The 10 Trendiest Hair Colors For Winter 2024

Just like almost everything in the fashion and beauty world, the start of a new season brings with it brand-new (and sometimes not-so-new) trends. In the nail world, that means icy blues and red shades are in as the temperature starts to drop, and, it turns out, the same can be said for the colors we're putting on our heads.


Yep, several different shades of red — and even blue — have already popped up as trends for this winter. But they're certainly not the only shades you should be trying if you want to be bang-on trend as we say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024. We've rounded up some of the biggest hair color movements, all according to experts who know the field best, so you can change up your tresses to celebrate the season. And, don't worry, there are a few shades more natural than blue to choose from.

Cinnamon cookie butter is so in for winter 2023 (thanks, Hailey Bieber!)

Never heard of cinnamon cookie butter hair? Well, get ready, because you're about to see it everywhere. Expert hairstylist Tatum Neill explained to Cosmopolitan that this color is set to be super popular as the temperature drops, thanks largely to Miss trendsetter herself, Hailey Bieber.


Bieber's colorist, Matt Rez, opened up to InStyle about the conception of cinnamon cookie butter tresses, explaining that the shade is pretty specific to the model. "The best way to describe it is a combination of caramel and gold tones with a copper reflection. She's not trying to be a redhead. She's using her [brunette] base and adding that caramel gold with a slight copper tint," he explained. 

Bieber first started rocking the color for fall, but now many of us are cottoning on and bringing the shade into winter with us. "We were thinking of something good for fall that's warm, and as we thought about what to call it, we went back and forth. We finally decided: 'Let's do cinnamon cookie butter!' That's pretty much how the name came [to be]," Rez shared. This is a great look for brunettes who are looking to change up their classic look for the season without doing anything too dramatic.


Beurre brunette is on-trend

Looking for something a little cooler than Hailey Bieber's cinnamon cookie butter hair? Then we have the perfect trend for you. Another twist on classic brunette, beurre brunette is also having a moment for winter 2023. It's somewhat similar to Bieber's custom hair shade, but it's not quite as warm and doesn't have that slight copper tint. "Buttery golden ribbons should be woven into the hair in fine pieces which are lightest around the side of the face and disappear as they get closer to the root," hair stylist and trend forecaster, Tom Smith, explained to Glamour UK. "This is a great option for those with naturally darker hair who are tempted to try a lighter shade without a dramatic change," he added.


As for who can easily give this trend a go? According to Smith, if you have mid to dark brown hair, this trend was made for you. "[It's a great way of upgrading your brown hair for winter or utilizing any leftover lightness from summer," he shared. Smith also dished on the hair color on Instagram, telling his followers, "It's the most delicious buttery brunette and great for those with deeper tones wanting to play with a bit of lightness during the colder months!"

Blonde lovers may want to turn towards trophy blonde

Looking for something lighter than brunette? Then head to the blonde side. Tom Smith explained to Glamour UK that winter 2023's take on blonde is all about brightness and shine rather than the duller blondes we've seen in trends past. "Bright, gleaming and reflective, this is the truest, brightest Trophy Blonde shade," he shared, explaining this stunning blonde is somewhere between Barbie blonde and Nepo blonde. That's probably not all too surprising following the blonde and pink summer we had thanks to the release of Margot Robbie's "Barbie."


Trophy blonde is also a warm take on the light hue with golden tones, which is why Smith recommended leaving purple products on the shelf, as they will work to take the warmth out of the hair. "This tone is clean and clear with just a hint of gold, but is heavily painted on with very little shadows or dimension," he said. Smith also opened up about the trendy shade on his Instagram, writing, "Trophy Blonde is bold, bright and attention seeking and I LOVE anyone who goes blonde for winter — it's like the opposite of what we think we're supposed to do and I'm here for it!"

But you can still go for a cool-toned blonde and be on trend

If you're not a fan of the warm, golden blonde known as trophy blonde and want something a little cooler, that's okay — because that's on trend for winter 2023, too! Hairstylist and founder of Abby Haliti Color Studio, Abby Haliti, told TZR that cool-toned blonde is also in and will give a little bit more of a wintery feeling to your locks. "These colors can evoke a frosty vibe that's fitting for the weather, and create a striking contrast against the darker winter clothing palette," she explained, describing this winter 2023 cool hair trend shade as pearl blonde.


Kasper Heemskerk, Balmain Hair's international education director, also noted that because the undertone is lighter and somewhat whiter, it will work with the natural shine in your hair to almost give off a pearlescent look if it's done right. Hence the pearl blonde moniker. Perfect for those winter days and nights in the snow!

Cinnamon bronde may be for you if you want a mix

Don't want to choose between brunette and blonde for your hair this winter? Then you're in luck there too, because there's another color trending for winter 2023 that will give you the best of both worlds. It's called cinnamon bronde, and it's kind of a mixture of blonde, brunette, and red hair all in one. Of course, bronde is a mixture of blonde and brunette, while cinnamon suggests it has a brown yet reddish tint to it as well.


Samantha Cusick, founder of Samantha Cusick London and Stā Studios, opened up about this trend to Who What Wear UK, explaining that this shade is a bit of an offshoot of the copper hair a lot of people rocked in the autumn. "Our infatuation with cowgirl copper is crossing over into the winter months," she told the outlet. "Cinnamon bronde is a fusion of warm, reddish-brown and strawberry-blonde shades. This blend creates a rich, multidimensional hair colour reminiscent of autumn hues. Think sophisticated yet vibrant."

Expect to see more of the fox color dip die trend

We can't lie, this look is pretty out there and it's not going to be for everyone. But, darn, is it different and oh-so-fun. Fox-colored hair is exactly what you (probably) think — hair that literally looks like a fox's fur. It involves one main color for the hair (something lighter is best, like blonde) while the ends are colored orange and then diffused into black to emulate the color of a fox. This is great for those who don't want the commitment of dying a full head of hair, as it only really involves dying the ends.


The reason Tatum Neill believes this is one of the hottest hair colors for winter 2023? Social media, of course! "This may sound like a stretch, but my big bold prediction for Gen Z is the fox color. It's a dip-dye technique that is going viral right now on Instagram and TikTok," he told Cosmopolitan. And if it's heating up on TikTok, you can bet you'll soon be seeing it everywhere else.

Candy cane red locks are also in

There always has to be a Christmas-related hair shade on trend for winter, and 2023's version is candy cane red locks. According to Tom Smith, who spoke to Glamour UK about the season's hair trends, candy cane red is the winter version of the copper tones we saw a lot of throughout the year. Also known as fire red, you'll want to make sure you're comfortable turning heads before you opt for this color at the salon, as it takes some commitment and isn't for the faint-hearted. "Fiery red is one of winter's trending colors in fashion too and so this bold shade could become an even bolder choice for those wishing to combine it with a monochrome or color-blocking look," Smith shared.


When it comes to choosing the right shade of candy or fire red, though, it will depend more on your own preference for vibrancy than your features or skin tone — unlike a lot of other hair colors. That's because this color isn't naturally found on the hair, so some of the traditional rules for hair shades go out the window, according to Smith. "The choice behind wearing this shade is less motivated by what will 'suit' your skin tone or eye color and more so what will suit your personality. While this shade tends to look more harmonious on those with warm undertones, it's the attitude of the wearer that is most important for the success of the look," Smith said.

But you can go for a darker red if you need to

Not quite ready to go all out and opt for a red that's as out there as a candy cane? That's okay, because there's a slightly darker version of the hair color that experts have also deemed on trend for winter 2023. Cherry cola.


"It is no surprise that hair colors like cherry cola are trending. With the '90s influence still strong in fashion, it is time for a revival of '90s color trends for hair," Ian Michael Black, Aveda's global artistic director of hair color, said of this look. This shade has had quite the moment in 2023 already, as you may have seen the cherry cola color taking over the nail world with cherry mocha nails. Cherry cola is similar to candy cane red, but a little bit less out there, so you won't quite have to go as far as matching this one to your personality in the same way. 

"People want a blended, low-maintenance look," master colorist at Warren Tricomi NYC, Sachi Kumagai, told Allure. The hair color, which is only growing in popularity, "gives the hair a rich and velvety tone," Kumagai added. Though anyone can rock this deep red color with the help of their colorist, Kumagai explained that this color is extra flattering on people who have a more olive skin tone.


Make a serious statement with elemental blue

If you're tired of the more traditional hair colors this winter, then you can make a big statement with this trend for winter 2023. Ian Michael Black told Aveda that elemental blue, which is an icy yet rich wintery blue, is another shade that's super hot for the cold months. "It's a cool-toned pastel with a soft metallic finish that makes it look expensive," he explained of the specific shade. And it's certainly a great way to make a statement if you like to do something different with your hair.


But if you're not ready for a whole head of blue tresses (we understand, it's pretty out there!) then you can get a taste of this trend by putting icy blue highlights throughout the hair instead. "Elemental blue can be worn all over for a bold look or can complement a deep chocolate brown (or a neutral brunette shade for a soft hint of warmth) for those wanting a duo-tone trend," Black revealed.

Milk tea hair is also proving popular this winter

Another hair color inspired by social media that's going viral online and offline? Milk tea hair. This shade is exactly what it sounds like. A lighter brown that's similar to the shade of your tea with a lot of milk stirred into it. "Milk tea hair colour has a creamy beige tone that falls between warm and cool," celebrity colorist and owner of MyDentity, Guy Tang, explained to PopSugar UK. He noted the trend also tends to have a slightly darker root, such as a shadow root, so you're getting a more two-tone effect — like you would see in a cup of tea as the tea and milk mix together.


One of the best things about this look is that it's so wearable. It's nowhere near as bold as the out-there elemental blue or candy cane red hair that's also trending for the season, so it's perfect for those who want to head into the New Year with a more natural hue on their tresses. "[The color is] best for clients that want a wearable, natural look," Tang confirmed.