How To Have An Adult No-Strings Summer Fling (You Deserve It)

Summer is here and you are ready for some fun without the commitment of a relationship. No-strings summer flings are exactly what you need and deserve. As the musical Grease's 'Summer Nights' suggests, 'Summer lovin' had me a blast'. Summer flings are a fun, casual way to date around and enjoy your summer as much as you can.


Urban Dictionary defines the summer fling as a 'casual almost dating kind of relationship'. As the name suggests, it occurs in the summer, usually between the months of May, when the sun slowly starts to come out, all the way through September. Be mindful that summer flings are not a way for you to be in a relationship because you are avoiding being alone. There is nothing wrong with a fun fling, especially if you have just been through a rough breakup. We provide some tips on how to have an adult no-strings summer fling when it can get complicated to have a fling in your 20s.

Use dating apps

Dating apps can be used for any and every kind of relationship. This is exactly why they are the perfect opportunity for you to find your summer fling(s). If you are certain a no-strings summer fling is what you want, there's no shame in seeking it. There are plenty of fish in the sea and most certainly on the beach too, where you might encounter someone you are physically attracted to.


However, if approaching someone directly in person feels too overwhelming, try using a dating app. In your bio, state your intentions and find like-minded people to have an adult no-strings summer fling with, because you deserve a little fun. Make sure to watch out for signs you're being catfished, because unfortunately, it's still happening. If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community, we have created a list of inclusive and safe dating apps. While not all are designed for summer flings, you can always communicate your desires with each connection.

Be flirtatious

Summer flings can be a form of escape from reality. If you're a college or university student, the summer fling is the perfect distraction from your studies. If there's someone you like from your class, take action and be flirtatious. It's fun to seek someone out (consensually of course), and being flirtatious can also help you be more adventurous. Explore summer activities, such as skinny-dipping, beach dates, or (if you're comfortable), try giving outdoor sex a go — it's the perfect weather to try out fun, new, flirty things.


Much like summer, your fling will come to an end, but saying goodbye doesn't have to hurt. Remember, it can be awkward to break off your summer fling if the other people involved crave something deeper. This is why prior communication is key. However, if you and your fling are not ready for it to end, you can continue dating each other for as long as all parties agree to. Nevertheless, even when things end and you move on with your life, the no-strings summer fling will leave you reminiscing about your time together, while looking forward to next year, when another summer will come, and another summer fling can blossom.