Giulia Castagnaro

Photo of Giulia Castagnaro
London, UK
Queen Mary University Of London, University College London
Lgbtq+ Rights, Politics, Healthcare
  • Giulia once interviewed Sam Zelaya, the first trans character in a stop-motion animated film on Netflix.
  • They had the opportunity to interview Caspian Faye, whose film Cat Skin was nominated for an award at the Giffoni Film Festival and won the Jury Award at the Chicago Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival.
  • Giulia also wrote their Master's dissertation on a comparative analysis of male and female identity in two Hollywood films, showcasing their passion for film and TV.


Giulia has been working professionally as a writer for the past two years. After graduating with a Master's degree in Gender, Society and Representation, they further developed their interest in women's issues and LGBTQ+ topics, taking an intersectional approach. They have a great understanding of trans rights and trans healthcare. Giulia also has a passion for critically analysing film and TV through a social and political lens. They worked at Fizzy Mag, where their enthusiasm for celebrity culture and the entertainment industry grew.


Giulia earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Drama from Queen Mary University of London. In September 2021, they graduated from University College London with a Master of Arts degree in Gender, Society and Representation.

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