottom half. Lift up the top and pull it upwards over your head and towards your face, then place the claw clip over the lower part of that section and the whole of the section below it. Then, just let your hair fall over the top of it for the most voluminous ponytail of your life. Just remember that this one works better on longer hair with more thickness, if you want your tresses to completely cover the clip. Otherwise, we'd recommend using a clip with more of a pattern on it so it's more visible and doesn't look like you're trying to disguise it.

Work the claw clip with shoulder length hair

If you're in the shorter hair gang don't fret, because there's a claw clip hack for you, too. If you have locks that reach your shoulders, you can create a messy yet still chic style using just the clip and two hair ties that will keep your hair out of your eyes and face all day long.

Separate your locks into two sections, a top half and a bottom half, and put that top half up into a bun using one of your hair ties. Don't make it into a full ponytail, though. Instead, pull half of the hair through and then pull it apart a little so you create almost a fanned-out bun effect. Then, do the same with the bottom half of your hair, except this time you do want to create a full (but short) ponytail by pulling all of it through. All that's left to do then is put that second part into the claw clip. Just make sure it's far enough up the back of your head so that your fanned-out bun sits directly on top of it. Voila! You're ready to show off your new style.

Claw clips are for braids too

Don't think that because you have braided hair, claw clip hacks won't be useful to you. There are most certainly ways to rock the accessory with your gorgeous braids. The best part? It's a pretty easy look to recreate.

To begin, have your braids down but separate them into two parts at the back of your head, dividing the sections horizontally (think of it as creating a sideways hair part at the back of your neck). Take that bottom piece of hair and wrap it around the top piece, twisting the two sections around one another before bringing them toward your face so your hair starts to meet the top of your head. Once there's no hair left to twist, grab your claw clip and place it over the twisted hair to hold it in place on the back of your head. Then, simply let whatever hair is left in your hand go so it drapes over the clip and, after that, you're good to step out and hit the town. You can also try this whole look with just half of your hair to create an equally stunning half-up, half-down style.

That chic chignon

Another way to create a simpler look using a claw clip is by hiding your ponytail and tucking it away. This hack, which is super simple by the way, works better on slightly shorter hair, but there's nothing to stop you from giving it a go with longer tresses.

To kick off the process, tie your hair into a low ponytail that lays down your back and adjust the tie so there's a little space between your hair tie and your neck. Make sure there's enough room for the rest of your ponytail, as you're next going to separate the hair above your tie into two and create a space in between. Then, take your ponytail and pull it upwards, slightly pushing it into the space you've created. Don't push it all the way through though; instead, keep the hair in place by pinching either side of the tucked hair and squeezing it together. Now it's time to grab your clip to hold the whole thing in place, which will create a bun or chignon. Just remember to let the chignon peak out from underneath for a stylish twist on the classic.

Dress up your ponytail

We're not done with the ponytail claw clip hacks just yet. Oh no. Yet another way the accessory can put a twist on the traditional ponytail is by bumping it up so you're not dealing with another flat look.

To create this effect, start with a low ponytail and recreate the move we've told you about a few times already, by pushing the hair tie down slightly away from the scalp to create enough room to separate the hair by your neck, above the tie, into two. Then push the rest of the ponytail through the hole you create in between the two sections, so you end up with a twisted effect on either side of your tie. Let the ponytail lay over your back, before scooping it back up and holding it upwards towards the sky. After that, place your claw clip over the hair tie area before letting your hair fall back over the clip. And there you have it. A new take on the classic old pony.