The Mixed Metal Jewelry Trend Of 2023 Is Your Chance To Leave Rose Gold Everything Behind

When it comes to styling advice, few words of wisdom are as enduring as the following: Never mix silver and gold jewelry. And so it makes sense that for years, rose gold was touted as the perfect middle ground between the two. But now, trendsetters are done playing it safe. Wearing silver and gold together has become a trend again, perhaps to symbolically declare we're okay with breaking rules. Besides, why would you anyone want to limit their options? There is so much more that goes into jewelry than the metal it's made of, including its style, texture, and more — and playing with these elements is the mark of a true fashion virtuoso.

If you have never tried rocking simultaneous silver and gold, it can be a lot of trial and error, since the two competing colors can look awkward together. But it isn't hopeless. As you continue to accessorize by mixing metals in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, ensure that one metal is not overpowering the other. There are also plenty of jewelry pieces on the market that feature mixed metals together, bringing a practical way to melt into the look.

Digital creator Darien Monck (@darienm2) mixes metals in her Instagram photo by wearing one gold ring, one silver ring, and one mixed gold and silver ring, in a smart move to create balance with each.

Easy for everyday wear

Mixing metals can be a fun way to wear jewelry pieces you already own in a way they have never been worn previously as each takes on a new light when paired against its opposite. This combination from jewelry brand Kozakh, for example, shows a simple way to layer. While either of these pieces would look stunning on their own, pairing them together creates as striking contrast that accentuates the colors and textures. The smoothness of the flat, gold choker is highlighted by the dimensional, chain link design of the silver necklace, and vice versa. And the unfinished quality of the mother-of-pearl pendant highlights the sleek design of both pieces. But because both colors are still considered metallic neutrals, they work well for everyday wear. 

Of course, you do not always have to layer pieces on top of each other. Some recommend wearing different metals on different parts of the body to give each metal its own moment; for example, wearing gold rings on one hand and silver rings on the other. Stylist Jennifer Yee shares with the Wall Street Journal that she prefers to mix metals like this, giving the look a "cool effect."

Experiment with proportion

Another fun idea to consider when evaluating for balance is proportion. After you are completely dressed, look at yourself with your jewelry on in the mirror. Should one piece feel slightly off, adjust accordingly either by layering it on for a maximalist look, or taking it away to go more minimal. 

Digital creator Thubten Dronme (@dronme) on Instagram showcases a mixed-metal look in her photo. What we love about this combination is its mix of proportions and metals; the largest pendant is silver, while the mid-sized and smallest pendants are gold. Thus, the proportions are balanced, despite their different shapes. And, if you look close enough, you will find that the silver pendant is worn on the same gold chain as the mid-sized gold pendant. We think this is an ingenious way to mix metals — swap chains and pendants! This method might just be the best way to get the most out of your collection, with the added bonus that adding pendants to simple chains can add interest to the look. Forget the rules; mixing metals might just be an instant classic.