Uranus Is The True Wildcard In Your Birth Chart

Uranus, a planet with a name that is the butt of many jokes, is really nothing to laugh about when it comes to astrology. The ruler of the sign Aquarius, Uranus is one of those planets that spells success, but when it's running through your sign, you can expect it to kick you hard.

There are no limitations when it comes to Uranus in your birth chart — the planet wants to push you through your fears, past your breakdowns, and all the way out the front door — regardless of what you may find out there waiting. After all, one cannot succeed in life without first experiencing the pain of failure, and then learning the skills to channel that into transformation and change. Depending on where this pushy planet lands, you can expect lots of upheaval, but it generally comes with a good outcome, once you get through all the tough parts, of course.

A better understanding of Uranus' history

To better understand Uranus and this planet's meaning in natal charts, it helps to look at the discovery of it, and exactly how this planet behaves. Uranus was discovered in 1781 by way of a telescope, and it was the first planet to be found this way. Another anomaly is that it's named for a Greek deity, rather than a Roman one. On top of that, the planet is tilted, so it is actually lying on its side as it orbits the sun — hence the direction of its characteristic rings.

Because of the strange aspects of this planet, in astrology, it is known as the planet of invention, and it exudes both uniqueness and originality. While it may appear to create chaos when it comes to your sign, it is actually motivating you to push forward. It promotes creative thought and action. You can expect change when it comes to Uranus in your chart.

What to expect when Uranus is in your chart

Of course, with any planet or celestial body, Uranus' influence in the birth chart depends on which sign they're on. So we'll take a quick peek into Uranus in each zodiac sign, starting with Aquarius, where you can expect major inventions to happen. In Libra, you can expect to see things differently and enhance your relationships, while in Gemini, Uranus brings about humbling experiences. In Aries, big changes happen, and they happen fast. In Leo, this creative sign's creativity is heightened, but in Sagittarius, there's more of a reflection on the spiritual side of things.

There are infinite possibilities abounding when Uranus is in Pisces, which can bring about new beginnings and harsh endings. In Scorpio, you take a deep dive into taboo topics, and in Cancer, there is more of a focus on home. Taurus will find more balance and harmony when Uranus is in their sign. Virgo will find more focus on keeping things in order, while Capricorn in Uranus will strive to be more non-traditional when it comes to their passion for work.

When things really shake up, though, is when Uranus goes retrograde. Expect things to shock you during this time. And, where Uranus in retrograde shows up in your birth chart, you can expect to find things more difficult — you may struggle with self-expression or find that you often feel out of place.