Understand Neptune's Placement In Your Birth Chart To Tap Into Your Intuition

Neptune is something of an elusive planet. With its long, long orbit around the sun — 165 years, to be exact — we will probably not ever experience Neptune's full rotation, unless someone invents the key to immortality in the meantime. Part of Neptune's allure, however, is that it is so precisely beyond our reach, being the most distant planet in the Solar System, and cannot be seen without a telescope. As such, Neptune is known for being the planet of spirituality and mysticism in astrology — representing all of the unseen forces at work in our lives, as well as our dreams, aspirations, intuitions, and even the illusions we are confronted with.

Appearing as a breathtaking blue orb, Neptune is named after the mighty Roman god of the sea, as it is covered in what scientists call "the ices," a combination of water, methane, and ammonia, per the Smithsonian. With no solid surface, but rather a thick atmosphere and shifting liquids, Neptune symbolizes the great depths of our being that are unknown to us, and thus, fascinating to explore. And because of Neptune's long transit, it is known as a generational planet, where it changes zodiac signs just once every 14 years. 

This means that, rather than representing just your own personal dreams and illusions, Neptune also signifies those of the collective who were born within one 14-year time period. For example, Generation Z was born between 1997 and 2012; Neptune falls into Aquarius within almost this same timeframe, per AskAstrology.

Neptune in your chart

Neptune rules the water sign Pisces, which shares many themes with the ice giant. Being the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces has also been associated with death; with the greater, existential unknowns that await us after we shuffle off our mortal coils, to paraphrase Hamlet. As such, the energies of Neptune are frequently associated with the afterlife, with what we believe to be true. And for the past 12 years, Neptune has been in the sign of Pisces, signifying the end to its most recent tread through the zodiac, where it will begin again, anew, with Aries in 2025-2026. So what does this all mean for you?

First, consult your birth chart. In what house is Neptune placed, and in what sign? Cafe Astrology suggests that, depending on where Neptune is placed, you may overlook this area of your life for an idealized version of it, whether consciously or not. For example, if Neptune is in the fourth house, which represents the home and home life, you may fantasize about the family you want to have, or wish you had. Perhaps, you may feel distant from being at "home" on Earth, as though you truly belong somewhere else. Next, consult the sign Neptune is in. For example, if Neptune is in Capricorn, one might be able to easily incorporate the spiritual into the structure of their everyday lives.

Tapping into Neptune's energies

Knowing how Neptune exists in your chart is a wonderful way to engage in the healing method of "shadow work," which involves delving into your subconscious and unearthing once-unknown truths about yourself and your life as a means of understanding them. As such, committing to shadow work around Neptune in your chart can be a highly intuitive process. Should it feel difficult to tap into your intuition — a concept that can feel abstract — experiment with picturing the realm of your subconscious as a physical place. Keeping with the themes of Neptune, this could be a cavern by the ocean, or a harbor full of ships — whatever feels best suited to you. Imagine yourself walking through this place: What do you notice? What do you hear? Who do you see? Sail alongside your thoughts, and pay attention to how you feel when doing so. The more familiar you become with this place, the easier it might be to tap into your intuition in the future, where you can return again and again.

Because Neptune is the planet of transcendence, Neptune asks us to consider the ways in which we can transcend both our own limitations and the limitations imposed on the collective. When you can harness your intuition and imagination, nothing seems impossible.