5 Colors To Try For Your Fall Glazed Donut Manicures

Glazed donut nails are here to stay. The glamorous, glossy nail trend has already been around for a while, and we shouldn't expect it to slip away with the sun as fall rolls in. For those unfamiliar with the manicure style, the trend is usually made up of pink or nude nails, with a pearlescent chrome shade over the top. The style makes your nails look, as the name suggests, like a glazed donut. The trend really came to fruition thanks to none other than regular trend-setter Hailey Bieber. After the star's manicurist Zola Ganzorigt showed off the nail look on TikTok in 2022, it's only continued to soar in popularity.


The best way to get the glistening look is to apply a chrome powder over a gel polish. A non-wipe top coat then goes over the top to really cement the effect. But don't think you have to stick to the traditional light pink glazed donut manicure, either. No way. We're here to show you that color does in fact have a place in this trend (though, of course, there's nothing wrong with a simple nail design if that's what you're looking for).

Make your nails natural this fall

Natural shades like brown are always a good go-to color for fall, so going for something super earthy for your glazed donut manicure is a guarantee to keep you on trend. But Ii you want to have a little more fun with your neutrals, or aren't a fan of the idea of having nails all one color, applying the shades as a gradient over all five of your nails will give your manicure a little extra edge. "While an earthy brown isn't exactly original this time of year, using different topcoats or trendy placements can add a spin that feels modern and new," celebrity manicurist Stephanie Staunton told TZR.


We also love the way brown fits the down-to-earth fall theme, while still adding an air of elegance. "It adds a touch of sophistication to any look, and is perfect for embracing the cozy and inviting feelings of autumn," Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse, explained to Who What Wear UK.

Or orange could be the way to go

Another fall color staple year after year, why not bring a little autumn orange into your glazed donut nails? This look is a standout manicure that's sure to stun at the pumpkin patch.

Orange is such an exciting color for this particular trend because it's both seasonal appropriate and vibrant enough to make a statement. While any orange will work for this look, to be totally on trend the more of a burnt orange you can go for too, the better. "Pumpkin-colored polishes are pretty typical this time of year, but this time around a burnished version is better than the poppy colors of the years past," nail technician and Noor Nail Bar owner Rustemova explained to TZR. We can totally see all the nail shots with pumpkins in the background already.


Move towards mauve for a twist on a fall manicure classic

Mauve is another classic manicure color for fall that's easy to incorporate into the glazed donut nails look. Just a shade deeper from sugary sweet bright pink (which were totally hot over summer 2023 thanks to our Barbie obsession), mauve nails made for the person who wants something a bit more overtly feminine than the typical chocolate and cocoa browns. But just like any brown manicure, mauve is still neutral enough that they'll go with so many different outfits.


Mauve is also a great option for those who maybe don't like to go too dark with the shades they put on their fingernails, but still want to dim things down slightly from the bright and sunny summer polish colors we see a lot of during the summer. No doubt this is another one we'll be seeing all over the haunted houses this time of the year.

Green is evergreen

Another hot look to wear on your nails as the mercury starts to fall is green. Going for a glazed donut manicure in this earthy shade is another way to get in on this look if you're not into the drama of a bold red or pink.


As Sherrille Riley, founder of Beauty Edit Mayfair, explained in British Vogue, green in all its forms is already starting to make the rounds as the leaves fall. "Our clients love this earthy green color, a color found in nature which suits every skin tone. It serves as a fashion statement, oozing edginess," she told the publication. She added that greens are so popular for autumn because of the way it contrasts with other popular fall manicure colors we've been seeing around, such as the caramel or other neutral tones. "[It's] an understated chic colour which is a highly requested at our boutique," she said. Well, consider us convinced!

A dark red makes for another unique glazed donut manicure

Dark red is another color that's pretty synonymous with a fall manicure, but changing it up with a glazed donut finish is a great way to change it up for 2023. The reason dark reds tend to work so well is because of its  vampy, sultry quality. It looks stunning against any outfit, but especially dark colors.


Manicurist Tinu Bello, senior brand ambassador for Mylee, explained to Marie Claire that the classic fall shade works well with a number of different looks and a sophisticated way to bring some color to the season via your nails. "[It has] a beautiful complexity so can be worn with any aesthetic be it goth with a darker almost noir tone or more classic with a wine shade," Bello shared. Combining this with a shiny, glazed donut finish adds to the glamour.