Two-Tone Hair Is The Edgy Color Trend Coming Back For Fall 2023

Ever feel torn between two colors when choosing a new shade for your hair? Boy, do we have the trend for you. Yep, fall 2023 is set to be all about two-tone tresses — so you can let your indecisive (and bold!) flag fly and rock your two favorite shades instead of opting for just one. "[Two-tone hair] perfect for the creative clients who want a bit more edge to their color while keeping the natural or darker color base of their hair and adding a contrasting pop of color," Linh Phan colorist and Schwarzkopf USA artistic team member told Allure.

One of our favorite things about this trend is how versatile and totally customizable it is. Not only can you choose which two colors you want, but there are countless ways to place the shades on your head — from donning skunk hair (which involves black and blonde strands in two very severe sections), to dying only the tips, or opting for a different color on either side of the head. There really are so very many different variations, which means you're sure to find one that suits you. But if you still need a little inspiration, these are just a few of our drastic favorites. 

Go bold underneath

How edgy is this super fun two-tone look? Going dark on the top and really light underneath creates a dramatic two-tone look (which will look even more pronounced when you put your hair up in a ponytail) and will give your tresses a mystical yet bold upgrade. Perfect for spooky season, but it'll also keep you on trend far beyond thar. Going into 2024, rich and dark brunette shades are set to be the hot hair colors, so you'll still be totally in style even after fall is long gone.

Make your two-tone hair super vibrant at the front

Another way to try the two-tone hair trend is to bring all the vivid color to the front part of your locks. Putting something as vibrant as a bright green against a black shade over the rest of your head will really help bring out just how bright the color really is. Plus, it'll really help to shape the face and bring plenty of attention your way. Just be aware that plenty of compliments will be in your future with a look like this!

Orange you glad we said orange?

Proving just how dramatic two-tone hair can be pulled back, cool, dark locks with the addition of a hot, bright orange can be super effective, too. This look also shows how effective and stunning the two-tone trend can be on textured hair and we can't get enough of the little extra hit of color in the curls cascading down around the face. It may not be for the fainthearted, but is sure is gorgeous.

Keep Barbiecore alive a little longer

Not ready to say goodbye to Barbiecore just yet? Yeah, us neither. That's why we're totally obsessed with this two-tone blonde and pink look. If you still want to channel your inner Barbiecore into fall 2023, donning a 'do that is half-platinum blonde, half hot pink is the way to go. Not to mention, embracing pink hair is a total power move, but you'll just want to remember that getting your hair the colors can be a bit of a process.

Or go extra bold with your two-tone locks

Who said one color in your two-tone locks has to be a more natural shade? A red and blue combination proves you can go as vibrant as you desire. Plus, it's giving us total Harley Quinn vibes (just in time for Halloween!). So ditch those traditional hair shades and turn up the vibrancy to maximum with daring hair that's sure to grab all the attention this fall.