All The Holiday Nail Inspiration You'll Ever Need

If you're anything like us, you love to bring a little festivity to your nails for the holiday season. Somehow, nothing feels snugglier than cozying up under a blanket with a hot drink to show off your holiday nails. But, let's be honest, there's almost too much choice out there when it comes to holiday nails and even just winter nails in general. From Instagram to Pinterest to TikTok, seasonal nail designs totally take over as the year draws to a close. You can end up seeing so many different stunning looks that it gives you vertigo.

But worry no more. No matter what you're celebrating as the year draws to a close, we've compiled the only collection of holiday nail inspiration you'll ever need. So bookmark this page for years to come, because we're sure you'll be coming back for more every time the weather starts to turn a little chillier.

Bring out the nail art for Christmas

How stunning are these holly-covered nails for Christmas? You'll need a steady hand to recreate this look, but it sure will be worth it if you do. We also love the extra addition of the chrome finish, which makes the holly leaves and berries look frosted, as if they've been out in the cold. Plus, the bronze glitter dots add a little something extra.

Dark blue and white are go-tos for Hanukkah

For Hanukkah nails, dark blue and white are the traditional colors to go for. This look combines the two on the majority of the nails, using a dark blue background as the canvas for a combination of differently shaped stars. Then, on three nails are more specific Hanukkah symbols — the Star of David, the dreidel, and a menorah. All of which have been done with stunning detail.

Change it up with green

Feelin' green? Then try this Christmas manicure making good use of the rich color. This stunning metallic manicure combines a few different ideas, so it's great for those who like to change things up from nail to nail. There are plenty of ways to use this design as a template but make it your own, from changing which snowflake design goes on each finger to choosing different shades of green — or any other color for that matter!

Get colorful for Kwanzaa

Those who celebrate Kwanzaa will know that the colors of the holiday are black, red, and green —and this manicure incorporates all those colors and more into a truly stunning nail design. This manicure uses geometric shapes and curved lines to create a totally unique and gorgeous concept that will have everybody talking.

There's such a thing as New Year nails, too!

Ready to say goodbye to the year that's gone by and hello to a new one? This manicure design is super fun for celebrating the New Year in style, and it's especially perfect for those who don't celebrate a religious holiday at the end of the year. This simple yet stunning nail look is easy to recreate at home, as it's just a case of sticking on a few nail art stars and adding a little glitter and white polish over a neutral base.

Try pinking of Christmas this year

Barbie pink has seen quite the resurgence, so why not bring that into Christmas? For an uber-feminine look, try this manicure made of a bubblegum pink matte polish with a different design on each nail. From snowflakes to candy cane-inspired stripes with glitter, this pretty-in-pink look really does have it all.

Snowflake nails can celebrate the season

Are you celebrating a few different holidays this winter, or want to acknowledge the season itself more than a specific holiday? This snowflake-adorned blue and white design is perfect. Layering snowflake nail art accessories under layers of clear gel polish creates a multidimensional effect on the ring, index, and pinkie finger, while the cloudy base and painted white snowflake on the middle finger really helps tie the whole manicure together.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with some sparkle

This manicure design to celebrate the Festival of Lights will bring all the sparkle to your holidays. Again using the traditional colors of dark blue and white in glitter form, this Hanukkah look uses a different design on each finger for a creative yet cohesive holiday style.

Celebrate Christmas with a break from tradition

Tired of the traditional reds and greens for Christmas? You don't need to stick to tradition to celebrate, and this festive purple manicure proves that. This design is festive without being too on the nose, combining a flat color with glitter, a knit print, and a fun snowflake design. Perfect for those winter festivities!

Kwanzaa nails can be stunning using abstract designs

Another stunning take on Kwanzaa nails, this version of a manicure for the December holiday uses abstract designs to tell a story — and we can't get enough. It may not be the easiest of holiday designs to replicate, but it sure is stunning and will be totally worth it if you've got the time to give it a go.

Red glitter is a classic holiday manicure for a reason

There's a reason we see red glitter nails popping up time and time again over the holidays. Because it's so chic and classic. Plus, there are so many ways to get the look. From using a shimmer red polish or gel to applying a glitter polish (or some loose glitter) over the top of a classic red, there are so many ways to make this seasonal staple your own.

Unwrap your Christmas bow nails

Another one for the Christmas lovers who want to keep things a little simpler, this design is great for those who don't want to stray too far from a French manicure but still get a holiday look. With a simple overlay, you can still see your Frenchie shining through, but the bow adds an undeniable holiday touch.

You can't go wrong with candy canes and gingerbread

There's little more classic for Christmas than candy canes and gingerbread men, and this manicure combines the two. This is pretty intricate stuff, so you're probably best served by letting a nail tech take the reins (unless you're feeling brave!) We'd recommend sticking to a more neutral base, though, so you can really see all that detail.

There's nothing wrong with matching nails for the holidays

Though a lot of our holiday manicure picks incorporate different designs on each nail, this look is all about matching. The metallic gold Christmas trees are super chic on top of the neutral base, and this design will go with so many different outfits. Perfect for those who are busy with parties and events for the season.

Christmas nails can be dark, too!

Who said Christmas nails had to be all about the reds, whites, and greens? If you prefer a dark color on your nails, then we've got the look for you. This festive design proves you can easily incorporate black nail polish into your holiday nails. Three of the nails are glossy black only, while the middle nail uses white and glitter polish for dark, candy cane-inspired stripes. Then, on the index finger, there's a stunning Christmas tree-inspired design with a glittery star on top. Stunning yet unexpected!

Try a foil base for an attention-grabbing Hanukkah look

Ready to sparkle for the holidays? Then try a silver base for your Hanukkah look. This manicure used a foil silver for the base (which is totally attention-grabbing — in a good way) before adding Hanukkah-inspired designs in the traditional dark blue over the top.

Don't forget the festive embellishments

Since Christmas is all about the sparkle, you can't go wrong with some sparkly nail accessories for the holidays. Those who want to go all out will no doubt love this festive red and white manicure, which combines glossy color, glitter, and nail gems for one super glam look.

While a gradient effect can really work for Kwanzaa nails

This take on Kwanzaa nails proves how all the colors of the holiday can be combined using a gradient effect. Here, the green and red fade into the black at the tip of the nails for a bold way to commemorate Kwanzaa, while the use of matte polishes gives the look that extra edge.

Christmas nails can be super chic

Prefer something a little more chic and abstract for your holiday nails? This look is both of those rolled into one. Combining dark red polish with a gold line, this stunning and sophisticated manicure is great for those who don't want to do too much when it comes to their manicure, but still want to make a statement.

Or your festive manicure can be oh so simple

Don't feel like going all out with lots of glitter and color? If that's not for you, then this manicure design may well be. This version of Christmas nails couldn't be simpler. All it entails is drawing half a Christmas tree on one nail, and the other half on the one next to it. This version used a metallic green for the tree, but you could go for a classic lacquer, a glitter polish, or even a matte depending on your preference. You could also change up the color of your base, too!

Put a twist on the candy cane classic

Candy cane stripes have been a classic manicure look for a while now, but this version put a twist on that design. Instead of taking the stripes all the way across the nails, the stripes are in the center of the nail only. You can easily achieve this look with two strings of nail tape placed on the nail to stop the polish from spilling over onto the sides.

Even Christmas lights can be dark if you want them to be

An alternative way to bring some darker polish to your Christmas nails is to give this fun design a go. The matte black background gives some juxtaposition to the bright colors of the string lights, so you really are getting the best of both worlds if too much sparkle and color just isn't for you.

You can't go wrong with glitter for the New Year

We adore this glitter look because of how much it looks like the fireworks so many of us set off to celebrate the New Year. It's easier than you think to get this look at home, too. Just apply a few layers of your favorite glitter polish as a base, before adding a little more of a couple of other thinner glitter colors over the top. Then throw on some nail art stars to act as the bang of the fireworks — and you're done!