How To Let Your Statement Earrings Take Center Stage In A Look

Have you ever put together what you thought was the perfect outfit, only to try it on and realize it was missing something? We've all been there, searching for the accessory that will complete our look and bring our vision to life. Bold jewelry is having a moment, so when you're staring in the mirror wondering what that extra special addition to an otherwise flawless outfit could be, consider adding a statement earring.

Statement earrings are more than your average stud — after all, the exciting accessory got its name because of its ability to make a statement and show off the wearer's unique style. From vibrant bling to colorful tassels and quirky objects, there is a statement earring perfect for every vibe. While we can all agree you can never go wrong with a timeless classic like hoops, taking a fashion risk can really pay off when you find the right way to style your statement earrings.

Monochromatic outfits let your earrings shine through

When you're looking to style your favorite bold earrings, you can never go wrong with monochromatic looks, especially if it's a chic, all-black ensemble. TikTok user @femmeblk shares her collection of stunning gold statement earrings that she pairs with a simple black turtleneck. Keeping your outfit extra simple will let the intricate details in your earrings shine through. Bonus points if your outfit is a neutral monochrome look like this creator — even the most vibrant, colorful earrings will pair well with an all-black 'fit. 

A casual look with a hint of bling

Contrary to popular belief, statement earrings aren't just for fancy occasions. Sometimes the best way to make your statement earrings pop is by pairing them with a casual, sporty look. TikTok user @switch shares a few of their favorite sporty looks with earrings that really stand out on celebrities like Princess Diana and Hailey Bieber. This creator suggests pairing your favorite laid-back, casual look with a pair of large vintage earrings for an elevated on-the-go outfit. 

Metal earrings balance out a busy outfit

The right statement earrings can work well with even the most vibrant prints. When styling a busier pattern, try choosing an earring that balances your outfit's boldness. Fashionista @merricksart shares a TikTok video showcasing her favorite ways to style statement earrings. When it comes to prints and patterns, she suggests opting for a large, metallic earring. The simplistic design of a metal earring won't clash with your favorite patterns, and its shimmering material will still make a striking statement. Also, when it comes to the rest of your jewelry, you don't have to worry about matching everything, as mixed metal jewelry is on trend.

Slicked-back hair and statement earrings are a winning pair

When styling a statement earring, opting for an updo will always be a good idea. Putting your hair up is a surefire way to attract attention to your lobes — plus, you won't be detangling your earrings from your hair all night. TikTok user @switch shows us another way that our favorite celebrities style a bold statement earring, this time focusing on the slicked-back hairstyles they rocked at red-carpet events. According to this creator, the combination of sleek hair and a bold earring "will never fail."

Craft the perfect outfit around the earrings' color

Jewelry lovers know the struggle of collecting beautiful earrings that are so intricate, they are difficult to pair with your typical outfit. When you fall in love with a pair of interesting earrings, don't let them collect dust in your jewelry box. Creator @julie.garcia16 shows her followers how to craft the ideal outfit around a statement earring. She pays close attention to the colors within the gemstone in her earring and chooses a dress with a similar color, and chooses additional gold jewelry to complement the earrings' hardware. 

Show off your personality with a quirky earring

A statement earring can completely transform not only an outfit but an entire vibe. Creator @z00mie shares a TikTok showing off their wide range of styles based solely around their pair of earrings. They have a unique collection of fun and quirky pieces ranging from the iconic Scream mask to giant pink lightning bolts. Each pair of funky earrings tells a story and gives the creator a chance to show off their fashion versatility.  

Fruit earrings are total conversation starters

When we say anything can be a statement earring, we mean it — even your favorite food can dangle from your ears and add a personal touch to your outfit. TikTok user @victoriadunndesign shares her collection of adorable fruity earrings paired with a simple, white sundress. When it comes to statement jewelry, bigger is better. Whether you're in the mood for a sour lemon or a sweet cherry, you'll make a statement all summer long with these oversized fruit earrings.

Don't be afraid to add a big pop of color

You can take even the most traditional outfit to a whole new level by adding a colorful statement earring. TikToker @itstrenee elevates her simple blue jeans and white bodysuit into a fully realized look by adding a vibrant green tassel earring. The long length and bright colors in the earrings draw focus toward the accessory and the creator's gorgeous face. Adding a splash of color to a tried-and-true fashion combination completely transforms the outfit. 

Wear your favorites with the mismatched trend

If you are torn between which pair of statement earrings to wear, why not wear one of each? Mismatched earrings are a trendy new way to show off your unique style and showcase your favorite earrings. There are plenty of ways to style mismatched earrings with intention, and this can enhance an outfit rather than distract. TikTok user @thejennyrojinski explains her rulebook for mixing and matching earrings, focusing on the different lengths, styles, and metals that pair well together. 

Statement earrings aren't just for your lobes

Whether you don't have your ears pierced, your skin reacts poorly to certain metals, or some earrings are just too heavy to wear on your ears all day long, there are plenty of reasons why you might opt out of wearing a bold statement earring. When you fall in love with a pair of earrings that you aren't ready to rock on your earlobes, try this stylish hack that @letdeidrestyleitt shares on TikTok. This creator pins a few of her favorite bold, colorful earrings to the lapel of her blazer, bringing the accessory front and center.