Why Mutable Signs Are The Friends Everyone Needs

Imagine if "Friends" had everyone be competitive perfectionists like Monica or eccentric artists like Phoebe. Their hijinks wouldn't have been as funny, and their friendship would probably have been short-lived. That's because in any group, not everyone can be the ringleader or the clown. Friendships work and become fun when there's a balance of personalities involved. 

That's why everyone should make friends with people born under a mutable sign. Whether you're a take-charge extrovert, a meticulous introvert, or a mix of both, you'll find that being pals with these folks feels comfortable and easy.

So, how do you know when someone has a mutable sign?

While each sun sign has unique characteristics, they also fall under one of the three astrology modalities: the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). These modalities influence their approach to life. 

Born at the start of a new season, cardinal signs are visionary initiators who have difficulty seeing their projects through. Fixed signs, with their mid-season birthdays, like to take their time before deciding on a course of action. Once they do, though, they're hard to budge. Between these two are the mutable signs who can adapt to changes quickly and have no problem with going with the flow.

Mutable signs have a flexible, dual nature

Everyone needs a chill friend, and a mutable sign is your best bet. Born just as one season ends and another begins, they can deal with the fluctuations of transitional periods between winter, spring, summer, and fall, and rolling with the punches comes more naturally to them. As astrologist, Chani Nicholas puts it, "Because they join two seasons together, mutable signs have an uncanny ability to exist in contradiction. They are the definition of duality."

This duality shows up differently for each sign. For airy Geminis, it manifests as a curious personality. They can talk to anyone about anything, and not a lot shocks them. As earth signs, Virgos are more grounded. However, they're not so settled as to resist tweaking something — their work, the people they care about, themselves — to satisfy their perfectionist streak. Fiery Sagittarians like to make jokes and share their blunt opinions without prompting. Get to know them better, though, and they'll surprise you with their idealistic visions for the future. As for Pisces, their sensitivity makes them attuned to their environment and other people's emotions. They know how to read the room and can sense what others don't or can't express.

Because of their flexibility, mutable signs are adept at dealing with different personalities and situations. They're also very perceptive. Hang out with them, and you'll discover an easygoing companion who also makes you think, with their astute observations about human nature. 

Mutable signs need friends to motivate and ground them

Mutable signs are great friends not just during the good times. Because of their adaptability, you can call on them to help resolve a problem. If an issue can't be settled simply by plowing through it (a cardinal sign's method) or sticking to the plan (a fixed sign's preference), then the mutable signs' open-mindedness can. They consider others' perspectives, which is crucial in both conflict resolution and building trust and harmony between friends.

Of course, as any astrology student discovers, each sign has its strengths and weaknesses. The same applies to modalities. 

Mutable signs' go-with-the-flow attitude adds spontaneity to group activities and diffuses tension between strong personalities. But too much flexibility has drawbacks too. For one, mutable signs have fewer qualms about ditching a plan at the eleventh hour if they find something better or more important — if they just feel like it. Their dual nature also frustrates those who need a little more predictability from friends. In fact, mutable signs need people to keep them accountable. They can learn from a cardinal sign's drive how to pursue a goal, and a dependable fixed sign can teach them how to stay on the path.

As much as everyone needs to have them as friends, mutable signs need people from other modalities in their lives too. That's the beauty of becoming friends with folks who are different from you.