7 Nail Trends That Should Be On Your Radar For Winter 2023/2024

As autumn fades along with all the pumpkins and orange leaves, so do nail trends. Autumn 2023 brought us plenty of stunning manicure ideas to keep us busy, with plaid nails popping up all over social media. Other big nail trends we saw a lot of while we held on tight to our pumpkin spice lattes? Tortoiseshell nails, fall-appropriate orange shades, and colorful micro French manicures.

Now though, we're preparing to wave goodbye to fall and look towards what winter 2023/2024 will be bringing to our nails. And if the experts are proven right, it looks like we're in for a shimmery, brown, and velvety ride. We'll be seeing some transitions too, as a few of the looks we've seen this year transform for the months ahead. The brighter red nails we've seen over the autumn months will be turning deeper, while popular latte nails will be getting milkier.

Expect to see velvet nails everywhere

When it comes to winter manicures, expect to see some texture from the velvet nail trend. You may already be familiar with this one, as the look was all the rage back in 2011 when many companies began selling polishes with magnets attached to get that velvety effect. And 12 years later, it's back. "I anticipate seeing a lot of the velvet nail trend, which can be achieved with a magnet gel or polish. This look can be in any color range and looks sparkly from some angles and solid in others depending on the lighting," nail artist Stephanie Stone told Vogue.

And dark red will be making its way back

When winter rolls around every year, it seems like we can't escape the dark red nails — but we're not complaining! The classic winter shade will be back again this year, according to Thea Green, nail expert and founder of Nails Inc. "It's definitely a firm favorite," she admitted to Who What Wear. "Opt for deeper burgundies and wine shades for winter."

While light blues will also be a frosty favorite

Ever wanted to channel your inner Elsa from "Frozen" for the winter? Well, with this nail look, you can do just that. Nail expert Rachel Joseph told Bustle that light, frosty blue nails will be a big trend for winter 2023/2024 — and the shade really is an unexpected yet perfect color for the season. "I'm sure blue pastel with chrome will be around all winter as well to give a frosty, snowy look," she explained.

You'll want to eat up your chocolate inspired manicure

In a similar vein to the latte nails we've been seeing, another food-and-drink-inspired brown look will be coming our way. According to Stephanie Stone, chocolate nails will be a delicious hit for the season. "I think we're also going to see a lot of chocolate nails! I love this color because it's versatile with any outfit," she said while speaking to Vogue. There will be a few variations too, as you could go super dark for dark chocolate nails, a medium brown for milk chocolate nails, or even bring in a creamy white for white chocolate.

And you'll be showing off your shimmer

Heard of the glazed donut nail trend? Well, we'll be seeing that again as the holidays roll around ... but with a twist. Instead of the understated, quiet luxury look we've seen a lot of in 2023, the winter version will lean towards a shimmer over a colored base. But remember this trend isn't about full-on glitter, which we've seen a lot of in winters past. "The particles are finer and have depth in daylight. I love wearing them to holiday parties because they catch the light at such different angles," nail artist Christine Doan explained to Who What Wear.

You're also in luck if black nails are your thing

Are you a fan of something dark over a shimmer shade? Then you're in luck. That's because the Bulgari Hotel London's resident manicurist Iram Shelton predicts the super dark black manicure will be back in for winter 2023/2024. "Black nails are so versatile because they look great on any nail length/shape and work well with every skin tone," she explained to Who What Wear. And you need to look no further for some unique black nail inspo.

Latte nails will turn a little milkier

You may have seen the range of brown shades that have been all over the place towards the end of 2023. The trend, known as latte nails, has seen all shades of brown plastered across social media. But it seems like that trend will be turning a little milkier for winter 2023/2024 with a focus more on a light brown that looks like a milky tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. "I've been seeing a lot of lighter browns. I think these will definitely stick around for winter," one of Bustle's nail experts shared.