Cherry Mocha Makeup: How To Bring The Nail Trend To Your Beauty Looks For Fall 2023

Cherry mocha is, without a doubt, the color of the moment. This gorgeous dark red is the shade you've probably seen all over social media during fall 2023, as the stunning yet sophisticated deep color has totally taken over the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and beyond. The rich, classic color (which essentially resembles a cherry mocha coffee) has predominantly been conquering the nail world in particular, with countless influencers showing off their glossy maroon-red nails on their accounts. "There is something so quintessentially 'fall' about a crisp red manicure. Every year comes with its own variation and this year, it's a deeper, brown-toned red," Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator and manicurist, told Byrdie. And there are plenty of ways you can get in on the cherry mocha nail trend, too!

But this look is now moving beyond our hands and stretching upwards to our faces. Yep, we're in for a cherry mocha makeup fall, everyone. As Remark pointed out, "Some beauty trends start to bleed out across mediums and this is a perfect example of that." But how exactly do we move cherry mocha from our nails to our makeup routine? Well, we have a few ideas to make that transition as seamless as possible.

Bring cherry mocha to your lips

One of the most obvious (and probably easiest to pull off) ways to bring cherry mocha to your makeup is to opt for a dark red lip. This vampy shade is super classic and elegant, which makes it the perfect color for when you're looking to amp up your makeup. We'd recommend before choosing your dark lipstick to consider your undertones. That may mean adjusting your cherry mocha shade slightly based on your coloring (which is totally fine, as cherry mocha is pretty open to interpretation and can span a range of dark red shades). For those with cool undertones, try more of a cherry red with purple undertones (this is the shade you probably think of instantly when you think of cherry mocha). Those with warmer undertones will want to focus a little more on the red in their lipstick shade over the purple. If you're unsure or have more neutral undertones, then try a dark cranberry to get the look.

It goes without saying cherry mocha lips are bold, so you'll want to start the process by exfoliating the lips and applying some chapstick (extra points if it's cherry flavored). That's because dark shades are more likely to highlight any dry lip situations. You'll also want to invest in a good lip liner to give a little dimension to your cherry mocha lip and stop any potential bleeding. Two shades darker is usually recommended for a little definition without being too overpowering.

Or show off cherry mocha on your eyes

There are SO many gorgeous cherry mocha-inspired eye makeup looks out there, because this shade is absolutely stunning on the eyes. If you want to go more subtle, you could simply slick a line of dark red eyeliner near your lash line and wing it out for a cat eye effect (but just remember to keep it darker, as something too light could make your eyes appear sore).

But the most creative looks come in the form of eyeshadow. Applying a cherry mocha shade to the lid and blending it out with a soft brown in the crease creates a stunning effect, particularly when coupled with a black liquid liner. Or why not get creative with your shadow and create a more ornate design like the one above? But don't think your cherry mocha eye look has to be matte. If you really want to have some fun, pat a dark red glitter over the lid for some sparkle that will really grab attention in the best way. Though cherry mocha eyes and cherry mocha lips can totally work together if you're feeling daring (and we know you could totally rock it) you'll probably want to stick to playing up one or the other unless you're going for a super bold look. That will make your take on the trend that little bit more subtle, as neither will overpower the other.

Cherry mocha locks may also be the way to go

Want to take your cherry mocha beauty passion even further up your body? Then why not show off a new look with your hair? Cherry mocha hair (which you may have seen a version of on social media under the names cherry cola hair or chocolate cherry hair) is an even bolder way to get in on the trend, and it can be totally gorgeous. There are a few ways to do it, though. If you already have brunette hair, you'll find a full head transition much easier than someone with blonde or other light shades (as going from super light to dark involves several stages).

If you do have lighter locks, why not show your cherry mocha love in the form of a second trend? Two-tone hair is a super popular hair look for fall 2023, so you may want to consider adding just a little of the popular color into your locks rather than going for a full head of dye. Or even try a gradient effect towards the end of your tresses. Just remember that a full head of this rich color will take a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep the color vibrant, so it's one you're going to have to commit to. However, if you do already have lighter brown hair, you may be able to try a semi-permanent die that gives you a similar effect.

Or bring some cherry to your perfume

Who said you only have to see your dedication to the cherry mocha trend, when you could always smell it as well? Another way to get in on the trendy color movement could be to smell like it, too. We know, we know, you won't actually be able to tell in your stunning Insta-worthy snaps as you hold your cherry mocha coffee while showing off your cherry mocha hair, nails, and makeup, but you'll still know you really went for it. And that's all that matters, right?

Though the exact cherry mocha scent (i.e. that rich smell of a cherry coffee) is a little niche to replicate, there are plenty of gorgeous perfumes and body sprays out there that have a hint of cherry for a sweet scent you won't be able to get enough of. Plenty of fragrances perfect for fall have also adopted the cherry mocha shade for the color of their bottles, so you'll really be able to make the most of this fall-centric aesthetic.