How To Wear Fall 2023's Metallic Bag Trend Without It Taking Over Your Outfit

They're back, y'all! Yep. We're talking about metallic bags. You may remember this trend from the early '00s when we were all carrying mini, sequin silver bags around with us (be honest, if you were there, you were doing it) and, guess what? It's time to do it again! Seemingly an extension of the Y2K trend we've been seeing a whole lot of in 2023, these shiny, attention-grabbing bags have been all over the runways, and now they're making the way back into our wardrobes.

But we totally get it if you're a little apprehensive about bringing a metallic bag back into your wardrobe. They can be pretty bold and out there, and just looking at one can inspire a whole lot of fashion questions, like, "What can I wear this with?" and "Is it too much?" Not to mention the fact they can be totally attention grabbing, to the point they can literally take over your whole outfit. But never fear! is here with the tips on how to style this hot trend without it becoming the entire focus of your look, as a metallic bag actually be easier to wear than you might think.

Keep the color on the neutral side

Though a bright silver or gold bag may well be the first color we think of when we think of metallic bags, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to go too out there when choosing your shade. There are ways to bring the metallic to your accessories without having to go too bold, and choosing a more muted version of the trend will instantly make it blend in more easily with your outfit. No matter what you're wearing. Something like a metallic stone or beige will act as a neutral, but with a more fun and glamorous twist.

Go mini

Who said you had to go big and oversized when it comes to rocking your metallic bag? A great way to keep your take on the trend is to go for a clutch or a mini top handle bag. While this will be big enough to show the world how much of a trend follower you are, it won't be big enough to steal all the attention from your clothing. Plus, a good top handle bag is a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe, so you're sure to get plenty of use out of it year after year.

Match it to your other accessories

Looking to blend that metallic bag in with your outfit? Then what could look more blended and seamless than matching it to your other accessories? This look proves how pairing a shiny silver bag with equally shiny silver shoes helps both to assimilate into your look a little either, as, now, neither is the single bold standout piece. Both work together to create a more seamless, matching ensemble — which is perfect when you're wearing something a little more out there but don't want all eyes on you.

Go for a matte metallic over something shinier

We know, we know. What the heck is a matte metallic, we hear you ask? Allow us to explain. Of course, the whole idea of a metallic bag is that it's supposed to be shiny. But there are different levels of shine you can get with this accessory. Instead of going for a super smooth mirror effect, to prevent your bag from overshadowing your look, opt for something like the above with a print or texture. That's because it creates is more of a dull shine, so it'll still catch the light, but won't go blinding everyone you walk by (though we know your beauty still will!)

Ditch the extras

We've seen plenty of gorgeous metallic bags out there recently that have all the bells and whistles attached. We're talking fringe, rhinestones, mirrored accessories, and everything in between. And while these are absolutely stunning (and we certainly have a few in our wardrobe) these are more statement pieces that are better to wear when you want your bag to be the center of attention. To ensure your metallic bag still allows your outfit shine the way it deserves, we'd recommend leaving bags with all those extras at home. At least for now.