Cherry Mocha Nails Are The Perfect Moody Manicure For Fall

Looking for the perfect dark and moody manicure for fall? Then look no further than Cherry mocha nails. Just like almondetto nails, this manicure look is one of the biggest trends we've been seeing in the nail world as the temperature turns colder, and we're not going to lie, we're kind of obsessed with it. As Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator and manicurist, explained to Bustle, "There is something so quintessentially 'fall' about a crisp red manicure. Every year comes with its own variation, and [for 2023] it's a deeper, brown-toned red." As for why we're seeing this deep red make its way into so many nail tech's arsenals? That's because the cherry red shade has seen a resurgence across multiple areas of the beauty world. After all, we've seen a lot of cherry cola hair shades across social media already, as well as cherry cola lips.

That said, cherry mocha nails are all about rocking a manicure that looks just like a, you guessed it, cherry mocha coffee. It's a dark red shade that's vampy and classy at the same time. And it's versatile, too, as they have a wide range of shades that could be classified as cherry mocha, from a light burgundy to much darker reds that almost appear black. This varied shade range is anything but boring, though. And we've gathered some of our favorite takes on the trend to get you inspired for the perfect fall mani to prove it.

The classic cherry mocha manicure will never go out of style

In the words of Taylor Swift, "We never go out of style." While we know she wasn't talking about cherry mocha nails (at least, we don't think she was, anyway), the point still stands. A classic, simple, glossy nail in a cherry mocha shade is the traditional way to wear this trend, and this look proves exactly why this dark, elegant shade is so popular.

Show off your cherry red aura nails

Why not combine one of the biggest nail trends of fall with one of the biggest trends of the year? After all, aura nails have been all over the place in 2023, and adding the glowy twist to your dark red manicure is a stunning way to put your own twist on this vampy look. Plus, it lets you try a couple of different cherry mocha shades. The addition of the gold star nail art only adds to the sophisticated feel while bringing a little extra glamour.

Throw in an accent nail

Accent nails are still super chic, and this look proves it. Another take on the cherry mocha nail look could be changing things by adding an accent nail to your hand. That involves one fingernail (usually your ring finger) being painted differently from your other fingernails. In this case, it's a fun and eye-catching metallic foil design covering the whole nail, but your accent nail can be anything you want. In other words, this is a fun chance to get creative and may be perfect for those who might not want an entirely dark manicure.

Bring out your glitter side

Regardless of what you see, don't assume cherry mocha nails have to be sparkle-free. This manicure proves you can bring plenty of sparkle to your fark red nail look by adding glitter to your talons. Plus, we love how this look can carry through the season. Even though it's a fall staple, this glittery combo could easily be worn at the end of the year for a festive spin on the look.

Go holographic

See, when we told you this look wasn't boring, we really meant it. Another way to give cherry mocha nails a go in a lighter way is to make the whole look holographic. For those unfamiliar with the holographic look, it's a glitter style that shines all different colors, just like a rainbow. And, as you can see, it's totally gorgeous. There are plenty of polishes on the market that can help you achieve this look. However, some nail techs may opt for powders to recreate this effect.