We're Going On A Tour Of The 12 Houses Of Astrology And Sharing What's In Each One

You might already know the "big three" of your zodiac chart (your sun, moon, and rising signs), but beyond that holy triad of astrology, there's an even deeper pool of wisdom. The astrological houses are an extra layer to the expansive practice of astrology. But what are they? Astrological houses don't correspond to specific locations in the night sky. Instead, they're symbolic divisions within an individual's astrological chart. 

The astrological chart is divided into 12 equal sections, each representing one of the astrological houses. Within these houses, the sun, moon, and planets disperse themselves in a unique pattern, depending on the time and location of birth. Revealing glimpses of your past, present, and potential future, the position of these celestial bodies holds profound insights. As the astrology blog AstroStyle explains, the planets are like actors in "the Movie of You," given specific roles delegated by the zodiac signs. The astrological houses set the stage for each scene. Here, we'll take a tour of each of the 12 astrological houses and what they mean.

Note: you might notice that some of your houses are empty. That doesn't mean that area of your life is "doomed." Rather, empty houses act as a blank slate of sorts. You have more freedom to shape these areas of your life.

First house: house of identity

Welcome to the first stop on our cosmic journey — the first house, aka the house of identity. The first house, which is home to your ascendant or rising sign, represents the beginning of the individual's astrological chart. It speaks to your identity, physical appearance, and how you carry yourself. 

Associated with fiery Aries, this house is all about ego, action, and initiation. Symbolically, the first house is the mask we wear, the outer shell that others perceive. It is the first impression we make on others. The first house is also associated with personal growth and self-realization. It represents the journey of self-discovery and how we navigate our individual paths in life. It encompasses our ambitions, goals, and aspirations, highlighting our innate drive and desire for personal fulfillment.

The sign occupying the first house and any planets placed there will provide insights into our personality traits and characteristics. For example, having Aries in the first house might indicate a bold and assertive nature, while Cancer in the first house could signify a nurturing and sensitive disposition. Remember, your ascendant sign changes every two hours, so if yours doesn't quite resonate, consider double-checking your birth time.

Second house: house of values

Welcome to the world of the second house, where financial finesse and personal values take center stage. This house has a special bond with Taurus, radiating an earthy vibe that grounds us in practicality. It represents our relationship with money, resources and how we cultivate a sense of security in our lives. 

Beyond finances, the second house also sheds light on our values and what we deem important in life. It encompasses our personal ethics, principles, and the things we hold dear. It reflects the underlying motivations behind our actions and choices, shaping our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. The second house invites us to explore the balance between material and spiritual wealth. It encourages us to find value in both tangible and intangible aspects of life, acknowledging that our worth extends beyond monetary measures. 

This house will shed some light on your unique blend of sensibility and sensuality, and your placements here will speak to your core values and approach to earning a living. Here, simplicity becomes an art form as you learn to embrace the beauty of a balanced and fulfilling life. In the second house, you can also learn to develop self-care or how you might neglect it. For example, someone with tumultuous Saturn in their second house might have such a determined work ethic that they might find it difficult to slow down and feel regularly burnt out.

Third house: house of communication

This airy abode is all about how and why we communicate. The third house in astrology is associated with speaking, learning, and the way we perceive and process information. It represents our intellectual pursuits, language skills, and the way we interact with our immediate environment. This house reveals how you think, express yourself, and connect with those closest to you. Ruled by the sign of Gemini, the third house encourages curiosity, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge. It governs our mental faculties, including thinking patterns, problem-solving abilities, and how we express ourselves verbally.

Here, you will learn how you deal with information, as well as how you solve problems. The planets within the third house can provide insights into our communication style, including how we express ourselves and listen. They shed light on our ability to adapt to different social settings, convey our thoughts effectively, and engage in meaningful conversations. 

The third house is a hotbed for creative geniuses and aspiring wordsmiths. If you find yourself irresistibly drawn to writing, reading, and constant learning, you may have some powerful placements in this house. Picture someone with Mercury, the ruling planet, residing in their third house — these wordsmiths are on a mission to decode the secrets of effective communication, both with their loved ones and the world around them.

Fourth house: house of home and family

Welcome to the domestic realm of the fourth house, a modern sanctuary where the essence of home and deep emotional connections reside. Here, the waters of emotions flow freely, intertwining with the concepts of family, nurturing, and domestic affairs. It represents our roots, our sense of security, and the foundation upon which we build our lives. 

The fourth house encompasses more than just a physical dwelling: it's about finding a sense of home within yourself and recognizing that we all return "home" to the Earth eventually. It delves into your connections with ancestors, family, and the roots that anchor your existence. 

Ruled by the nurturing sign of Cancer and associated with water, the fourth house is deeply connected to our emotions, our ancestral lineage, and our sense of belonging. It symbolizes our childhood experiences, family dynamics, and our relationship with our parents or guardians. From ancestral traditions to your taste in interior design, this house paints a vivid picture of your unique relationship with the concept of home. When the time comes to settle down and build your own nest, the fourth house provides the blueprint for your go-to sense of security. For instance, if Venus, the planet of love, graces your fourth house, you may find yourself naturally inclined to early commitment and lifetime partnerships.

Fifth house: house of creativity and self-expression

The fifth house in astrology, often referred to as the house of creativity and self-expression, embodies the joy, playfulness, and individuality within us. As we step into the fiery domain of Leo, get ready to ignite your passion and unleash your inner artist. Once you've made a grounding home for yourself within the fourth house, it's time to go out into the world and find yourself. 

The fifth house is all about joy, play, and creative expression. It's a vibrant playground where entertainment, love affairs, children, and creative expression intertwine. It's self-actualization through creativity. Here you can also find the types of hobbies, activities, or games most likely to bring you happiness. Understanding the energy of the fifth house empowers us to explore our passions, unleash our creative spirit, and cultivate a sense of joy and fulfillment in our lives.

This house could also influence your dating life, as it colors how you take risks or pursue love. Placements and aspects within the fifth house offer insights into our creative potential, romantic inclinations, and overall zest for life. They shape our approach to self-expression, influence our relationships, and guide us toward embracing the unique aspects of our individuality. For example, someone with Pluto (the planet of rebirth) in their fifth house might feel inclined to reinvent outdated ideas in romance and creativity and pave their own unique way forward.

Sixth House: house of health and daily routine

Here in the sixth house, Virgo's earthy energy adds a touch of refinement and meticulous planning. After we stoke the wild creativity of the fifth house, the sixth house is there to balance us out and give us stability. This house is like a personal technician, offering insights into how you can efficiently tackle your daily tasks while finding fulfillment along the way. This is the house that has us Googling the best life hacks for our morning routines and time-blocking our calendars. Here is where we learn to tailor our daily routines in a way that also keeps us feeling healthy and well. 

Planets within the sixth house can provide insights into our work ethic, approach to health, and ability to maintain a balanced lifestyle. They shape our habits, routines, and attitudes toward service and self-care. Someone with Neptune, the planet of imagination and subconscious, in their sixth house, might often find themselves trying to "logic" their way out of their decisions and give themselves analysis paralysis.

In the sixth house, we also contemplate the kind of support systems we need. Whether with the unwavering support of our cherished girl gang or the loyal companionship of our beloved pets, this house invites us to reflect on the people and beings that uplift us.

Seventh house: house of relationships

The seventh house marks a pivotal shift from the personal to the interpersonal. Here, where Libra's airy grace and diplomacy reign supreme, we step outside ourselves and forge connections with those around us. At its core, the seventh house symbolizes one-on-one relationships, particularly romantic partnerships, and marriages. It governs how we seek love, our approach to commitment, and the qualities we value in a partner. 

This house encourages us to seek harmony, compromise, and mutual understanding in our intimate connections. It's here where we also dive into the realm of legal affairs and the intricate dance of cooperation. This house serves as the compass that reveals how you prefer to bond with others and how you approach romance. It takes the initial sparks of flirtation from the fifth house and nurtures them into more committed and intimate relationships. 

Planets within the seventh house can provide insights into our approach to relationships, our compatibility with others, and the qualities we seek in a partner. They shape our ability to create balanced and fulfilling connections and influence the dynamics within our partnerships. For instance, if you find the dreamy, affectionate moon gracing your seventh house, you may find yourself easily swept away in whirlwind romances, seeking solace and fulfillment in long-term partnerships. This house sets the stage for profound emotional connections and the formation of lasting unions.

Eighth house: house of transformation

The uncharted territory of the eighth house invites you to confront the shadowy corners of your existence and embrace transformation. It's time to unravel the mysteries that lie within. In the enigmatic realm of the eighth house, Scorpio takes center stage. Here we explore the ideas of death, profound change, legacies, taxes, rebirth, and the complexities of sexuality. 

This house delves into deeper, more intricate aspects of life, challenging us to confront and navigate them. It's a space where turbulent and constantly evolving energies reside, provoking us to face uncomfortable truths about ourselves that may not always be pretty. It's likely that any planet placed here will feel turbulent and constantly evolving, urging us to embrace change and uncover hidden depths within ourselves. In our relationships, the eighth house serves as a gateway to emotional depth, propelling us beyond the simple picking-out-furniture-together phase of the seventh house and into the up-until-2-a.m.-talking (and maybe fighting) phase. 

Understanding the energy of the eighth house allows us to embrace the transformative power of vulnerability, engage in deep connections, and navigate the realms of intimacy. Individuals with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and social skills, positioned in their eighth house may often be perceived as mysterious and magnetic. They probably have an obsessive level of focus and an all-or-nothing attitude, simultaneously radiating charisma and carefully selecting their inner circle.

Ninth house: house of higher learning

In the dynamic ninth house, the adventurous Sagittarius takes flight. When the dark inner world of the eighth house can start to feel too constricting, the ninth house takes us out for a much-needed breath of fresh air and a new perspective. Look to this house for insights on how to broaden your horizons or add more adventure to your life. 

This house wants you to think big and expand your horizons, which is why travel and higher education are housed here. In the ninth house, the pursuit of knowledge and the quest for higher understanding begin to surface. It beckons you to explore new intellectual frontiers and delve into philosophical inquiries. Travel becomes a catalyst for growth and self-discovery, allowing you to embrace diverse cultures, expand your worldview, and gain invaluable experiences. The entrepreneurial spirit often finds its roots in the ninth house, fostering a drive for innovation and risk-taking in pursuit of exciting opportunities. 

Planets here can indicate an individual's inclination and enthusiasm for exploration, adventure, and cultural immersion. It can shed light on one's desire to broaden horizons through travel experiences and embrace diverse cultures and perspectives. Someone with Mars — the hot-headed planet of action and assertion — in their ninth house may find themselves often making impulsive, reckless decisions. Though they may forgo tomorrow for the thrill of today, they are able to bounce back quickly.

Tenth house: house of career and public Image

The tenth house beckons you to embrace your potential, define your own version of success, and leave an indelible mark on the world with your unique contributions. This heavy-hitting house is often seen as the "true north" of the zodiac wheel. As we enter the realm of Capricorn, our focus shifts to that of career, reputation, results, and responsibility. 

In the tenth house, we uncover our dharma — the alignment of our actions and skills with our ability to contribute to the world. It guides us toward reaching our highest potential and becoming the architects of our own success. This house also encompasses our reputation and public image. It is where we build our legacy. Similar to a stern and no-nonsense parent, the tenth house carries the paternal energy of the fourth house but with a focus on discipline, achievement, and societal expectations. 

By examining the planets within the tenth house, astrologers can gain valuable insights into an individual's career path, public image, reputation, ambition, leadership potential, and their desire to make a lasting impact in their chosen field. For individuals with rebellious and innovative wild card Uranus positioned in their tenth house, a desire to overthrow the conventional "system" and reinvent the notions of success and happiness becomes apparent. They are driven to challenge the status quo and carve their own unique path, embracing unconventional approaches to achieving their goals.

Eleventh house: house of community and goals

The eleventh house broadens the reach of the third and seventh houses to focus on communities, networks, and groups. Here, we venture beyond the boundaries of individual connections and delve into the vast expanse of greater communities and future aspirations. These alliances are not merely social connections but platforms for collaboration, support, and the exchange of ideas. 

It is through these friendships that we find the strength to pursue our dreams, champion causes we believe in, and embrace our individuality. Ruled by eccentric and good-natured Aquarius, the eleventh house serves as a hub for high-minded and existential thought. It ignites a burning desire to improve the world and leave a lasting impact on future generations. It embodies the relentless drive to innovate, advocate for progress, and push the boundaries of what's possible. 

Studying placements within the eleventh house can offer guidance on building meaningful relationships, pursuing collective goals, and embracing individuality within the context of a broader community. For example, individuals with their sun placed in the eleventh house are often visionaries and idealists, guided by lofty aspirations and an inclination towards unique perspectives. Their minds soar beyond conventional boundaries, and they possess a genuine passion for creating positive change in the world.

Twelfth House: house of dreams and spirituality

At our final stop in the tour of houses, the twelfth house beckons us to immerse ourselves in the subconscious. Within the watery domain of Pisces lies a modern exploration of magic, past lives, secrets, and privacy. Venture into this mystical realm to connect with the profound depths of your spirituality, including the elusive aspects of your shadow self. 

Here, we encounter the ethereal and elusive, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. It is a place of introspection where we surrender, release, and embrace the endings that pave the way for new beginnings. Within this house, we encounter grief and undergo cathartic healing. It is a space of transformation where we confront our deepest wounds and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery. Everything within the twelfth house is effervescent and unstable, reminiscent of a mystical dance. It's where we may lose control or turn to escapism as a coping mechanism. 

Planets or signs in the twelfth house can provide insights into the types of spiritual practices and healing modalities that resonate with us. Individuals with Saturn, the planet of responsibility and self-discipline, placed in their twelfth house often discover the healing power of intentional solitude. They embody natural healers, conduits of mystical energy, and find solace in the transformative process of self-reflection. It is within this house that the whispers of your soul find expression, guiding you toward spiritual awakening and inner transformation.