Your Venus Placement Is Key To Understanding Your Spending Habits

When it comes to gods and goddesses, Venus is That Girl. The Roman goddess of love, sex, and anything and everything beautiful, Venus represents the pleasures and indulgences of life — for better or worse. Venus' purpose is to experience such joys without shame — to revel in them, even. But while Venus seemingly lives in a dream world — eating chocolate cake for every meal and spending cash with abandon in the high heavens, we muse — we still have to function in reality. Understanding our Venus placements can offer some insights into how our spending habits are grounded here on Earth. 

What we spend money on can often be a reflection of our values, and here, our Venus sign can direct us toward clarifying what our values might be. Having this clarity can help us take a realistic look at our habits, and ensure that we are not being swept away by the sweetness of Venus without first taking care of our immediate financial responsibilities. But, as much as our spending relates to material things, what we spend money on can also reflect who we are as people. Of course, how much money we make or the items we own do not, and will never, define our value as human beings. But should we feel that our spending habits could use some sorting out, let's reflect upon what Venus can teach us about what we think is worth spending money on.

Assess Venus in your chart

First, open up your natal chart and assess it for your Venus placement. What sign your Venus is placed in can offer you several clues into your relationship with money. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus, meaning those with their Venus in either of these signs might be slightly prone to overspending and overindulging. The lighthearted sign of Libra places a large emphasis on aesthetics, and having money to realize the lifestyle that they desire, one full of all of the finer things in life, can be a significant aspect of their motivations. The centered sign of Taurus, on the other hand, values all things comforting and sensual, and having money as a measure of safety and security can also be an important factor in their goals. Despite adopting almost opposite perspectives in these two examples — external versus internal — Venus in each of the signs can manifest spending habits completely differently. 

When considering how Venus might affect your spending habits, think about what motivates the sign that your Venus is in, and see if your spending habits reflect those motivations or values. Should your spending habits feel misaligned with your values or goals, it could be worthwhile to consider a new approach to both.

What house does Venus occupy?

Amongst the houses of the zodiac, Venus rules the second house, which is fittingly known as the House of Value or House of Possessions. Within the second house, consider the idea that value is not just a passive concept. We are constantly assigning and reassigning value to our possessions, our relationships, and of course, our expenditures. The second house is also closely connected to our sense of self-worth, where the items, jobs, or lifestyles we do (and do not) have can affect our own ideas of who we are, both in positive and negative ways. 

But depending on what sign might be placed in your second house, you could learn much about your attitudes toward money and thus, toward your spending habits. For example, those with the deep water sign of Scorpio in their second house might be rather protective about their possessions and cash, preferring to save rather than spend, and to keep their spending habits to themselves. But those with the boisterous fire sign of Leo in their second house might feel completely the opposite, putting themselves out there in an effort to improve their cash flow, but feeling prone to personal insecurities as a result. How you spend your money is a highly personal choice, and ensuring you do so in a way that feels good to you can help you continue to realize your aspirations for the life you want to lead.