'Bubble-Jewelry' Is The Latest Oversized Trend To Get In On For Fall 2023

The latest fall trend of 2023 is bubble jewelry. The bubble trend is the very cute term for large, spherical jewelry in any category, be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or even hair pieces. Since pearls are the most obvious ball-shaped choice for jewelry designers, we're seeing a lot of oversized pearls in the bubble jewelry trend. But gold and silver baubles are also showing up, adorning necks, fingers, and wrists across the world. 

The bubble jewelry trend is one niche in the larger umbrella of oversized jewelry trends that's taking over fashion. We've seen runways glittering thanks to huge earrings, thick necklaces, sturdy cuffs, and statement rings that tell a story in and of themselves. While we love every sighting of this oversized jewelry trend, the bubble trend might just be our favorite. It's such a fun trend, the looks are cute as could be, and the sculptural shapes add such a rich layer to the arena of accessorizing. The bigger the better, when it comes to bubble jewelry. 

Choose long strands of bubbles

The playfulness of a long strand of oversized pearls is one of the most inventive ways to lean hard into the bubble jewelry trend. The variation in pearl sizes adds asymmetrical whimsy to the entire outfit, and the sheer quantity of pearls gives us some decadence that we so badly long for after eons of understated, quiet luxury being the trend. Pair the bubble necklace with some statement earrings, and you've got yourself a look, babe. Black clothing gives an unobtrusive canvas to let the accessories do the talking.  

Big, gold earrings that stand alone

Minimalism is out, and the bubble jewelry trend is pushing sumptuous, sculptural shapes for earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. The decadence of a large, spherical pair of earrings looks stunning, particularly with an off-the-shoulder top. What's especially nice is that the gold tone creates a rich variation from the more commonly seen pearl trend. Keep hair up and pulled back in order to let the bubble-shaped earrings command all the attention.

Rock short, double strands of pearls

A double strand of oversized pearls is the perfect way to rock the bubble jewelry trend. These thick, creamy strands look so glamorous when paired with a simple, velvet, black dress. Since the pearls make such a statement on their own, is also the perfect chance to utilize your favorite delicate jewelry pieces. Small, diamond studs are ideal to balance out this big, show stopping piece. 

Earrings and hair ties that fit the bubble jewelry trend

We're obsessed with these earrings because they look like cake pops. The colorful embellishments on the long strands, as well as the colorful designs on the pearls themselves add a dimension of play to the jewelry. The bubble jewelry trend is all about having fun with exaggerated sizes. Matching, bubble-shaped pearl hair clips keep the theme going. Why not bejewel your hair too? Since the look is so colorful, anything goes. A blue tie-dye top with ample sleeves is a perfect way to showcase this bubble trend. 

A silver and gold bubble necklace is perfect with denim

Play with metallic pieces in the bubble jewelry trend by sporting a silver and gold necklace. The mixed metal piece offers a way of wearing the eccentric trend while still working with complementary neutral metallics. Let this necklace take center stage by pairing it with small, delicate hoop earrings and some trendy, tiny sunglasses. Wear your hair pulled back to show off the jewelry, and go full cool girl by elevating your denim style with a jean blazer.