The Zodiac Signs To Turn To For The Most Affection

Nothing beats honest communication when building and strengthening a relationship. Sometimes, though, what we really need from our romantic partners and loved ones is an uncomplicated show of affection: a kiss, a hug, a compliment, a note saying they're thinking about us. These small acts affirm and reinforce the fondness and closeness in our personal relationships.

Needing affection doesn't make anyone clingy. Per Everyday Health, as social beings, we're hard-wired to feel the need to be connected to others. Each person's mileage varies, though. Some are more emotionally reserved while others feel comfortable expressing affection. While paying attention to and spending quality time with someone is the foolproof method of gauging their inclination for affection, astrology is a fun and helpful way of gathering clues. With each sign ruled by a particular planet, looking at the values and traits attributed to these heavenly bodies gives you an idea of an astrological sign's relationship style, strengths, and weaknesses.

Of all the planets, Venus's influence holds the most significance in relationships. More than the Sun sign, a person's Venus sign reveals their approach to love, romance, and pleasure. "Venus is named after the goddess of love so it should come as no surprise that, within astrology, this planet rules how we relate to one another — often in a romantic context," Today explained. That includes how someone expresses and prefers to receive affection, aka, their love language.

Enjoy cuddling at home with the sensuous Taurus

As one of the signs ruled by Venus, earthy Taurus loves their creature comforts: gourmet food, luxurious fabrics, and beautiful art, all enjoyed preferably at home. When someone has their Venus in Taurus, you can expect to have all these elements around while spending quality time with them. You might also find them tactile with their affection, especially if you're in a romantic relationship. Taurus is equal parts solid and sensuous, so cuddling, hugging, and massages are right up their alley, both as givers and receivers. 

Don't assume, though, that you can rush a Taurus (especially a Venus Taurus) into entering an intimate relationship with you. It's hard to rush the Bull, which is a fixed sign, into doing anything they don't want to or are unsure of. "You will probably need to cultivate patience if you are in a relationship with Venus in Taurus," Cafe Astrology advised. Aside from allowing them to open up to you at their pace, you also need to make them feel secure and comfortable — that you're as dependable as they are. 

Once you've earned their trust, enjoy warm and cozy hangouts (or date nights) with them at home. You're less likely to run into inconsistencies and surprises in your relationship too. Being a stable presence in their life also increases your chances of convincing them to switch up your activities together once in a while for some excitement.  

Feel the warmth of a Leo's attention

With the Sun ruling Leo, it's easy to understand why this sign has a penchant for being in the spotlight. When the Lion's pride gets mixed in with Venus, you have someone who loves the idea of being in a power couple, whether in love or friendship. They enjoy being with someone they can show off to others, and they're equally willing to put in the work to be someone their loved ones would also be proud of. Leos thrive on attention and expect the best from those they love. As someone's Venus sign, the Lion can turn even the more subdued Sun signs into demanding partners and friends (per Cafe Astrology). 

Sounds exhausting? Sure, but living up to their expectations brings worthy rewards. "The great thing about Venus in Leo is they give as good as they get," Glamour stated. "Win over one of these loyal and generous souls and you'll be showered in love, attention, and expensive trinkets 'til the end of time." You gain not just a partner or a friend but also a cheerleader who will openly show their admiration, appreciation, and affection for you. It's a two-way street, though: Leos need to feel admired, validated, and adored by you in return. Treat them indifferently or turn away from their bids for affection and you'll soon find yourself left out in the cold.

Feel cared for by Libra's considerate manner

Those whose love language is hearing words of affirmation will find the kind, fair, and communicative Libra irresistible. Ruled by Venus, the sign of the Scales values harmony and balance not just in their physical environment (See: Libra Gwyneth Paltrow's credibility as a fashion and lifestyle authority), but also in their relationships. They're romantics at heart like Leos — a Libra Venus more so than a Libra Sun — but unlike the fixed fire sign's flair for drama, Libras are more diplomatic and are open to compromising with loved ones. They somehow find the right words to say when a partner or friend is upset and they treat the people they love how they also want to be treated, which is fitting for a sign that symbolizes justice.

The downside is it can be hard to tell if a Libra is being charming and affectionate with you because you're special or if that's simply how they treat everyone. As astrologer Juliana McCarthy told Bustle, "They tend to love multiple people equally." As an air sign, they also have a more cerebral approach to personal issues. Coupled with their diplomatic tendencies, it may feel as if serious emotional matters don't get the deep-dive discussions they need to be resolved. At heart, though, Libras are not selfish people and always consider others' welfare.

Be healed by Pisces' compassion

Being in the company of a Pisces feels like a no-judgment zone, thanks to their mutable nature and the transcendental power of their ruling planet, Neptune. Add the appeal of Venus, and their tender demeanor and soulful gaze can make you feel seen. The love planet is exalted in the sign of the Fish, meaning it's in a place of awareness where its strengths are encouraged to show their full power, according to AstroStyle.

When someone has a Pisces Venus, their romantic nature feels dreamy and healing. Quality time with them may be accompanied by good music since one of Neptune's gifts is Pisces' deep appreciation for the arts. Showing compassion also comes naturally to them, making it easy for partners and friends to be vulnerable. Best of all, they do their best not to hurt those they love. You feel accepted by Pisces unconditionally, and your bids for affection are reciprocated with gentleness.

However, unlike the sense of fairness behind Libra's kindness, the Piscean sensitivity makes them vulnerable to codependent types. "They love the underdog and are attracted to wayward folks, or those in need of a little help," Cafe Astrology explained, which means you may have some serious competition when it comes to their time and attention. It's also hard to pin the Fish down with a commitment since they become evasive whenever they feel "trapped," escaping to their watery depths.

Feel at home with Cancer's nurturing

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are some of the most caring people around. Their intuitive nature makes them attuned to others' feelings, cluing them in on the kind of comfort a loved one needs — and they willingly step up to the plate to provide it. They'll cook you comfort food, snuggle with you, and reminisce with you over happier times to cheer you up. This kind of devotion makes developing close relationships a serious matter for them, especially for Cancer Venus. "There is nothing at all flighty about Venus in Cancer," Them said. "People with cardinal water Venus signs don't do small talk: When a Cancer Venus chooses to love, they immediately dive in deep." Once they trust you, Cancer's attachment to your bond is second only to their affinity for their home and family.

Pop culture likes to joke about how sensitive and moody they are, as comedian Benito Skinner did in his "Dating a Cancer" YouTube video, but we must remember that the Crab's soft body is protected by a tough shell and a pair of pincers. When treated callously, their defenses kick in. "Gentle Venus in Cancer may trade passion for security, then pout or issue the silent treatment to draw the love [they] crave," described. They also don't forget grudges easily. Avoid missing out on their love and affection by making them feel safe and cared for and constantly reassuring them of your love.

All signs express affection in their own ways

Just because these five signs are known to be expressive with their affection doesn't mean the rest are aloof and uncaring. Plus, not all people born under them express affection in a similar manner or intensity. Other factors in their astrological chart also impact their ways of showing and receiving love, such as their Moon sign and the house where their Venus sign falls, which tells a lot about a person's emotional landscape. One's upbringing is also a major contributing cause: A 2015 study discovered that adults who had their physical, emotional, and social needs met during their childhood grew up psychologically resilient, with a "greater ability to take the perspective of others and an orientation toward compassion."

Besides, you might feel more affirmed by the other signs' ways of showing their affection. Aries' play-fighting style or Aquarius' intellectual conversations might be more to your taste, or you could feel more loved by Virgo's need to help you be a better version of yourself. As astrologer Juliana McCarthy explained to Bustle, " ... [Every] sign can love beautifully and give and receive ample affection depending on who they are with and how their partner's style blends with their own." Astrology is a good starting point for getting to know someone better. But to form a strong, loving, and affectionate bond with them that's mutually fulfilling, both parties need to put in the work.