Almondetto Is The Nail Shape To Have On Your Radar This Fall

So many exciting manicure trends, but not enough real estate on our nails to try them all. While short nails are chic and undeniably more practical for everyday activities, there's something mesmerizing about immaculately manicured, extra-long nails. Daily manageability issues aside, they're a great canvas for a variety of looks, especially those that come with intricate details.

No worries if you've never considered having really lengthy nails, either through growing them out or by wearing nail extensions. If the razor-sharp-looking stiletto nails are too intimidating for your taste, the slightly rounded almondetto nails are a fantastic and on-trend choice. Described by The Zoe Report as part-stiletto and part-almond nail, this shape combines the length of the former with the softer lines of the latter, albeit with the tip gently tapering to a point. The tip's width varies depending on the wearer's preference, whether they like the drama of talon-like nails or favor the elegance of slightly rounder ones that are truer to the shape of the nut this manicure is partly named after.

Try out almondetto nails and join the ranks of extra-long-nailed baddies Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie. Watch your favorite Fall manicure get amplified with this glamorous shape.

Proper filing is the key to getting almondetto nails

The easiest way to get this nail shape is to ask your manicurist for almondetto-shaped nail extensions on your next trip to the nail salon. Bring pictures that feature your ideal nail length and taper so your nail technician can create the shape you really want.

You can also shape your nails yourself if you have the patience to grow them out much longer than you usually do. (Just make sure to clean them and nourish them with cuticle oil daily so they grow healthy.) Once they're at your desired length, pare down their square edges with a nail trimmer so the sides form an elongated oval shape. Fine-tune their form further with a nail file so the ends taper to slimmer points. Follow Young Nails Inc.'s advice in a YouTube tutorial to avoid creating straight lines. "Keep your nail file straight up; do not tilt it in while you file," the tutorial directed. "Make sure to round the nail file to the tip." You can perfect your DIY technique with regular almond nails first then graduate to almondetto ones as you become more confident with your filing skills.

Nail two looks with one manicure

With their sufficient length and elegant taper, your almondetto nails have the space to accommodate two different nail trends. Go half and half with the ones that catch your fancy, such as a tortoiseshell manicure with a French tip. Maybe contrast the velvety sheen of cashmere nails with the preppy plaid pattern. You'd definitely need some dexterity with using tools that allow for precise nail art application (or know a skilled nail technician), but imagine all the possible combos you can try without your nails looking messy and overloaded in the end.

You also don't have to do a literal half-and-half mani to combine two looks. A trendy, solid-colored base like milk bath or chrome nails can be used as a backdrop for a variety of details. Imagine having aura nails in your favorite autumnal shade that are then outlined with a thin strip of gold foil. This look would be extra glamorous on sleek almondetto nails. 

Fall in love with a French cœur manicure

The French manicure has come a long way from its classic white tips with square corners. The smile line, which Nails Mag described as a crisp line that follows the curve from one nail sidewall to the other, is a contemporary version of this timeless look that visually elongates the nails and fingers. It looks great with an almondetto nail, but to push the envelope even further, why not paint un cœur or a heart at the tips of your nails instead? With the almondetto's tapered ending, you already have the bottom half of the heart ready to be filled in. Simply use a stencil to paint the curves of its upper half cleanly.

Turn this version of the French manicure into a graphic attraction by pairing white nail polish with black or red. You can also go for a softer approach with pastel or monochromatic pairings. Keep people guessing by switching the colors you'll use as the base and on the tips. Finally, a high-luster lacquer to top your manicure is the perfect finishing touch.

Emphasize your almondetto nails' tips with chrome

As elegant as this nail shape is, it's also a lot of fun. With a little imagination, you can make your manicure look cutting-edge. For example, pairing a milk bath base with sleek tips painted in chrome results in futuristic nails that are also reminiscent of the Y2K aesthetic. Add an element of fantasy by painting the tips of your almondetto nails as silver iridescent flames or gold comet tails. 

Bustle advised going to a professional if you want to go the classic route of dusting chrome powder on your manicure, although DIY-friendly options are also available. Celebrity manicurist Leanne Woodley told the publication, "For individuals with little to no prior nail experience, I recommend opting for chrome nail polish colors to streamline the process." An even easier option? Press-on chrome nails. "[These] are a serious game-changer when it comes to saving time and money, [as] you can give yourself an on-trend mani in less than five minutes and for a fraction of the cost that it would be in-salon," Bailey Stanworth, founder of the press-on nails brand Quickies, explained to Bustle. You'll also have a variety of ready-made designs to choose from.

Let out your witchy, magical side with dainty nail art

With Fall also signaling the fast approach of Halloween, there's no better time to show off your love for all things occult. Almondetto nails are the perfect nail shape for the modern-day witch, so adorn yours with delicate nail art: intricate cobwebs, creepy crawlies, skulls and bones, and more. Do it on a background color of your choice, from classic neutrals like pale pink or beige to the more gothic-looking deep burgundy or black. Play around with it too by using metallic nail polish and forming eye-catching patterns with the glitter. Make sure your base color is completely dry, though, before adding your choice of details to avoid smudging. Create dimension in your "creepy" almondetto nails by applying metallic or crystal studs. These also help catch the light to create a magical sparkle whenever you flash your bewitchingly witchy manicure.